Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Poem

50 years of aliens.
50 years of the TARDIS.
50 years of Companions.
50 years of The Doctor.
50 years of Doctor Who.

Celebrate and read with this commemorative poem!


12. The 10th Doctor - Part Two




Sarah Jane and Luke appear for the fight,



As Rose appears scared in a burst of light,



She looks up with a tear in her eye,

She knows the darkness is coming, she told Donna, the first stage, planets in the sky.



The Doctor and Donna head to the Judoon,

As a Dalek fleet in the sky blocks out every signal or tune.

The Supreme is in control aboard the Crucible,

They have someone who might be useable.



The Doctor and Donna find out 26 planets have been taken,

And being used like parts of an engine.

Meanwhile from New York Martha has to flee,

Taking with her the Osterhagen Key.

All the companions then meet via Harriet Jones on the Subwave Network,

To hide from the Daleks, up above they lurk.



The phone the Doctor with a big signal, but the Daleks trace it too,

They kill Harriet then begin to trace Torchwood as the Doctor faces a companion old and new.

He finds Earth in a pocket of time, but someone is already spinning a yarn,

But Dalek creator Davros was saved from the Time War by an insane Dalek Caan.



The Doctor then follows the signal, landing on Earth to see a familiar face,

At the end of the street, Rose. They run to embrace.



But a Dalek appears, and he won't stop,

He aims and fires at the Doctor, and he is shot.

Jack appears and tells the Dalek to run,

Shooting it, for him it's fun!



They get him into the TARDIS, but the gold light appears,

Against Rose's sorry and her tears.

His arms fly out, but an easier translation,

This time, one shock 'Regeneration.'



Meanwhile the Daleks are on Sarah's tail,

And against Ianto and Gwen a Dalek, but their bullets lose trail.

But for the Doctor, he uses the energy to heal,

Then ejects the rest back into his hand, such inventive zeal!



His face is the same, as Mickey Smith and Jackie Tyler say they'll fight for Rose forever,

You know how it is, "Us Smith's got to stick together."

Also, Torchwood are bound in a forcefield too,

What a palava, phew!



But the TARDIS is taken onto the Crucible,

And taken to be burnt, with Donna trapped inside, uncivil!

They exterminate Jack and the Doctor with Rose nearly cries,

As he watches his TARDIS die.



But bathed in golden light, Donna touches the Doctor's hand,

The glass bursts and out of it a new Doctor stands.

A double of the Doctor, and a Biological Metacrisis too,

Going two ways, the TARDIS isn't through.



This Doctor and Donna will have a whirl,

With "Oi, watch it Space man!" and, "Oi watch it Earth girl!"



The Smiths and a Tyler go to the Dalek ship,

As Martha goes to Germany to make contact with other UNIT members, the screen gives a blip.

But Rose and the Doctor find out about The Reality Bomb, the plan,

The planets act as a transmitter sending a wave that will destroy every atom in the universe, the evil man.



But to the Crucible all companions are taken,

As the final stage begins to awaken.

But before he can detonate, the TARDIS appears in front,

But he zaps the Doctor and Donna, aiding Davros' theory in how the Doctor is a weapon, a  failed stunt.



But still there's hope left in the Super Temp, as the universe thought it was a gonna,

There was hope in the half human, half Time Lord, the 'DoctorDonna.'

She's got the kick, she's got the spark,

And knocks the Daleks out of the park.



This was all planned, and binded together,

But the duplicate Doc blows up the Dalek ship, carrying genocide on his back forever.

They've relocated all planets and stars and the gleam,

And they all fly Earth smoothly back home from the TARDIS, the ultimate team.



Then, Sarah, Mickey, Martha and Jack bid farewell,

Where will they go next? Time will tell.

The Doctor isn't lonely, he never was,

Now it's time to go to BAD WOLF Bay, because the universe is closing, and the Doctor must abide by their laws.



They land on the beach, but Rose doesn't want to go through,

She has to stay with the Duplicate Doctor, but with tears she says: "He's not you."



When stood on this beach last time, on the worst day of her life, the Doctor said something to her, then had to go.

To prove they are the same, the Duplicate Doctor reveals the phrase, Rose then grabs him in a kiss, the words we will never know.



With sorrow the Doctor and the DoctorDonna leave,

But now Rose has a HUMAN Doctor, she can't greive.

He's half human, so they can grow old,

Rose Tyler and the Doctor, a new story can be told.



But in the TARDIS, Donna begins to ache,

And the Doctor knows what he has to do for her sake.

There can't be a Time Lord brain in a human, there can't be,

He has to wipe her mind, so the past, she can't see.



But she was gonna stay forever,

The DoctorDonna.

"Don't make me go back!" Through tears she cries, as the Doctor tries to lay the DoctorDonna too rest,

"We had the best of times," He says, "The best."



She falls in his arms, the most women in creation,

The Doctor takes her home, after her forgotten vacation.

She's back to normal Donna, and the Doctor leaves in sad awe,

As Donna says "See ya," the Doctor walks out the door.



She will be remembered, and loved, but if she's told she will die,

Wilf says he will look up For the Doctor's mate Donna Noble, in the starlit sky.

Then he leaves, again on his own,

Our lonely Doctor has family, but now is alone.



The Next Doctor, Cybermen, Christmas and snow,

Jackson Lake thought he was the Doctor, but he just absorbed information from an Info Stamp, aglow.

The Cyber King marched over Victorian London town, and caused a flap,

But when the sends it into the Time Vortex for once, from his fellow Doctor he gets a clap.



Planet of the Dead, Lady Christina D'Souza, sand and Stingrays,

Throw in a 200 Bus, that will amaze.

Back through the Wormhole from the storm,

Is a flying Bus really the norm?



A message makes the end draw near,

And shows the Doctor will shed a tear,

As he is warned that when his final our chimes,

"Oh, but then… he will knock, four, times."



The Waters of Mars, infections, Adelaide Brook and Mars,

The Doctor alters history and risks the discovery of stars.

He goes too far, changing history at a fixed point in time,

He knows now he has crossed the Time Lord line. 



The End of Time, and back to the Ood, where knowledge is wealth,

They say the Master will return, "Heralding the end of time, itself."

We find out who took the ring, a cult loyal to the Master,

The only thing he will bring is death and disaster.



His resurrection is stopped by his murderer Lucy, but he survives,

His body in a sense ripped open and hungering, is that really alive?



Trying to track him down, the Doctor by Wilfred Mott is sought,

They find him, and by Minnie Hooper the Doctor's caught...



The Doctor tells Wilf he is going to die,

And seeing Donna without him makes them both cry.



The Doctor goes after the Master to find,

The drums in his head aren't insanity, they were planted from afar in his mind.

But then he's kidnapped and taken to billionaire Joshua Naismith,

I thought the Immortality Gate was a myth...



Aliens 'Vinvocci' say the Gate was used to heal their entire world,

The Master is fixing it, and that makes Wilf and the Doctor's blood curl.

Before they can stop him, the Master jumps into the Gate,

Transforming humanity into him, 'The Master Race,' was this their foretold fate?



The Doctor knows something bigger is coming,

While Wilf stays in asheild he hears a humming.

It's Donna, and she can see her changing family member,

"Doctor! It's Donna!" Wilf wails, "She starting to remember!"



But far across the galaxy, someone knows this is the start,

Of the story that will break the Tenth Doctor's heart.

He has returned, Rassilon, and speaking to the Time Lord's himself,

 "For Gallifrey! For victory! For the end of Time itself!"



Back to Donna, she's on the run from the clones,

But she takes them out with a burst of orange light stunning them on her own.

The Doctor left her with a trick,

A handy defence that did and will stick.



It is revealed that at the Time Lord's put the drums in the Master's head for an escape,

From the Time War which (in their time) is taking shape.

Also, the Doctor and and Wilf are rescued by the Vinvocci Cacti,

That's rascist, really, don't lie!



The Doctor and Wilf are on the Vinvocci ship,

The Time Lords send a white point star, saying their coming, cracking the whip.

Gallifrey in the middle of war, over Earth in flame,

If they stay, hell will reign.



The Doctor gets down to the Master and Rassilon by flying through the sky,

One has to die to severe the link, and break the tie.

He flicks, and flitters, and after the human's turn back,

The Doctor shoots the machine with a whack.



But he see's this woman, who mellows his mind,

Is that his mother, she made him kind.



The Master goes back into the Time War but with a bite,

Him and Rassilon have a sparky fight.

Then they're all gone, humanity is safe, it seems Number 10 got away,

But four knocks are heard, from Wilf in the cabinet to ruin his day.



But if a button is pressed radiation will flood, showing Number 10 the door,

But the Doctor screams in protest "I could do so much more!"

Wilf tells him to go, but the Doctor knows it's wrong,

"Oh," he sighs, "Live too long."



He absorbs the radiation, and his wounds begin to heal, as he's a Time Lord,

After dropping Wilf home, he goes for his reward.



Martha and Mickey now are married and together,

Without words they know the Doctor is going, forever.



Sarah Jane and Luke, of course she knows the score,

As without a word he slips into the TARDIS door.



In a big space bar the Doctor bids Captain Jack a salute,

As he continues on his companion route.



Then Verity Newman, whose written a book,

He remembers her Grandma Joan Redfern with a tearful look.



Then a lottery ticket for Donna, the cash was from her dad,

And a last goodbye from Wilf, who loves the Doctor and is sad.



Drifting back to 2005 like a dove,

He visits Jackie and Rose Tyler, who is of course, his _ _ _ _.



The Doctor, filled with pain and a tear,

Says to Rose she'll have a great year.



He then struggles back to the TARDIS, with a song,

He flies over the Earth, his journey now long.



Then, with his hands, and soon his face aglow,

Our Tenth Doctor cries, "I don't want to go!"



There are many ways to describe, but an easier translation,

One word, one magician, it’s called: ‘Regeneration.’



A new face, a new man,

New adventures and soon a new companion clan.

But don't forget the Doctor's cheeky chappy, emotional style,

But don't worry, for the 50th he'll be back in a while...



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