Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Poem

50 years of aliens.
50 years of the TARDIS.
50 years of Companions.
50 years of The Doctor.
50 years of Doctor Who.

Celebrate and read with this commemorative poem!


8. The 7th Doctor



Sylvester McCoy, number 7 he plays,

Marking the classic era's final days.

He's a whimsical magician, through and through,

He makes us beg the question more: Who?

The slightly arrogant man's successor,

Almost a father figure to his main companion, and also called: 'Professor.'

He quickly becomes layered, and secretive you could say,

Soft manipulation and cunning would make him win the day.

Time and the Rani, he's slightly dizzy from his change,

And the Rani disguising herself as Mel had to be arranged.



He agrees to help with her scheme,

But then the universe is wiped clean,

As the Rani's TARDIS is commandeered by her angry slaves, the Doctor says they can't roam,

And takes all geniuses back to his Gallifrey home.


Paradise Towers, a swimming pool they wanted,

Delta and the Bannermen Chimeron princess delta by them is haunted.

The first three part story since '64,

The Doctor's question mark umbrella brought number 7 recognition and galore.



Dragonfire, on Svartos introduced is new companion Dorothy, known as Ace,

After Mel decides to stay with Glitz to look after him and put him in his place.

She parts the Doctor saying she'll send a postcard by throwing it into space!



The teen was taken in a storm from Perivale to Svartos then became a waitress.

She's gutsy, good with explosives and copes with a bit of fiery attitude under stress.

The first companion to (over her three year time),

Have an emotional, character-building storyline.

She looked at the Doctor almost like a father, but she wasn't a lesser,

She insisted on calling the Doctor: 'Professor.'



But with her interests and gigantic explosive gun, the Doctor thought she crossed the line,

Although it came in useful, the stuff she kept in canisters in her back-pack, Nitro-9.

The Doctor offers to take her home the "scenic way," and with an excited face,

She happily agrees with the cry of: "Ace!"



Remembrance of the Daleks see's the old foes levitate up the stairs for the first time,

And the episode marks Davros' last appearance in the 'Classic' line.



He's the Emperor of his creations, and there's a Civil War on,

Between the Imperial and Renegade Daleks, their alliance is gone.

But Ace's finest hour comes when she squashes a Dalek flat,

Giving him a whack with a Baseball bat.



A Special Weapons Dalek each side has,

But Davros is defeated by the Doctor mocking him as,

 Davros' special device for destroying the Time Lords makes the sun of Skaro supernova,

For Davros and the Daleks? It seems, it's all over.



The Happiness Patrol, and the sweet-based robot named 'The Kandy Man,'

But in Silver Nemesis all does not go to plan.

Three parties are trying to gain control,

Of a statue made by Rassilon to protect Gallifrey and all.



Turns out the statue is not Gallifreyan, it was made by sorceress,

It contains Validium, if evil gets hold of that it'll turn into a mess.

The Nemesis is a crashed craft, and it merges with the sorceress, setting off and obliterating the Cyber fleets in space,

Who threw a gold coin at a Cybermen with a slingshot? Ace!



The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, Ace and the Doctor return both not fond of clowns,

And in Battlefield for the last time we see the retired Brigadier, reprising his UNIT rounds.

Arthurian legend and modern day collide,

Morgaine thinks the Doctor is Merlin, what a lie!



Then Ghost Light where horrors old and new wait in Perivale,

Where the being known as 'Light' begins to wail.

When convinced by the Doctor of its futility,

It dissipates and burns, fortunately.

Ace had been there before, and the presence she felt,

Caused that house that had recently burnt down to catch fire, and melt.



The Curse of Fenric see's Haemovores,

Vampiric aliens knocking on Soviet and English doors.

More humans are being converted, quick,

As a Doctor gets infused with the spirit of Fenric.

Fenric gives orders to attack the Doctor, but Ace's trust creates a protective wall,

Until the Doctor says that Fenric made the storm taking Ace to Svartos, tall.

Ace's faith shatters, but instead Fenric is attacked, and the situation sizes,

As they encounter Ace's mother (before Ace was born) whom she despises.


Then Survival, the last Classic telling,

People are going missing in Perivale, compelling.

Then the Doctor too is taken,

And greeted by the Master, by this, he's shaken.



But he is unwell, and letting the Cheetah people from the planet he is on prey on Earth,

Why? We're not sure, you'll have to unearth.

It turns out he needs the Doctor's help to escape,

As he's not looking in great feline shape.



Meanwhile Ace injures Karra, but feels affection and nurses her,

But Ace begins to change, we can concur.

The Doctor holds her back, but when they find the Master again,

People have died, and Karra too is slain.



On the Cheetah Planet the Doctor fights with his foe,

But Ainley's time as the Master stopped long ago.

The Doctor leaves the Master on the planet as it gets destroyed, 

The Master he will always try to avoid.



In the last classic episode, we were left with the 7th Doctor and Ace going to adventures anew,

"There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, and the sea's asleep, and the rivers dream. People made of smoke, and cities made of song. Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there's injustice, and somewhere else the tea's getting cold. Come on, Ace - we've got work to do!"

And with that, we bid the classic era goodbye,

But those first steps of Who will never die.



Then to 1966, the TV movie,

The Doctor taking the Master home crashes in San Francisco - groovy!

He is shot and operated on, but he's not of this place,

And in surgery he dies, being a different race.



There are many ways to describe, but an easier translation,

One word, one magician, it’s called: ‘Regeneration.’



A new face, a new man,

New advenutres, a new companion clan,

This magical 7th Doctor took the classic era to an end,

His whimsical and cunning personality with his companions gave an almost father-like blend.




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