Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Poem

50 years of aliens.
50 years of the TARDIS.
50 years of Companions.
50 years of The Doctor.
50 years of Doctor Who.

Celebrate and read with this commemorative poem!


6. The 5th Doctor



Peter Davison's 5th Doctor takes us to a new age,

As well as a much younger face.

Lots of companions at once, he's slick and quick to hit the Wicket,

He is quite good at playing cricket.

He's more human, and emotional, not invulnerable,

In fact he was just that, more than any other Doctor, vulnerable.

He was sensitive, and a little more reserved,

The image of his white's and celery will always be preserved.



After escaping the Master and the Big Bang,

The story Four to Doomsday sprang.

Then Kinda where Mara acts on rules of Buddhist religion,

And reveals it's a snake, worse than a pigeon.

The Visitation, the crew find a Terileptil and Android,

When they found the Terileptil in London, it must've got annoyed.



Then Black Orchid, a purely historical venture,

The first since The Highlanders, science isn't needed for an adventure!

Then Earthshock and new Cybermen return,

With a plan to crash a ship into Earth alone.



Adric is stuck on the ship that will crash,

But he stays on his own to try and divert it, is that rash?

The Doctor can't help, as the TARDIS controls are damaged, they are stranded watching in flight,

Adric's last words: "Now I'll never know if I was right."



This episode also shows silent credits,

And shows Adric's badge to represent his merits.

These titles are unique, and memory won't cease,

The Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan hope he'll rest in peace.



Time-Flight, and a companion is left behind,

Nyssa and The Doctor thought Tegan wouldn't mind.

She did, and was upset as she wanted to go with them,

But she does return, as she meets them in Amsterdam again!



Then Mara returns, but this time surely destroyed,

As her talents in possessing Tegan were deployed.

Then next we meet alien Trion Turlough new companion to the team,

Although his past is not quite clean.



The Black Guardian has ordered after his interference in the Key to Time to kill the Time Lord,

And Brigadier's role in the show after eight years is restored.

He now teaches Maths at a public school,

Having an ex UNIT officer as a teacher would be cool.



Also Nyssa and Tegan have gone through a phase,

As after entering the Time Vortex what's been reduced is their age.



Then Terminus, Nyssa's last story,

Lucky the TARDIS doesn't bleed, as Turlough sabotaged it it could've got gory.

They materialse on a ship they don't know the destination,

There are no signs, or stops or stations.

We find out that it is harbouring Lazar's, a dangerous disease.

After Nyssa becomes infected her healthiness begins to cease.



But after being subject to radiation

She gets cured, although not all are fortunate in this nation.

Nyssa decides to stay behind, because her Science is needed to find a cure to the disease,

Nyssa's tearful goodbye was not met with ease.


But in the TARDIS between Turlough and The Guardian there is a row,

As if he wants to succeed Turlough must kill The Doctor now.

In Enlightenment, after his mind is read, the truth about Turlough is discovered,

And he destroys the Black Guardian, his loyalties uncovered.



The Kings Demons, the Doctor alters a mind,

Turning robot companion Kamelion into something kind.

He was originally programmed to help The Master,

But the Doctor's intervention in the year 1215 avoided disaster.



Then Warriors of the Deep, Silurians and Sea Devils return,

But a poisonous gas causes their plans to launch missiles to crash and burn.

The Doctor stops the missiles, but there are only four survivors on that day,

The Doctor in shame says: "There should have been another way."



Then Awakening, and Frontios, then Resurrection of the Daleks

The Daleks wake Davros for a cure, as they are disease-ridden wrecks.

They travel to Davros in the prison, and are working toward,

Making copies of the Doctor and friends, to assassinate Time Lords.



But the Doctor releases canisters of the Movellan disease,

Killing Daleks and seemingly Davros at ease.

Someone called Stien blows up the remaining Dalek foes,

Causing his own life unfortunately to blow.



At the end, in 1984, Tegan feels the Doctor has a lot to answer for.

She no longer enjoys the travels, as they are now filled with gore.

The massacre and death told rises, 

She doesn't find it fun, with enjoyable surprises.



She runs away, and her departure is a shame.

The TARDIS leaves as she remembers the Doctor gave her a name,

"Brave Heart Tegan," she recalls, feeling blue,

Into the air she says, "Doctor I will miss you!"



Planet of Fire, Kamelion because the Master has possessed him is shrunk,

To a little metal dolly, or lump.

Now Turlough is a free man, he decides to return back home,

And says he learnt a lot from the Doctor, who is not alone.



Companion Peri Brown has a few weeks holiday left,

The American botany student agrees to travel with the Doctor, and so, they left.



Then, The Caves of Androzani, the 5th Doctor's last,

It was voted best Doctor Who story ever in the past.

The Doctor and Peri land on Androzani Minor,

Where the situation could be finer.



They meet Sharaz Jek, but deception is at the door,

As The Doctor carries Peri back to the TARDIS it starts, war.

The Doctor and Peri have been infected by the Spectrox,

A powerful drug made by bats that is stocked.



The cure is the bats milk,

But while turning the TARDIS key, some is spilt.

As the Doctor begins to go through a change quite scary,

He gives the last remaining milk to Peri.

The Doctor then goes through a traumatic regeneration,

With many of his companions giving dictations.

There's the Master laughing, then those kinder Nyssa, Tegan Turlough, Kamelion, then a story and memory that will stick,

The 5th Doctor's last word, "Adric."



There are many ways to describe, but an easier translation,

One word, one magician, it’s called: ‘Regeneration.’



A new face, a new man,

New advenutres, a new companion clan,

Don't forget number five, in his cricket whites, he was slick,

His hat, his new youth, humanity and celery stick!



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