Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Poem

50 years of aliens.
50 years of the TARDIS.
50 years of Companions.
50 years of The Doctor.
50 years of Doctor Who.

Celebrate and read with this commemorative poem!


7. The 6th Doctor



Colin Baker's number 6,

His vibrant costume and colour will stick.

This Doctor though was unpredictable and mad,

Traumatised by his Regeneration, how sad.

Sometimes like number one,

Brash and overbearing, at times not much fun.

From charming number 5 he took a twist,

By being at times a scary egoist.

But thinking he was the best, that's not it,

Number 6 had an unflappable wit.



First we have The Twin Dilemma,

Has the Doctor ever attacked a companion? Never! 

At first we are unsure of this Doctor, very,

As he tries to strangle Peri. 

The Doctor declares like a shot,

"I am the Doctor, whether you like it or not!"



Attack of the Cybermen, and the Chameleon Circuit gets fixed,

It turns into an Organ, and stuff, reviews are mixed.

They also visit Totters Lane,

A reference to An Unearthly Child again.



Controversy was met as the Doctor handled a gun,

It was to kill a Cyberman, not for fun.

They make a string of chain reaction explosives to make a blast,

The Doctor and Peri ran back to the TARDIS fast.



Vengeance on Varos, the TARDIS takes a trip,

As an energy source it needs to equip.

TV involves death and they meet dealer Sil,

Will they meet again? Yes, they will.



The Mark of the Rani,

Introducing a Time Lady, devious and smarmy. 

She finds an ally in the Master,

And together they wish to course disaster.



But the Doctor taps them both in the Rani's TARDIS,

Nothing can be worse than this,

As the embryo of a T-Rex grows,

It will get bigger, and bigger they both know.



Timelash, and Borad may become the Lock Ness creature,

It gives another explanation for this feature.



Revelation of the Daleks, Davros, again,

Called the Great Healer, wanting to rebuild the Daleks and then,

Daleks loyal to the Supreme and not Davros come down to the floor,

And between the new gold Daleks and old grey there is war.



A bomb is placed, missing the old Daleks and Davros,

But destroying the new Daleks, every one,

The Doctor says they should now pick the flowers on the planet for fun...

Then Trial of a Time Lord, The Mysterious Planet,

The TARDIS gets taken our of time and space,

As the Doctor's actions were out of place.



But the TARDIS is bugged, the Earth has moved,

A lot of this evidence of him breaking the First Time Lord Law can't be proved.

Mindwarp, and Sil was selling weaponry to Yrancos,

A member of Sil's race, Kiv, needs a new body,

His brain is expanding, and his present one is quite shoddy.

The Doctor is horrified to find out that the host is to be Peri,

Her brain will be removed, the thought is scary.



Kiv's love for her body he cannot hide,

"Colours, warm blood inside!"

But Yrancos returns, with a gun standing tall,

In Peri's last moments, Yrancos kills them all.

After the Doctor presents his defence to the Valeyard,

His view of the Doctor is more charred,

Introducing new companion a keep-fit fanatic Mel Bush,

The Valeyard accused the Doctor of genocide to the Vervoids, giving him a push.



The Keeper of the Matrix is called in The Ultimate Foe,

And time has been altered we now know.

The belief about him has been charred,

As the Keeper of the Matrix is the Valeyard.

With that, they leave as the Doctor was a scape goat,

At least they let him leave and not gloat.



We also learn that Peri is alive,

She left willingly to marry Yrancos and thrive.

It depends, did she die, or leave?

It depends which tale you want to believe. 



Time and the Rani, the TARDIS is attacked,

By the Rani with some wrath.

But then around the Doctor light begins to swirl,

The 6th Doctor's time is up, and it's been a whirl.



There are many ways to describe, but an easier translation,

One word, one magician, it’s called: ‘Regeneration.’



A new face, a new man,

New advenutres, a new companion clan,

But number 6 brought darkness yet wit,

And his colourful coat and dress sense will stick!



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