Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Poem

50 years of aliens.
50 years of the TARDIS.
50 years of Companions.
50 years of The Doctor.
50 years of Doctor Who.

Celebrate and read with this commemorative poem!


11. The 10th Doctor - Part One



David Tennant in with number 10,

The emotional, pinstriped comedienne.

At the time, the most loved and funny man,

Save the world, me charming and funny? This one can.

Talkative, and cheeky, but also an unforgiving streak as well,

With at times habits to defy the Time Lords power, only time will tell.

With Rose Tyler he laughs with glee,

With his constant shout of: "Allonsy!"



On Christmas Eve The Doctor falls,

Out of the TARDIS on Mickey and Jackie he spralls.

He's still regenerating, he just sleeps, he's in pain,

Rose is worried she won't see him alive again.

Rose knows him, but Jackie doesn't have a clue,

"What do you mean the Doctor? Doctor Who?"



It's Christmas day, and robot Santa's are around,

Blowing up trees and knocking them to the ground.

Mickey and Rose run home, to find something not right, they'll have to flee,

Poor Jackie, "I'm gonna get killed by a Christmas tree!"

The Doctor wakes and sonics it out,

But his regeneration's gone wrong, and up the spout.



The Santa's are like Pilot Fish, and their clockwork is humming,

They basically mean, something is coming.

Not exactly a Christmas Whoop! Whoop!

Plus Jackie won't shut up about hot chicken soup.



Meanwhile, the alien Sycorax gets hold of human DNA from a probe,

And threatens to kill have the population, a surrender is owed.

A ship is now coming over London, and the PM and her team are taken to the ship,

Rose, Mickey and The Doctor in the TARDIS are taken up quick.



They don't realise they've spilt a mug of see,

Of course we noticed, you and me.

Rose tries to buy time for The Doctor, calling a bluff,

When The new Doctor walks out of the TARDIS in her mums friends dressing gown, she knows thats enough.



The Doctor introduces himself, and challenges the leader to a fight, now don't slack,

"Or are you just a Cranak Pel Casacrees Sal Vack?"

The Doctor's hand gets cut off, and falls below,

But with Regeneration he can grow a new one, we learnt long ago.


"Time Lord" Nothing, but that.



The Doctor wins, and orders them to leave,

Of their leader after falling from the ship they did greive.

For now, the war with the Sycorax has ended,

And in terms of Earth, "It is defended!"

But Harriet Jones shot down the ship,

And to The Doctor's disgust it burst with a 'Zip!'

After deciding what to wear for everyday,

The Doctor and Rose be on their way.



First New Earth, where Cassandra hides,

And in The Doctor and Rose she decides to reside.



Then we have an unexpected bend,

As Cassandra's life reaches it's end.

The Sister's of Plenitude made people sick to find a cure,

They're not allowed to work anymore.



The Face of Boe, tells us a rhyme,

He will reveal a secret, as when they next speak it will be the last time.

Tooth and Claw,

Werewolves, Victoria and the law.

Scotland, diamond, running up stairs,

Watching transformations and humans sprouting hairs.

Victoria however, did all she could,

And was the one who started Torchwood...



Then School Reunion, and a spanner in the works,

Meeting K9 and Sarah Jane doesn't give Rose perks.

With aliens lurking in the school complex,

"Every mans worst nightmare, the Mrs and the Ex!"



But Rose and Sarah come into their own,

By picking at the Doctor, "Do you two wanna be alone?"



They stop the Krillitane, using their oil,

Sarah says goodbye to the Doctor, as her life she doesn't want to spoilt.

We'll see her again, many times,

With her new friends, stories and lines.



Then romance with Reinette, and Droids and broken clocks,

Ticking under your bed, sounding like pebbles and rocks.



Then in a Parallel world metal men must be stopped.

The first return of the Cybermen since 1998,

These monsters you must hate.



But they convert Jackie, and Rose meets her dad Pete again,

They go to the factory to stop them, and then,

Then they meet the Cyber Controller, once their creator,

Don't worry, he falls into a pit of flames later.



After getting the destruction code from Ricky,

No, Micky!

This will stop their mechanical motions,

As The Doctor gave back their haunting emotions.



Mickey decides to stay and fight the Cybermen, and to normal Earth that is a miler.

Proudly, as they go he says: "That's the Doctor, and Rose Tyler."



The Doctor and Rose go to Elizabeth's coronation,

To see the Wire sucking people's faces of a glued-to-the-screen nation.

When Rose is the victim, The Doctor causes a din,

He will save her, nothing on in the world will stop him.



The Doctor restores everybody, and the telly is enjoyed,

As the Doctor's knowledge in electrics is deployed.

On The Impossible Planet on Krop Tor,

Satan has lots to answer for.

The base is falling into a black hole,

And in The Satan Pit the Devil is taking over many a soul.



The human slaves Ood are first to be taken,

But also Toby Zed by his possession is shaken.

Also Satan's revelation about Rose makes her rattle,

He says that she will die in battle.



The Doctor releases Satan, and shuttle Rose and Satan's mind is on falls,

But a gun shot into the window ejecting Toby calls.

Next Elton, the Abzorbaloff and don't mess with Rose's mum,

Seeing Rose's look will make you want to run.



Then via a pencil the Doctor's withdrawing,

But is saved at the Olympics by Rose from the perilous drawing.

Now this is the story of Torchwood and lies,

In the world, how Rose Tyler dies.



Now back to modern day, and ghosts are around,

All around the Earth treading foot on the ground.



The Doctor experiments, and finds out they are not ghosts,

They are forcing themselves onto this universe, despite the human race's boasts.

He tracks it back to the Torchwood Institute, after a few hours,

The alien investigators boss Yvonne Hartman states: "If it's alien, it's ours."



The gap is from the Void, where a Void Ship came,

Like the Doctor in Torchwood the sphere earned a lot of fame.

Rose is safe, hidden in the TARDIS, but Adeola Oshodi like a drover,

Took her friends to a machine, and their now taken over.



Rose is caught in the Sphere chamber, where Mickey (as Samuel) is secretly working,

But when the three rogue staff take over the breach, they find out what the ghosts from behind are lurking.

The ghosts are really Cybermen, from the Parallel reality,

They bled through to this Earth, as if with immortality.



At the same time the Sphere begins to activate,

We didn't know what was inside as of late.

But out the sky Black and gold Daleks pour,

In the mysterious number four.



Down in the chamber, the Daleks investigate the metal men,

Who offer an Alliance?! But then,

The Dalek exterminates them both, he is not lying,

The Cybermen are better at dying.

Yvonne is converted to Cyber form,

But Jackie's escape is the norm.




Rushing by metal signs and squares,

Jackie's stuck running down the flights of stairs.

Mickey's friends and Pete Tyler demand he close the breach before damage is done,

They just rid the Cybermen of their world, and it wasn't fun.



Rose thinks her and Mickey are alive to touch the Genesis Ark,

But the Daleks reveal the Time Lords built it, causing a spark.

If these are her last words, the Daleks, must,

Listen, as she recalls how she turned the Emperor into dust.



The Doctor shows and declares them the Cult of Skaro,

Well done Doctor, or should I say Poirot?

He gets Rose and Mickey out, but the Ark opens its door,

Cybermen, Humans and Daleks go to war.



Pete saves Jackie, and The Doctor explains,

If they open the Void, all with Void matter will get poured in, what a pain.

Rose is covered in stuff too, so the idea she has to embrace,

Is going to leave at Pete's place.



Rose stays and with The Doc opens the Void,

Getting sucked in they must avoid.

Rose's lever goes funny, causing her to reach out,

But her grip falls, and she's thrown about.



Pete catches her as the Void closes,

Taking her back to his world, this Doomsday, The Doctor she loses.

She pounds on the wall crying on the other side,

All their emotions they cannot hide.




In the other world Rose hears voices, and it's not a lie,

It's the Doctor beckoning her to BAD WOLF BAY to say goodbye.

He fades in front, he's not really there,

He's burning up a sun, he really does care.



They know that together this is their last day,

And Rose Tyler can't think what to say.

The Doctor says back home she's dead,

So many went missing, and for her there's no thread.



The most painful moment, "Am I ever gonna see you again?"

The Doctor answers in pain:

"You can't."

She wants a hug but he can't grant.



The Doctor says he will continue alone,

But sadly Rose asks: "On your own?"

Now these two friends who have stuck like glue,

Knowing no more, Rose cries: "I love you!"

In response there was something he wanted to say,

His last chance, "Rose Tyler-" then he fades away.



In the TARDIS the Doctor sheds a tear,

But still to us, his feelings are unclear?



But in terms of Rose Tyler, remember how her and The Doctor's pasts were entwined,

And the 'Rose Tyler era of Doctor Who' will always be defined.


Then action with gobby Donna Noble, in The Runaway Bride, as Christmas Day seems dark,

A Webstar containing something across London sparks.

Donna's been dosed with Huon particles to unlock,

A deep dark hole at the centre of Earth, a shock.



Donna doesn't know why she's here, but I concur,

She just wants the Doctor to stop bleeping 'er!



Her talking will never cease,

As she thinks its all Nerris, give us some peace!

But the Doctor and robot Santa's are never far,

Causing Donna in her Wedding Dress to jump out of a car.

She didn't really like that a lot,

What do you expect? "Santa's a robot!"



But then the truth comes out, and we know who's the boss,

She needs to awake and unlock her children, the Empress of the Racnoss.

The Doctor floods the base, which is under the Thames, then takes Donna home, phew!

When asked to travel she replies: "Find someone, I think you need someone to stop you."



Smith and Jones, we meet Martha Jones,

Her hospital is transported out of the normal zone.



She's bright, independent and training to be a Doctor,

But all she's met with is "I am the Doctor."

Her family is chaotic and mad,

To escape with the Doctor, she will be glad.



Her hospital has gone to the Moon,

By space police 'Judoon.'

Looking for an alien, the Doctor? No more,

A blood-sucking granny, or plasmavore.

The alien is captured and all are put out of their gloom,

With: "It's raining Martha. It's raining on the Moon!"



He finds Martha again, after a chaotic night out,

Her family have gone slightly up the spout.

But Martha's reaction to that box she cannot hide,

As she breathes: "It's bigger on the inside!"



She comes aboard, and is offered a trip,

Just one he says, not to stay, just quick.

If he wears a tight suit, and travels in time, is she ready? No!

All he says: "Off we go!"



Then Carrionites and Shakespeare in The Shakespeare Code,

Then Gridlock where a little car acts as an abode.

This is the end for the Face of Boe,

His last words he utters: "You Are Not Alone."



After losing Martha in the episode he comes clean,

About Gallifrey and its orange fields, sheen.

Daleks in Manhattan, 1930, three of the Cult of Skaro are left,

Using the Empire State, while others are left bereft.



Dalek Sec creates himself in human form,

Dalek Sec Hyrbrid is no the norm.

Evolution of the Daleks, Sec turns more human, and the Daleks don't obey,

There could've been war between the Daleks that day.



They had been turning people into Pig Slaves,

And now taking dead bodies and injecting Dalek fluid inside in waves.

The Doctor gets in the way of the gamma strike,

He gives them part of the Time Lord, and then they come to life.



But the Human Daleks rebel, and kill their Masters,

But Sec is killed by his own kind, the disaster.

The Daleks kill the humans, and Caan escapes,

Leaving time to normally elapse.



The Lazarus Experiment, a man wanted to be younger,

But he didn't know he would turn into a creature, larger and bloodier.



Harold Saxon, briefly mentioned,

Throughout the series that will be contention.

How did Martha's sister Tish get that job?

Head of the department, what a snob!



The Doctor and Martha become greater a friends, in a moment quite bizarre,

Martha gets Lazarus's DNA, "You're a star!"

Apart from the day being a mess,

We did enjoy some posh dress.



Then 42, and the Sun scares you and me,

But constantly talking through humans: "Burn with me!"

Human Nature, did the Doctor survive?

Yes, in a fob watch, but the Doctor as human 'John Smith,' thrives.



The Family of Blood are coming, with scarecrows as drones,

While the Doctor falls in love, Martha posing as his maid falls alone.

But the watch is opened, and the family sniff and smell,

Until there is nothing left of John Smith, to the Time Lord, he fell.



Blink, the scariest episode yet,

As the Weeping Angels here I met.

The Doctor is trapped in '69,

It's up to heroine Sally Sparrow to stop their crimes.



They can only move when you can't see,

They then show their fangs and scare you and me.



The Doctor spends messages to Sally from those from her past,

The Angels zap you back in time and use up the energy, so it feels you die more fast..

But on the tapes the Doctor leaves Sally, he can wink,

As he tells, over and over, "Don't turn your back, and DON'T BLINK."



Sally stops them from getting the Doctor ship,

And keeps all the data in a pocket with a zip.

She see's the Doctor in her future, but his past,

She gives him the file, as he's busy, she's fast.



Utopia, and Captain Jack returns,

He shouldn't cling onto the TARDIS he learns.

Jack's immortal and just realised,

He now knows he's the one who can't die.



He tracked the Doctor using his hand,

The one he lost and Jack found when fighting the Sycorax band.



The land at the end of the universe, where humans have evolved into the Futurekind,

There teeth are sharp, and together they grind.

They meet Professor Yana, who want to fly,

The remaining humans to the shining Utopia sky.



The Doctor and Jack fix the ship,

But the Doctor's trust in Yana begins to slip.

Martha tells the Doctor Yana has a fob watch, which holds a Time Lord name,

This one gathers unwanted fame.



Yana opens the watch, and the Doctor understands,

"You Are Not Alone," Boe died by his hand.

Yana opens the door and the Futurekind pour in, disaster,

As he kills his assistant, saying gloriously: "I, am... the Master!"



The Master is then shot by his dying assistant,

In his eye an evil glint.

He locks himself into the TARDIS and the Doctor can't get in,

Just as the Futurekind try the door- what a din.



"The Master... reborn."

The Doctor's forlorn.

There are many ways to describe, but an easier translation,

Here one evil man wanting to be young: 'Regeneration.'

The Doctor watches on in horror and grief,

As the Doctor knows if he wants to hope he'll have to dig deep.

All they can hear is wide noise,

As Martha exclaims at John Simm's Master: "I know that voice!"

The Master takes off, for The Sound of Drums with plans in store,

As the Doctor sonics at the TARDIS, the Futurekind pound at the door.

The TARDIS sparks, and begins to leave,

Millions, the Master will now deceive.



The TARDIS crew get back to the 21st century by using Jack's Vortex Manipulator,

But the Master posing as 'Harold Saxon' has achieved something greater.

He's now the Prime Minister of Great Britain with his wife,

The Doctor fused the TARDIS coordinates, so he can only land where they last met and now, so many he can't cause as much strife.



Did you vote Saxon? He's been influencing the world with a network,

The Archangel, in the shadows he did lurk.

At Number 10 Martha's sister Tish works for the Master now,

When he gases the cabinet for jumping on his rise to fame they howl.


The Master's wife Lucy is interviewed by a reporter who thinks her husbands story is fake,

The action now is drastic to take.

He introduces the Toclafane, his servants with a bite,

They killed the reporter, and gave her a fright.


But he comforts his wife on an unexpected bend,

Saying tomorrow the world will end...

At Martha's flat the Master says he has made contact with the spheres, and they are coming tomorrow,

When he indirectly mentions Martha the three run out before the flat explodes, no time to borrow.



Martha calls the rest of her family, who are being hunted down,

She tries to tell them to hide, but they all fall down.

The three just escape as the SWAT team shoot,

Martha's distraught as the three drive and scoot.



The Master intercepts Martha's call,

And speaks to the Doctor, "How could Gallifrey fall?"

He used Chameleon Arch and fled but now for fun,

He tells the Doctor, Martha and Jack they are now seen as criminals, "RUN!"



The three are in hiding, and the Doctor says every child must look into the Vortex, which could be bad,

Some were inspired, the Master went mad.

Always saying he could hear a drum beat,

Four taps, in his head, increasing heat.



Jack also works for Torchwood, and the Doctor is lean,

He makes three TARDIS keys with perception filters so when worn they can't be seen.

They follow the Master up to a ship,

An Airship? The Valiant? Yes, thats it.



The find the TARDIS, but not glowing green,

Set to go off at 08:02am, a Paradox Machine.

Meanwhile the President dies,

And emotionally, the Master flies.



They realise the Master has influenced the world,

All the good writhed and curled.

Using the drumming projecting from satellites tall,

The Master, posing as Harold Saxon conquered all.



The Doctor's plan fails, and he is caught.

Using technology from Lazarus the Master ages the Doctor, and Martha is distraught.



She catches and supports him, listening with ear,

As the Master sends down thousands of Toclafane they shed a tear.



Martha then teleports to see the Toclafane descend,

Is this humanities end?



The world now rests on her shoulders, and with some wrath,

Martha Jones shouts to her world: "I'm coming back!"


If the Doctor could stop the Master he would,

But the Master looked down on his new dominion, and thought it good.

The Last of the Time Lords, Martha has become a legend over the year,

She meets Tom Milligan on a beach in and their truck he begins to steer.



The Master mocks the Doctor on the Valiant, saying its one day until launch,

The Doctor tells the Master to leave Martha alone, she's got staunch.

She travelled using the world using her perception key,

While the Master fought the world and plans to go to war with it infinitely.



Tom and Martha reach Professor Alison Docherty, and the Master talks on TV,

Sympathy for the Doctor is felt by you and me.

He, to insult Martha, ages the Doctor even more,

So much so he is at deaths door.



Martha's with Docherty to capture a sphere,

And when they do they realise origins are near.

They are the humans from Utopia and Martha knows,

The Master has brought them to murder their ancestors, that's where the Paradox Machine goes.



Martha and Tom leave, but Docherty blabs,

Causing the Master to walk on Earth after Martha on concrete slabs.

He takes her prisoner and says she will die,

In the new dawn when the launch is nigh.



But Martha laughs and explains she travelled the world and talked,

Told them about the Doctor as she walked.

She explains that one words at one moment at the end of the countdown will trigger a mind,

Now her plan is formed and refined.



At the end of the count, DOCTOR everywhere is thought,

No longer is humanity distraught.

The Doctor has fiddled with the network all year,

To rise and to grow, none shed a tear.



Martha has done her task, and Jack destroys the Paradox,

Gunning down the TARDIS locks.

The Doctor forgives the Master, but a peacefully end? Not.

Time reverses, all is well, but by Lucy the Master is shot.



The Master doesn't want to be imprisoned, but to the Doctors sorrow,

No more regenerations does the Master borrow.

At the end, the Master wins, and now the Doctor is the last,

Tears fall from his eyes and flames take over the Master's body, fast.

But the thing the that is seen by you and me,

Someone takes the Master's ring, the Doctor doesn't see...



Back in Cardiff, the world forgets,

About those people who died, the Doctors, the Vets.

Martha saved the world in a year that never was, and the world will never know,

As Captain Jack leaves, he reveals he was called the 'Face of Boe.'



For the last time, Martha enters the TARDIS, and she knows she can't leave,

Her family are devestated, she can't let them greive.

She thought she was second best, and that she always would,

But to the Doctor, and rightfully so she says "I am good."



With a touch to his cheek she bids him goodbye,

But her feelings for the Doctor she cannot lie.

She walks in again saying her life has gone up the spout,

"So this is me. Getting out."



She tosses him a phone, and says he's coming,

When that rings he better come running

She now leaves with a smile, to live with her mother, father and sister,

With a truimphant gleaming smile, she says "I'll see you again mister!"



But nothing is quiet for long, as during Christmas the Doctor collides,

On a sailing Titanic in space, where evil robots 'The Hosts' reside.

Voyage of the Damned, he also meets Astrid, from the planet Sto,

To the stars and beyond, she wishes to go.



They are all working for Max Capricorn, who has a devious plan,

He's just a head, but from Astrid he ran.

But she got hold of him using a truck, but the Hosts' Halo sliced the break,

A great sacrifice to get rid of Max Astrid had to take.



After too many deaths, the Doctor steers Titanic away from death,

But the teleport Astrid wore was all he had left.

He saved her in a way, as stardust he said,

She can now go and travel the stairs, a new life led.



Partners in Crime, and there's lots in store,

Including Donna Noble again, companion to series four.

She's been searching for the Doctor, and works at Adipose Industries,

Where the fat just walks away from the knees.



She's gobby, and outspoken, a real mate with a punch,

Super Temp from Chiswick about the Doctor she's got a hunch.

She went looking for trouble to find him and also noticed the bee's have disappeared,

That along with blobs of fat (or Adipose) is weird.



But back to Donna, she doesn't know her greater role in events,

Of all the time she's had a rant or vent,

Donna Noble has far to go,

But a moment which silenced was when she saw the Doctor through the window.





But after the Adipose get taken home, Donna decides to travel with the Doctor far,

And see's that he parked the TARDIS next to her car!

In a flurry of excitement, she tells her mum she left the keys to the car in a bin, then she goes,

But how had she just spoken to old companion Rose?


Donna doesn't know, and has to go now,

But we all ask, Rose Tyler, HOW?

Then back at the TARDIS, the Doctor says he just wants a mate, giving Donna a line,

She steps away "You're not mating with me sunshine!"



But the Doctor doesn't object, and says she can come,

He just doesn't want another end like Martha or Rose, which wasn't fun.

After getting the chance to go with him at last,

After waving goodbye to her Grandad Wilf, they fly away fast.



The Fires of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius throws all off track,

As Donna is told there's something on her back...

Planet of the Ood, and on the Ood Sphere we realise the race are slaves to the world trying to flee,

But when the Doctor takes the electric circle from the large hind brain, the Ood can be free.



At times the Donna thought she and the Doctor were a gonna,

But what words came to help? The 'DoctorDonna.'

The Sontaran Stratagem, and the revelation of the Doctor's phone Donna in shock tries to unearth,

As Martha calls with, "Doctor? It's Martha, and I'm bringing you back to Earth!"



Despite that she's been replaced quick, her and Donna get along,

And Martha reveals she's engaged and is now Medical Officer at UNIT, going strong.

Suspicions are on about ATOMOS, an eco friendly device for the car,

Since leaving the Doctor Martha has come far.



Meanwhile in the factory something is growing underground,

Also by some UNIT officers a short alien is found...

The Sontaran takes control of the two men, see it as a loan,

They then kidnap Martha and make her a clone.



The Doctor encounters Sontaran Commander Staal at the Rattigan academy,

It's considered the home to those clever to you and me.

We already know ATMOS has killed 52 people around the world,

And by the end of the episode the Sontaran's go to war, set off all the ATMOS devices, the plot unfurled.



It's poisonous gas, and the world is choking,

The Poison Sky, the world is smoking.

And the Doctor meets Donna's mum and grandad, Wilf and Sylvia, who he's met before.

The Doctor tells Donna to go back to the TARDIS through the smoke,

But the Sontaran's take the TARDIS a war the Doctor warns UNIT not to provoke.



Clone Martha has control of UNIT, and is stopping them launch missiles on the Sontaran ship,

And Donna meets the Doctor in the basement after following his instructions for the Sontaran teleports with a blip.

The Doctor finds and wakes up the real Martha killing the clone,

Who confesses the gas is Clone feed, to make Earth a cloning factory for the Sontaran's own.



The three go to Rattigan's Academy and the Doctor builds a device,

That ignites the atmosphere getting rid of the gas, that will be used twice.

But Rattigan takes the matters into his own hands, and uses it to ignite the Sontaran ship,

In the sky with fire it rips.



Martha prepares to bid goodbye, but the TARDIS takes off,

To Martha's horror, surprise and shock.

Throughout the adventure all failed to see the screen,

A flash of Rose Tyler, where has she been?


On Messaline,  we meet The Doctor's Daughter,

Bred from a single cell, a brain full of war, the Hath they try to slaughter.

Donna names her 'Jenny' and throughout the story the Doctor and Jenny bond like glue,

But after he thinks he loses her she bounces back, flying away with "An awful lot of running to do!"


Then another farewell to Martha, and Wasps and Agatha Christie,

Silence in the Library, River Song's timeline is twisty.

She says she knows him from the future, and that's where they start,

But after she sacrifices herself to save the Library they part.



She's got a sonic, she knows his name,

Her three year mystery earns much fame.

Words become weapons on Midnight

Where the Doctor becomes the epicentre of a fight.



But again, on the TV this time,

Long lost companion Rose enters the rhyme.

Rose is back for good now, as Donna's timeline is subject to theft,

The Doctor dies and the world changes in Turn Left.



She's back, and sends a message to the Doctor through Donna,

When he see's BAD WOLF in our reality he thinks the universe is a gonna.

These next two stories signal the start of the ending tour,

As the Children of Time, yes all, are back for war.



The Stolen Earth, the first companion we see,

Martha in her NY UNIT base people in a panic flee.

At Torchwood, Jack, Gwen and Ianto are hit,

As it seems South Wales might've split.



Sarah Jane and Luke realise too,

As Rose appears in a burst of light, could humanity be through?



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