Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Poem

50 years of aliens.
50 years of the TARDIS.
50 years of Companions.
50 years of The Doctor.
50 years of Doctor Who.

Celebrate and read with this commemorative poem!


5. The 4th Doctor



Tom Baker, number 4,

With the longest running score on the door,

The longest running Doctor, for seven years,

This one brings Jelly Babies, work, laughs and tears.

Charming, and crazy, a true alien Lord,

This Doctor was never, ever bored.

With his hat, and his scarf, his wit and his smile,

We knew this Doctor would stick round for a while. 



Describing himself as "The definite article," 

But a gun has been stolen that can disintegrate particles.

Sarah finds a robot, and experiment, K1,

That Robot got shrunk, didn't that one?

As The new Doctor and Sarah prepare to leave,

They invite Harry Sullivan, on board, this new team, across the stars, will achieve. 



Then the Ark, and then the Sontarans again,

But this next mission can't be done in vain,

He is told to stop the Daleks existence, 

Despite their time and space distance.

We meet mad-scientist Davros, who created those foes,

Saying if he had the chemical he would destroy the world, his madness this really shows. 


He did it because, there was a war,

His people, the Kaleds, were no more,

He took the flesh left and put it in the metal shell,

Thats what created those monsters from hell. 

In the end, the Doctor can't choose,

Destroy the Daleks? Who will we loose?



But the Daleks have started production in a swish,

Killing Davros, against his wish. 

They then declare, forevermore,

They are the superior Daleks, who WILL rule the world, The Doctor has no choice of destroying them anymore. 

They may not be dead, but The Doctor delayed their development for a while,

But they will be back to cause a rile...



The Cybermen are back, with new design and intention,

But The Doctor moves the Sky Striver, blowing up the Cybermen.

They leave after Brigadier's message, and it's intervention.

But up in Loch Ness a monster is stirring,

Shapeshifting Zygons are occuring. 



Probably one of the best Who designs,

With suckers and coral on their hides.

The Loch Ness monster is really a Skarasen,

He finds out it's controlled by the Zygons, but then,

Realises they want to take over Earth,

What an old story idea, throw it in the hearth!

It's really a classic, but The Doctor jams,

Setting off the Zygon ship self-destruct, killing the giant clams.

It's here we say goodbye to Harry and the Brigadier, don't worry, they'll be back soon,

Once in every blue moon.



Then Planet of Evil, with Anti-matter,

A ship crew stole some and it began to scatter.

Pulling them back to Zeta Minor,

Not the just the people, the whole star-liner!



Then the Pyramids of Mars, and The Android Invasion,

It marks the last show of Benton, and one off appearance of Harry on this occasion. 

The Kraals make doubles and robots run around,

Sarah's robot face falls off onto the ground. 



Then in The Brain of Morbius we learn the Sisterhood of Karn,

A female cult that ruled Gallifrey, until Rassilon had a plan. 

The The Seeds of Doom, or Krynoids, poisonous plants,

Dangerous seeds? Infected people? This story grants.



Then Mandragora, why does the Doctor like humans so much?

"You have such good taste!" Sarah says,

Which is true, humans aren't a waste.

But fans of 4 and Sarah shed a tear,

For Sarah Jane's last serial, The Hand of Fear.

An alien hand latches onto hers, 

"Eldrad must live," she continuously concurs. 



At the end Sarah declares she's had enough,

And with that, she goes off and packs her stuff.

She's sick of the cold, the wet and being hypnotised left, right and centre,

Going to a new place and being shot every time they enter.

Then The Doctor says she has to go,

He has a message from Gallifrey, of course she says 'No.'

They say a an emotional goodbye, and Sarah says: "Don't forget me."

"Oh Sarah, don't you forget me."



With that she walks out, in South Croydon, Hillview road,

Carrying her plant and heavy load.

"This isn't Hillview road!" She laughs, with a skip,

And with one last glance and a whistle she shouts, "He blew it!" 



Then Gallifrey and a dying Master,

Leading to assassination and overall disaster,

The Deadly Assassin, the Citadel cracks and The Master falls,

The next episode and new companion now calls. 



The Face of Evil, in the Jungle, two tribes are at war.

The Sevateem and Tesh are at death's door.

But savage Leela thinks Xoanan, a God to the Sevateem is held by the Tesh,

Honestly, what a big mess.

When the truth is found, and the plot unravels,

Leela forcefully joins The Doctor on his travels. 



Then Robots, Chiang, then a companion who will be around for the long line,

Leela's new friend, robot dog K9.

Then Fendahl, the Sun, and the Underworld,

All through these stories K9's ears curled.

All the fun K9 has to give,

The main thing he does it shout: "Affirmative!"



Then, The Invasion of Time, the Sontarans get to Gallifrey,

An explosive war and blood soaked day. 

Stor is after the Great Key,

This concept is alien to you and me. 

The Eye of Harmony is threatened with a bomb, which The Doctor sets off,

Obliterating and wiping The Doctor's mind like a shot.

But falling for Andred Leela decides to stay behind,

K9 Mark I too, The Doctor doesn't mind.

"Will he be lonely?" Leela asks, all in leather,

"Insufficient Data," They bow their heads together.



Then Time Lady Romana is brought in for a quest in a six episode line,

To help him find The Key To Time.



When the quest is over, Romana decides to change,

And shows a new face, of new shape and range.

There are many ways to describe, but an easier translation,

One word, one magician, it’s called: ‘Regeneration.’



Then Destiny of the Daleks, and Davros is back,

But cunning, that's what he did lack,

The Doctor puts him in Cryogenic sleep, in memory of horrid times,

In the future he'll be tried and sentenced for his crimes.

Then Scaroth in The City of Death, then K9 returns,

Next Nimon, next mentioned in The God Complex, we learned. 



Then Meglos, and The Doctor gets badly cloned,

Then Marshman and Adric to the show are owned.

In Full Circle the new companion begins to travel,

The clever boys' doomed voyage begins to unravel.



Then goodbye to Romana in Warrior's Gate,

Through the mirror the Tharils pass and The Doctor waits.

The Doctor gives Romana K9 Mark II, and staying there is not a waste,

As their Time Lord Romana will help the Tharils explore and travel E-Space.



Then The Keeper of Traken introduces a new Master,

Anthony Ainley, needs The Source to avoid diasaster.



We also meet Nyssa a Trakenite and companion to be,

She looks odd in that dress to you and me. 



Then, Logopolis, and the Cloister Bell sounds,

So the Doctor stays out of trouble, 

But we know this is his last adventure rounds.

We also meet a gobby Australian companion with rancor,

Air hostess, Miss Tegan Jovanka.



At the end, The Doctor has to stop The Master's program, or he'll hold the world hostage to it,

He climbs the dish, and stops the plan, but no! He slips!



He falls from the height, down to the ground,

The Doctor's new companions gather around.

"It's the end... but the moment has been prepare for."

The Watcher walks forward and pulls The Doctor back from death's door.



Nyssa realises throughout the episode he was The Doctor all along,

And then the Watcher fades, and the fourth is gone.



There are many ways to describe, but an easier translation,

One word, one magician, it’s called: ‘Regeneration.’



A new face, a new man,

New advenutres, a new companion clan,

Remember number 4, his golden era and rage,

Being the first to fight Davros, seven years has been an age. 






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