Stuck with Styles

Bailey is bullied in school, her best friend moved and her mum is barley home. Her grades aren’t the greatest and her new group buddy is the cool, popular, senior guy that she can’t stand. She feels like life is a nightmare for her. When you feel like that, then what do you do? Bailey runs away, she is running away without contacting anybody and telling where she gone. But something goes wrong in her plan of running away alone, because someone follows her, and he refuses to let her leave. But what happens when you by an accident end up in Caribbean without money, food and any way to get in contact with people who might be able to help. What will happen to Bailys personality? Will she start to open up and let people in? What will happen when she gets stuck with Styles?


15. Regrets from the morning

I’m completely foolish, stupid, and unpredictable in love with him.
He looked at me weird as I caught myself in staring creepy at him.
-Umh I’m going to get some more pie.
-But you have one on your plate?
Before he could answer I went away. Shit. I couldn’t really be in love with him, he’s a douche, and he has always been. I’m not good with boys and now, I don’t know how to act around him.
I just stood there looking at the pies while a lot of shit, were running through my mind.
-Can’t decide what piece of pie?
I made big eyes and I felt Harry’s breath behind me.
-Let’s go.
I nodded without looking at him as I took our stuff and continued out of the door. I had no idea about where we were going I just kept on walking to get out of awkward convocations that might came if we stopped. As I knew nothing about Caribbean and I couldn’t read a map I just continued walking.  I barely had any money back but people are friendly, or some are, so everything is going to be just fine! After walking around in a while I saw a coffee shop where there were tables and chair outside so I sat down.
-Bay, are you alright? You seemed so weird after breakfast. You haven’t said a word to me or given me a rude comment you’re making me nervous.
I looked away and answered sure in a half low voice, I didn’t know what to say or what to do so I just sat there, like a turtle, a very awkward turtle. Wow.
I said as he looked confused at me, I’m sorry but he can’t call me Bay it doesn’t make me like him any less, and he’s got girlfriend anyway.
-What is wrong? You can’t just be like that all suddenly and not tell me what’s wrong!
His voice got deep and I saw him holding around the table, he wasn’t all mad but he sure as hell were annoyed, but you must understand for a moment, I can’t just tell him!
Most people would properly find it quite scary when his voice got all deep and he looked like he could throw the table across the street. But damn, I found it attractive. I was so close at slapping myself with a fish because I’m not that kind of girl, I don’t feel like this, I don’t feel anything for boys! Or girls!
-Chill out boy, there’s an Irish pub right over there let’s go!
He grabbed my arm but I got free and walked into the pub, the pub was filled with people and I walked straight up to the pub.

-I’ll take the strongest you have.
-How old are you?
-Why does it matter?
-I need to know what you can handle.
-I’m 26
Okay that was a lie, but he didn’t seem so smart so he properly wouldn’t figure it out. Looks like he didn’t because I got a drink and paid the guy, I drank it and I remember how my life got filled with regrets after that. I don’t drink. Why do I do this?
Harry walked up to me and grabbed the drink.
-You’re too much!
I made a face of him and took the drink from him to drink even more.  The hours went and I kept filling down drinks, Harry looked like he’d just stopped trying to make me stop, I deep inside didn’t want to drink but I just couldn’t stop because I hated him! 
I saw him talking with a girl, the same from breakfast! That little bitch, what does she thinks she’s doing?! Stupid and drunk as I was I walked right up to them and started to act horrible, I'm actually ashamed of myself for doing it.
-Sasha! Did you miss me?
-It’s Sarah.
She played that sweet little innocent girl and I don’t know at some point things just boiled over and well…
-You are so annoying and I'm sorry that Harry’s too stupid to see it!
-Bailey! Stop talking like that!
Harry tried to pull me away but I kept standing, as well as I could anyway I had a lot of drinks and it wasn’t even afternoon yet.
-You know what? Harry doesn’t even like you, everyone can see that you like him; you’re just a slutty virgin crushing on my next boyfriend. <Sarah said.
-Don’t talk to her like that!
Harry yelled at Sarah, but still in a quite low voice, there were music so only a few people looked at us, not that I didn’t believe Harry was sweet trying to protect me but nobody should say I were in love with Harry! Because I weren’t! Or I was, but nobody should know!
I jumped on her and started to pull her hair and I quick made it into a real cat fight! Meow!
Harry got us off each other and pulled me outside, he gave me a bottle of water and just stood there looking mad at me.
-I’m sorry.
I said it trying to be nice but I was about to throw up. I drank too much and I’ll never drink again. Promise.
He looked me in the eyes, that kind of look that could make me cry because the last time I saw such a disappointed look it was in the mirror. I was disappointed over my grades, my body, my personality, my everything and I think that was when I started to shot people out.

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