Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Poem

50 years of aliens.
50 years of the TARDIS.
50 years of Companions.
50 years of The Doctor.
50 years of Doctor Who.

Celebrate and read with this commemorative poem!


13. The 11th Doctor - Part One


Number 11 by Matt Smith,

From his Doctor's there's a rift,

He's funny, mad and like a child,

His anger is there but slightly mild. 

His obsession with hates and of Bow Ties,

Rule number one, this Doctor lies.

He's there in his Tweed so young yet old, 

This Mad Man in a Box's tale is now told. 



The Eleventh Hour, the TARDIS is lead,

Into Amelia Pond's garden, crashing into the shed.


She's scared about the crack in her wall,

Prisoner Zero has escaped the crack state's tall.


He goes and says in five minute's he'll be back,

He comes back in 12 years, and he gets a smack.

It's Amy Pond, now grown up with a bite,

The Doctor realises he has to save the world, but Amy's got fight.


But the Doctor spreads the word around the world, Zero is here,

While they meet Rory Williams, Amy's boyfriend… well near.

She's been after her Raggedy Man for a while, 

And after he gets some clothes, gets rid of Zero then runs off for two years, Amy doesn't smile.



But Prisoner Zero's message has far to go,

After taunting the Doctor about things he doesn't know.

The cracks in the skin of the universe that spread high and tall,

"The universe is cracked. The Pandorica will open. Silence will fall."


After 2 years he returned, and offered her an chance,

She was reluctant but looked back without a single glance.

They flew away together but struggle was near.

Soon Amy would shed a tear,

Remembering the day she needed to be,

Her wedding day, which she had decided to flee.


Finally, Amy Pond found her Imaginary Friend, 

Through time they will wind and and bend. 

As for Amy, she's got fight, attitude and flamy red hair, 

She's a match for the Doctor, and she doesn't care.


After the psychiatrists, and those who said she lied,

With the Doctor time itself will be defied.


"In bed above, we're deep asleep,

While greater love lies further deep.

This dream must end, this world must know,

We all depend on The Beast Below."


Then Victory of the Daleks, Churchill, tea and World War Two,

The new Dalek paradigm will stick like glue.

Different colours of orange, red, white, yellow and blue,

The Ironsides were disposed of, their brains blew. 


With the Daleks reborn in this rhyme,

What's failed to be noticed? The crack in time.

The Time of Angels, all are trapped in a maze,

River Song murdered someone, The Doctor's in daze.


Flesh and Stone, there's an Angel in Amy's eye,

If you step into the crack you get forgotten and die. 

The Doctor's not too keen on the situation and his current life,

Especially as Amy think's River's his wife.


The Doctor changes the gravity and the Angels get pulled into the crack,

River's revelations of murder give the Doctor a smack.

But they get rid of the Angels, every single one,

Will this future with River be trustworthy or fun?


It's her wedding night, and Amy's changed her heart,

She's onto The Doctor like a dart.

Now he's realised he faces a climb,

The explosion causing the crack is 26/06/10, Amy's time.


Then Rory joins the team for The Vampires of Venice,

The Dream Lord in Amy's Choice is a menace.

Rory's pony tail, Eknodine's and in space afloat,

Some would say a pregnant Amy looked like a boat...


The Hungry Earth, and the Silurians return,

Amy getting taken into the ground gives the Doctor's optimism a turn.


Cold Blood, the Silurians and Humans are at war,

But a promise of negotiation shows those the door.


Now we start the end of the story,

Because Silurian Restac just shot Rory.

The light surrounding his legs,

The Doctor drags Amy into the TARDIS, but with a cry she begs.


The Doctor tells her to hold onto him,

But here comes a moment, grim,

The TARDIS jerks, taking her mind,

Away from Rory, who now she can't find.


Amy goes back into the TARDIS, going on about Rio,

The Doctor and Amy. No longer a trio.

Now the Doctor's laughs will cease,

As from the crack he pulled a TARDIS piece.


Vincent and the Doctor, and Van Gogh was made happier out of his troubled mind,

Craig Owens in The Lodger was funny and kind.


But back at the flat, the crack in time stirrs,

As the TARDIS beeps and whirrs. 

Amy fumbles in his pocket to find a red pen or something,

But all she finds is a slightly familiar ring...


The Pandorica Opens, that's what the painting is called,

From galleries in the future by River it was hauled.


The Pandorica was built to contain the most feared being of all,

Drenched in blood, standing tall.


The three find from Stonehenge a signal transmitted across the stars,

Aliens are coming, from Skaro to Mars.


The Pandorica is opening and Amy battles with a Cyberman,

Roman Centurion Rory returns to help her… he has a long life span...

She doesn't remember, and nor does he,

The Doctor talks about miracles, and smiles with glee.

The TARDIS takes River to Amy's house,

Present day, and it's been broken into, but not by a mouse.

All the Romans are from a book, coincidence? Not.

The TARDIS goes funny, and it's sparks cause the engines to rot.


Amy then remembers Rory, 

But it's revealed as a shock to the story.

All the Romans are Auton copies, and Rory begins to activate,

The Doctor, he wants to eradicate.


He fights for it, but Amy's first,

As from Rory's hand, a gun bursts.

He shoots Amy, she falls and lands,

Dead against Rory, resting in his hands. 


Then the Pandorica opens, to reveal a chair,

All the Doctor's enemies form in an Alliance, as they care.

They think the universe will be destroyed because he blows up the box,

All universes will be deleted, showering rocks.


Now all universes explode, the TARDIS with it,

From the console toward River, fires spit.

The Doctor is then closed in the box while chaos does surround,

Is the fate of reality sealed and bound?


The Big Bang, Rory mourns, but the Doctor pops up with the Sonic Screw,

Rory gets him out the Pandorica, which bamboozles me and you.

He puts Amy in there, which will keep her alive to save the day,

It will bring her back when it gets some DNA.


The Lone Centurion, or Rory, decides to wait by her side,

Until Amelia touches it, and life inside Amy abides.

In the museum, Amy and Rory unite with a cry,

As the Doctor turns up to see his TARDIS burning in the sky.


The Doctor picks up River, wearing a fez,

River shoots it in the air, to give Amy some pres.

The Doctor has a plan restart the world,

Through the sky the Pandorica, flown by the Doctor curled.


The Pandorica has the image of the world, and it will be powered by his blue box,

Bringing back the universe's dust and rock.

Big Bang too, the Doctor bids Amy farewell,

Amy and Rory will forget him, with no story to tell.


Amy wakes on her wedding day, marries Rory but cries,

Her memories of her Raggedy Man, she can't hide.


With help from River, the days that never came but hopefully some new,

'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE.'

She surprised him this time, happy and prancing,

But unfortunately, he only came for the dancing.


Mr and Mrs Pond and Doctor Who,

those three will stick together like glue.

On her wedding night Amy bids he Earth life goodbye,

As she leaves it to be with Rory and the Doctor, high and dry.


River also leaves her last riddle, as the three fly away,

To enjoy dreams, days, rags and custard everyday...


Then A Christmas Carol,  a tale to tell,

He saw a chimney and thought "What the hell!"

Singing, sharks, bad honeymoons and fish,

This serves up to be a tasty telly dish.


The Impossible Astronaut, rising from afar,

The Astronaut kills the Doctor in Utah.

Space 1969, a past Doctor and sad faces for Amy, Rory and River all round,

A girl in a spacesuit is mysteriously found.


Silence are lurking all around,

As Amy shoots the Astronaut with a defying sound. 

Amy previously told the Doctor she is with child,

And seeing a little girl in the Astronaut suit was wild. 


Day of the Moon, the team know the Silence rule the world with Post-hypnotic suggestion,

The Doctor fiddling with Apollo 11 causes a question. 

Amy is kidnapped and the Silence call,

"Silence, Doctor. SILENCE WILL FALL."

They track Amy down, but the Doctor's got a bite,

With playing a video to the world of a Silent saying: "You should kill us all on sight."


Humanity will destroy them forevermore,

The team all leave, and bid River a farewell at the Stormcage door.

But in New York, six months later, there are many ways to describe, but an easier translation,

One word, the girl who was in the Astronaut suit, it’s called: ‘Regeneration.’


The Curse of the Black Spot, Sirens and Pirate ships,

The TARDIS in The Doctor's Wife is fond of lips.

The TARDIS is taken into Idris, for a while,

But soon they part with a sad smile. 


The Rebel Flesh, doppelgängers run free and chaos ensues,

Each other for war tactics they begin to use.

Through these episodes, for Amy there's a catch,

As she keeps seeing a woman with an eye patch.


But a double of the Doctor comes to light, 

And in The Almost People helps solve the fight.

But in the TARDIS  a greater shock,

Amy goes into labour and the doors they must lock.


Amy's a ganger and her real birth is at hand,

The woman in with the eye patch, above stands.

Amy screams in horror, and the eye patch lady doesn't beat about the bush,

As she exclaims to a startled Amy: PUSH!


Demons Run when A Good Man Goes to War,
Night will fall and drown the sun,
When a good man goes to war,


Friendship dies and true love lies,
Night will fall and the dark will rise,
When a good man goes to war,

Demons run, but count the cost
The battle's won, but the child is lost
When a good man goes to war.


Kovarion takes Amy's baby Melody, who possess Time Lord DNA,

This adds a greater shock to the day.

A war is fought, and all try to escape slaughter,

As for River, she reveals to Amy that she is her daughter.


This revelation for the Doctor hits the happy spot,

And is told near and shown through his cot.

The Doctor relieves Amy and Rory of some strife,

As he vows to save their daughter, swearing on his life.


River was born to kill the Doctor, and in 1938 Berlin has  a good go,

But using a shapeshifting robot Tescelecta the Doctor says NO.

River realises she means so much to the Doctor, and uses all his regenerations to save him, 

From a deadly poison that would would poison him limb from limb.


The Doctor gives her a blue book, and we see the River we know born,

At the end of Let's Kill Hitler, they leave to bump into her again, which is the norm.

Night Terrors, and scares as well as a shock lies,

As wooden peg-dolls terrorise.


The Girl Who Waited, and Amy gets trapped,

You may think Pond's story is over and wrapped.

But Amy gets angrier, and waits till she's old,

But her younger self is rescued so a longer story is told.


The God Complex, fears hide in the rooms of a hotel,

The Minotaur feeds of faith, and this fills him up well.

He turns to Amy and he must make her faith in him wane,

As her Raggedy Man claims he took her with him because he was vain.


The Doctor see's his own room, saying "It would be you,"

And we thought this storyline was finished, to begin anew.

After, the Doctor realises he doesn't want to stand over the Pond's graves,

He bids them goodbye leaving them a house, car, hug and wave.


Closing Time, Craig Owens and his baby,

But the Doctor finds himself tied to rescue the lady.

On the cry of his child Craig springs into action,

He defeats the Cybermen with love, and a quick reaction.


The Doctor leaves Craig with few envelopes of blue,

And a Stetson before returning to his TARDIS old and new.

Meanwhile River Song is taken and forced,

Into a spacesuit into Lake Silencio her purpose reinforced.

"Tick Tock goes the clock, and all the years they fly.

Tick Tock, and all to soon, your love, will surely DIE."


"On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer a question will be asked—one that must never be answered. And Silence must fall when the question is asked."

Kovarion and the Silence want to stop the Doctor getting to this task.

But River drains her systems, and the Doctor doesn't go to heaven, 

Causing the whole of time to freeze and collide at 5:02 pm, 22nd April 2011.


Amy then turns up with an EyeDrive,

And takes the Doctor to the pyramids of Giza, alive.

She knows time is wrong, but has forgotten some of her story,

Including her loving husband Rory. 


All wear EyeDrive's so they don't forget,

The Silence trapped in the pyramid, whom they let.

However the Silence break out, and the EyeDrive's fight back,

Amy fixes Kovarion's EyeDrive back on killing her, cutting no slack.


At the top of the pyramid, The Doctor ends a story that was long,

This episode now called The Wedding of River Song

He whispers something, then they touch,

Time reverts back to the moment River hated so much.


Time is normal again, but to Amy River reals the Doctor didn't die,

He in fact said "Look into my eye."

The Doctor was a Tescelecta all the time, 

On that River calls for more wine.


Amy knows it's true and has a way to settle the score,

She's the Doctor's… mother in law...

A large distance away, the Doctor goes back into the TARDIS, hoping the world has no clue,

The question, you were wondering, "DOCTOR WHO?"


The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, presents and a world of wonder,

And lots of tree's woken from slumber.

 Madge Arwell and family to see the Doctor again doesn't need to wave a wand with a swish,

All they must do is make a wish...


He thinks his chances of reconciliation with Amy and Rory are thinner,

But without hesitation they invite him for Christmas dinner.


Asylum of the Daleks, there's where the three have to go,

To turn off a force field from inside and lie low.

Amy and Rory aren't on good terms, and the Dalek Parliament surrounds,

There is a certain amount of hostility all round.


The Doctor is now called the Predator, and doesn't have to save the Daleks a lot,

Amy having children? Unfortunately she cannot.

Luckily, Oswin Oswald is around but is stuck inside,

She helps the team through the maze and a bumpy ride.


Explosions, old Daleks and many more,

But when the Doctor finds Oswin and walks through the door,

His fears are confirmed and it's just her imagination,

She is really a Dalek. Her humanity is her creation.

She lets him go, and calm's her temper.

She tells him: "Run you clever boy. And remember."


With his companions, they escape and teleport up into the TARDIS fast,

Leaving the Asylum behind, with a large blast.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, the Doctor's got a team,

Rory's dad, Ridell and Neffy against Solomon the trader, to Tricey he was mean.

For once in this story he let Solomon die,

He made missiles lock onto him, escape? Let him try.


A Town Called Mercy, The Gunslinger stands,

He gets his justice in the Wild West sands.

The Doctor threatened to kill, wanting to honour the victims first and the monsters, not,

But Amy stopped him with an accidental gun shot.


The Power of Three, this time the Pond's take the lead,

As from the Doctor they feel they want to be freed.


Millions of black cubes appear everywhere,

The Brigadier's daughter Kate Stewart from UNIT stops to have stare.


Amy and the Doctor have a heart to heart,

Did they know they were soon to part...

The Angels Take Manhattan, the end is near,

For Amy and Rory, we shed a tear.


The three in Central Park have a snack and a look,

While the Doctor reads 'Melody Malone,' a book.


Whilst getting coffee, Rory gets zapped back in time,

And when the Doctor finds him in the book, they smell a crime.


Rory bumps into River, and they are both taken away,

Time distortions in NY will change the whole day.


Amy reads ahead, but that's bad,

Once read time can't be rewritten, how sad.

Amy and the Doctor try to find him again, but will end up scarred,

As the fail to see a significant sign in the Graveyard...


Rory's in the cellar, and River's in trouble,

As she finds an Angel kept in chains, in it's own bubble.

The Doctor and Amy manage to break through, 

But their mission begins again, anew.


Rory's been taken, and River's got grip,

The Doctor has to break her wrist because Amy read it.

But looking at the Chapters of 'Melody Malone' which River wrote,

The Doctor feels a lump in his throat:


River mustn't break her wrist, to change the line,

To alter the future, to change time.

River break's her wrist, but keeps quiet for a while,

But they track Rory using River's Vortex Manipulator with a smile.


At Winter Quay, Rory goes to his room,

But the death of his older self in his mind looms.

The angels will keeping zapping him back down the line,

To feed of the energy until the end of time.


Amy and Rory decide to run forever,

But this seems a lost endeavour. 

They get to the top of Winter Quay,

When Rory has an idea of how to flee.


He needs Amy's help and doesn't beat about the bush,

With certainty he says, "If you love me, Amy, push."

If Rory jumps and dies it makes a paradox, killing them all,

Amy climbs up too, "Together or not at all."


Now they take a decision the Doctor would disparage,

They are "Changing the future. It's called marriage."


Together they decide to end the race.

Together they have a fall with grace.


They all wake up in that Graveyard, safe and sound,

Until Rory forgets to turn around...


He gets take buy an Angel, weak but the last,

He's gone now back to the past.

They can't get him in the TARDIS, time is too wrong,

Amy is heartbroken as now Rory is gone.


Amy think's if she's touched too she'll be with him,

The Doctor isn't sure and causes a din.

Amy know's it's her best shot, and River agree's,

But the Doctor doesn't want to lose her, this brings him to his knee's.


The Doctor will never be able to see her again,

They argue more and more but then,

Amy know's she will be fine, she will be with him,

And let's the Angel this time win.


"Come along Pond, please!" He shouts one last time,

But we know who leaves at the end of this rhyme.

Amy turns to him, showing feelings she could never lie,

In the final chapter of Amy Pond we hear her say: "Raggedy man, goodbye!"


The Doctor is then plunged into sorrow,

But he's changed, and won't see his friend's the Pond's tomorrow.


'Melody Malone' was sent to Amy to get it published,

As the Doctor got a little part of what he wished.

He knows hearing from Amy again would be absurd,

But she has written an afterword.


"There's a little girl waiting in a garden. She's going to wait a long while, so she's going to need a lot of hope. Go to her. Tell her a story. Tell her that if she's patient, the day's are coming she'll never forget. Tell her she'll go to see and fight pirates. She'll fall in love with a man who will wait 2000 years to keep her safe. Tell her she'll give hope to the greatest painter who ever lived and save a whale in outer space! Tell her, this is the story of Amelia Pond. And this is how it ends."


And so, we say goodbye to the Pond's,

Kind, cheeky, and loyal not many wrongs.

The Girl Who Waited with attitude,

Her Raggedy Man imagination to real life did allude. 


The Last Centurion, who waited too,

He never left that girl, and stuck with her like glue.

The first married couple, and friend's of Number 11 we are fond,

As this is how we should remember Rory Williams and Amelia Pond.


The Snowmen, and the Doctor's heartbreak still remains,

He is done with Earth and it's interesting Snow games.

The Doctor knows the Snow has a telepathic field,

It can respond to thoughts and memories it can yield.


Vastra, Strax and Jenny try to help him to mend,

But they always drive him round the bend.

Doctor Simeon has his eye on a lady of ice,

So he can figure out how to bind human sells with it, that's not nice.


Clara Oswin, a feisty young Governess smells something funny,

She bounds up after the Doctor like a bunny.


She knows about the Ice Lady, and urges the Doctor to help,

When she breaks out of the Pond, she screams a yelp.


The Doctor and Clara lead the Ice Lady to the TARDIS in the sky,

Snowmen are forming and rising high.

Dr Simeon creates the snow, and wants the lady too,

So he knows how to form humans in ice crystal form, to start the world anew.


Meanwhile, Clara says the Doctor is brittle,

And when she walks into the Doctor's NEW TARDIS, she seems a little little.

In the TARDIS the Doctor finally gives in,

He now knows shunning Clara was in a way, a sin.

When seeing the TARDIS Clara runs outside and round for a ride,

Of course, it's "Smaller on the outside."


He never know's why, he only know's who, he says with quiet glee,

As he gives Clara Oswin a TARDIS key.

"This is the day!" The Doctor rekindles his kind,

But the Ice Lady grabs and drags Clara from behind.


The Ice Lady and Clara plummet to the ground,

As she lies there broken bits of ice surround.

Clara is dying, and the Doctor knows,

To reckon with Simeon he now goes.


The Doctor wipes Simeon's mind, so the snow has no voice,

But until it rains salt water, they don't rejoice.

The snow has all turned to water, but why?

All the snow at the house responded to when Clara and the family let out a cry.


The Doctor rushes back but it is too late,

Now her body lies under a slate.

"Run you clever boy, and remember" she said,

As the Great Intelligence for now lowers it's head.


But the Doctor notices it was souffle girl, and knows finding her, he'll have a ball,

Perhaps the universe makes bargains after all.

The Doctor loves a mystery and think's it fun,

"Clara! Oswin! Oswald! Watch me run!"

The Bells of St John, and the Doctor recognises a voice,

RYCBAR123, a mnemonic for a familiar face he does rejoice. 

People's souls are being uploaded online, 

Using electric server's, that's not fine. 


Clara's a target, and the Doctor has to hijack a plane,

To stop them taking Clara's mind again.


"Bigger on the inside, actually bigger" she shouts in shock,

As originally she thought it was snog box...


After a motorbike, a coffee and insane hacking skills,

Finding where the uploaded people are gives Clara some thrills. 


Although a Spoonhead uploads her, leaving her alone,

The Doctor goes to the Shard to finish up on his own...


The Doctor plays a trick to make sure everyone is restored,

But in the Doctor Clara Oswald struck a chord.

So he came back, and asked to see her morrow,

She says with a smile, "Come back tomorrow."


The Great Intelligence orchestrated the whole thing,

A creature that may pop up again and ring.

In a book containing many places to go there was a leaf,

This to the Doctor seemed a bit brief.

Clara said that this wasn't for fun,

"That wasn't a leaf. That was page one."


The Doctor's part of the mystery, and found the star,

"Right then Clara Oswald. Time to find out who you are."

Clara Oswald is our new companion, she's got brains and a punch,

She knows the Doctor well after they went for lunch.


She's a mysterious enigma with a funny nose,

She holds her own, but a different interest, to the Doctor, she does pose...

The Rings of Akhaten, shows Clara asking for awesome,

And the Rings show a festival and songs blossom.


The Great God wants to feed on souls and stories for the day,

And the Doctor tells Clara "We don't walk away."

But Clara has a match for the soul thief,

As she pulls out what brought her parents together, the leaf.

After taking her home, Clara wants to clarify,

That she's not that person who the Doctor saw die.

She is her own woman, she's Clara Oswald,

But it's still a while before her mystery is solved.



Cold War, and Ice Warrior Skaldak comes forward from the ice with a bite,

And tries to use Nuclear Warheads for the fight.

However the Doctor manages to stop him, telling Skaldak it's wrong,

And Skaldak's Martian people come and get him, then he's gone.


The Ice Warrior's return made history that day,

As the Ice Warrior's kept reappearing then went away.

They first showed up in 1967,

But now returned to fight Doctor Number 11.



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