Stuck with Styles

Bailey is bullied in school, her best friend moved and her mum is barley home. Her grades aren’t the greatest and her new group buddy is the cool, popular, senior guy that she can’t stand. She feels like life is a nightmare for her. When you feel like that, then what do you do? Bailey runs away, she is running away without contacting anybody and telling where she gone. But something goes wrong in her plan of running away alone, because someone follows her, and he refuses to let her leave. But what happens when you by an accident end up in Caribbean without money, food and any way to get in contact with people who might be able to help. What will happen to Bailys personality? Will she start to open up and let people in? What will happen when she gets stuck with Styles?


6. Nightmare

Can you even believe it? I, Bailey, am going to Paris. The city of the light and the place for love. I smiled for myself as I got eye contact with a cute boy a few seats away from me, he smiled at me and I smiled back. He had short fluffy and blond hair. I think I saw some blue in his eyes as he came closer at me.
-Hi. I'm Bay.
-Bay? Is that short for something?
-Bailey actually. But you can just call me Bay.
-Hello Bay I’m James, can I sit next to you or is someone sitting there?
-Well of what I know there isn’t nobody sitting there so I guess so.
I smiled at him and as he was about to sit down next to me someone stopped him.
-I'm sorry my gentleman, but I think that is my seat.
I smiled at James as he went away with a smile and send me a flirty look. It’s funny, I’ve heard the voice before, and I looked up to see a tall guy with skinny legs, great body in all actually. I would get friends with him we are going to sit in this plane for a while. Ha-ha, but then. I saw his face. Then I got nothing else than mad, no I got pissed off.
-Did you follow me?!
He looked me in the eyes and replied with one word. Not yes, not no, but maybe.
-So you followed me? Where are you going to stay in Paris?
The way he looked at me made me want to go slap his face but then he sat down next to me looking me deep in my eyes.
-Hey listing up. I'm not stupid. When I went at your house to find out a little part of our school work, any idiot could see you weren’t alright, but I'm not that big of an idiot I would let you go away like that. And what now? I see you saved money for a trip to Paris, but I bet you haven’t thought of hotel, food, anything in Paris right? I couldn’t leave you alone even though I don’t like you… at all.
For the first time in a long time I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t have some smart ass comment and I actually didn’t want to say something mean or rude back. Could it be that… no it’s stupid? A guy like him wouldn’t care about a zero like me. He moved away from me and sat down in his seat right next to me. I sat back, pulled my headphones in and listing to music that I found relaxing. I closed my eyes and with a smile I feel asleep.   

I ran at the field coved in flowers. My little blue dress made my hair look golden as I saw people wave at me. Horseback riding on my white horse, almost like flying. In that moment I swear I could handle everything! But in the moment everything seemed so perfect a dark shadow got spread over the field. I feel of the beautiful horse and it ran away, the people turned from nice friendly people to rude people trying to throw me in a river. I knew how to swim but in the moment I feel into the river I couldn’t move. I tried to remember all good times. The only thing in my mind was a song someone sang, I didn’t know what song or who sang it but all the things I should have knew was gone, somewhere long away. I tried to scream for help but my voice was gone.
-Bay! Baily! Bay!

I opened my eyes terrified of the nightmare that just ran through my mind and accidently I hit someone. 
-Baily, take it easy! I was just a nightmare!
-I’m so sorry.
I didn’t want to tell him sorry I just, my eyes was tearing up and he pulled me against him. In some way I wanted to pull away but my heart made me pull even closer. I just sat there crying in his shirt. He rubbed my bag and said it was going to be okay. I wanted to stop crying so badly but I couldn’t, I didn’t even know why that dream made me react that way. And the worst part was I just wanted to lay in his arms and cry, I wanted to cry my heart out and get everything of my chest just to let it go. 

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