Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Poem

50 years of aliens.
50 years of the TARDIS.
50 years of Companions.
50 years of The Doctor.
50 years of Doctor Who.

Celebrate and read with this commemorative poem!


4. The 3rd Doctor



Jon Pertwee, number 3,

An action hero to you and me.

Now in colour, it goes with his time,

This one had hills and walls to climb.

Elegant, cunning with a sting in his punch,

He was always galavanting, no time for lunch.


He crash lands, on Earth after exile,

And stays in hospital for a while. 


Meanwhile mysterious things have fallen,

And Brigadier, after Liz Shaw, is calling.

He wants to recruit her as Scientific Advisor,

But his claims of alien invasion? She thinks he's a liar.



However he's right, and Living Plastic is around,

Shop-window dummies shooting and walking down town.

The new Doctor convinces Brigadier he's the same man,

He's the one with the action plan.


Using a machine Liz shuts the plastic down,

As The new Doctor's new companion, she sticks around. 

Then there's Doctor Who and the Silurians, a long lasting foe,

With that red eye and rubbery glow.

The Doctor outwits them, and they go back to sleep,

But they are waiting, further deep.



Also in this episode, we see something yellow and slightly messy,

The Doctor's motor, the beautiful Bessie!



In Inferno, we see the TARDIS fixed,

And now Earth and space can be mixed.

Now the story becomes slightly ridged,

As off-screen Liz goes back to Cambridge.


In Terror of the Autons we met Jo Grant, 

New 'helper' to the Doctor he thinks he's screwed,

Because she ruined his experiment which put him in a bad mood.

She's quirky and ditzy, but the smoke made her yell,

The Doctor just can't believe she's part of UNIT personnel.



Debuting here is The Doctor, but the evil kind,

It's like The Doctor's alter ego mind.

Charming but cunning, he holds himself well,

The Doctor and him, too each other, they are hell.

A fellow Time Lord but with evil intention, 

But his powerful name I forgot to mention.

A man who wants to create disaster,

I give you The Doctor's greatest challenge, The Master.



He can hypnotise and control all,

That man, with his face, menacingly tall.

After plastic Sunflowers and Dummies they take out the satellite,

But The Master's not going without a fight.

He escapes and tricks them, thinking he's dead,

This war is the start of a very long thread.



Then there was Evil, and Axos too,

The Master was still around to get me and you.

In Colony in Space it's Jo's first trip out there, 

The desert of Uxarieus will cause her to stare.

Then the Daleks returned after five years,

To bring death, loss and tears.

The Ogrons are here too, but they blow up the Daleks in the house,

Hoping the Daleks won't again rouse.



Then there's Peladon and Aggedor,

And his curse is almost the law.

But they see and old foe, the Ice Warriors are back,

But after the Coronation The Doctor and Joe make a track.

The Sea Devils and The Master are working together,

Using the reptiles to conquer Earth, however,

Their plans are flawed and the Sea Devils meet their end,

Soon they may be seen as an old friend.



In Frontier in Space, Roger Delgado's time is the latter,

The end for this Master, as him and Ogrons scatter.

Then more Daleks and The Green Death, another end,

As Clifford Jones Jo did befriend.

Much loved, and missed,

Jo Grant and her new love danced and kissed,

Jo remembered that alien she met,

Driving Bessie into the sunset. 



But he did say goodbye, he didn't just drift,

He left Jo a parting gift.

Now the next companion could be said, now merely a myth,

The most loved and credited, Sarah Jane Smith.



The journalist, looking for her story,

But all she got was loads of quarries.

She's feisty and fearless, and was proud and unstated,

She struck a bond and a loveable character was created.

She poses as her aunt to get her scoop,

I'm sure she'd object if you said it was a 'snoop.'

The normal girl, into the TARDIS she sneaks,

All she wanted was a peak.



First the Middle Ages, and the alien foe,

Short, and brown, three fingers, oh no,

The Sontarans, from Sontar first appear and steal from the future,

Teleporting them back in time, an efficient looter.

He's called in Linx, but died, when shot in the Probic Vent,

He falls on his controls and all the power is spent.

The castle explodes, from the power of the pod,

Luckily all the goodies escaped in their squad.

This episode also mentions the Doctor's home planet name,

Gallifrey, soon will gather much fame.



Then there's Dinosaurs and the Daleks again,

We visit Peladon and then,

Planet of the Spiders, the end is near,

He's one of my favourites, but the end is here. 

On Metebelis Three, they are after a crystal,

But all the spiders got was a pistol.

Then the Doctor is hit, and weaked by a radiation spark,

He's dying, and the radiation has damaged his hearts. 



"A tear Sarah Jane?' The last words he uttered,

But from a new Doctor, new words will be stuttered.

But Cho-Je knows The Doctor won't die,

And the 3rd face changes in front as he lies.

There are many ways to describe, but an easier translation,

One word, one magician, it’s called: ‘Regeneration.’



A new face, a new man,

New advenutres, a new companion clan,

But remember the 3rd, and his phrase "Reverse the polarity of the Neutron Flow!"

And his martial art Taikido!

















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