Stuck with Styles

Bailey is bullied in school, her best friend moved and her mum is barley home. Her grades aren’t the greatest and her new group buddy is the cool, popular, senior guy that she can’t stand. She feels like life is a nightmare for her. When you feel like that, then what do you do? Bailey runs away, she is running away without contacting anybody and telling where she gone. But something goes wrong in her plan of running away alone, because someone follows her, and he refuses to let her leave. But what happens when you by an accident end up in Caribbean without money, food and any way to get in contact with people who might be able to help. What will happen to Bailys personality? Will she start to open up and let people in? What will happen when she gets stuck with Styles?


2. Perfect start

-Cat Wanderlust and Nicolas Jaspen and last, Bailey Everton and Harry Styles.
I looked up around in class, some people giggling others telling Styles good luck. I hated him, and I hated them! So damn perfect! The perfect look, the perfect family, the perfect body, all in one, the perfect life. I miss Hannah, she help me get through the day, I know I talk in phone and over Skype with her every day, but it’s just not the same you know? It’s not that I hate the world; I just guess I hate the fact that the people who should be my friends are telling me mean words and pushing me in the hallway. And now, I had to be in a group project with him, one of the worst the cool guy that everyone loves, the guy that everyone falls in love with and the guy every other guy wants to be. I looked up to him coming over at me properly to discuss the project, I knew his type, and if he didn’t have to he would never talk to me. 
-So… What do you want us to have about?
-I don’t know...
-I was thinking we could have about saving lives.
-Yeah right, who would you save?
I made a face telling him it was a bad idea and he made me back a face telling me he was annoyed. He thought I was annoying, did he ever meet himself?
-You don’t have to play tough around me, it won’t help you.
-I don’t need help!
-Why are you so unfriendly?! I never did anything to you!
He rolled his eyes and got up, he didn’t really do anything to me ever; he was just another guy not knowing anything about my existence. He turned around on his way out of the door. Looking at me.
-We’re going to take about growing up, a subject you don’t know anything about!
I looked down in my books as the bell rang out, finally. I can go home, home, home, and home! My mum weren’t there oft so I was kind of just me and myself there. We didn’t even have dog…  I walked out the class and without looking continued to the bus stop. The bus was always late and the others were always just being around, chilling and having fun, I would normally stand in a corner and look at them, missing Hannah. As the yellow bus pulled up I picked up my bag and went into it. 

I walked inside throwing my things at the floor and jumped down in the sofa and quietly got comfort. Let right take a look at my life quick.  My name Bailey even though people are calling me Bay. I hate Jessica and her stupid boyfriend Harry Styles. I’m 18, for 3 years I had a depression and I just got rid of it. Hmm what else? Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m leaving today, yup! I’m packing my stuff and leaves what a great idea? Better get going before my mum comes home. Like it’s not I don’t love her, because I do, it’s just I need some time to be me where nobody constantly are knocking me down. I just need that for a moment.  I don’t want to disappear completely I just, well you know. 

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