Stuck with Styles

Bailey is bullied in school, her best friend moved and her mum is barley home. Her grades aren’t the greatest and her new group buddy is the cool, popular, senior guy that she can’t stand. She feels like life is a nightmare for her. When you feel like that, then what do you do? Bailey runs away, she is running away without contacting anybody and telling where she gone. But something goes wrong in her plan of running away alone, because someone follows her, and he refuses to let her leave. But what happens when you by an accident end up in Caribbean without money, food and any way to get in contact with people who might be able to help. What will happen to Bailys personality? Will she start to open up and let people in? What will happen when she gets stuck with Styles?


13. Let's just find a motel

I don’t know what was going on in my head because I wanted to kiss back but I pulled back instead and then I just sat there looking away close to crying.
-I’m sorry.
He said it in a voice that really spoke truth. Sorry. The boy was sorry, why was he sorry? Wasn’t I good enough? Wasn’t I pretty, popular, cool, good enough at kissing?
-I shouldn’t just have, you didn’t like it and I'm sorry.
-I didn’t say I didn’t like it.
I looked at him but still trying to hide my face as he looked serious at me.
-I don’t know
I replied quick and got up. As I were about to walk without even talking to Harry he stopped me.
-I'm sorry but if you felt something. Even just a little bit then tell me, right now.
-I don’t know what I feel Harry, I can’t tell you. I’m not even sure if I'm mad. I don’t know if I want to laugh or if I want to cry. Most of time I just sit there knowing nothing, it’s hard.
He stepped closer to me. At that moment I felt his breath and I could almost feel his eyes even though I was looking in the sand. What I told harry was actually the truth, I didn’t know anything; I just wanted to have a little bit control in my life. Just a bit.
-Alright sorry, let’s forget all about it k?
I replied cold and harsh, I didn’t even took the time to say o.k. no, just okay. His voice was warm and trustful but I couldn’t just open up, I never did before, I wasn’t used to it.
It might seemed as what I said was just something stupid but I don’t know, I think it’s one of the first truths I actually told anyone beside my best friend, but well, now she gone, I'm just closed. I just stood for a while, felt the sand and tried to hold in the tears.
Don’t you ever get that feeling? It’s not like I'm depressed all the time but you sometimes things just happens like that and it just goes wrong. I start to focus on the bad things instead of the good things and I know exactly what I need. I need a friend, but whenever someone just acts a little nice to me I ruin it all, that the person I am sorry.
I started to walk and I could hear Harry’s footstep in the sand as he followed me. We just walked without saying anything to each other; we didn’t even have eye contact.
Sometimes I looked back at Harry in a few seconds but looked back again to make sure he didn’t see I was looking, at last we got a motel.
We walked in and I found my wallet.
-2 rooms please.
-What? How can it be that much?
-We only have 2 rooms back and one of them is luxury and the second is a double.
-At a motel?
-Yes, do you want the rooms or not?!
The guy seemed mad and started to yell at me. Harry walked up to him and pulled me behind him.
-We’ll take double, how much is it?
I still stood in the background as Harry turned around and took my wallet, I let him do it, and I don’t know why so don’t even bother to ask.
-18£, pr. Night, with breakfast.
-We’ll take it.
He pulled up the money and gave it for exchange to a key.
Harry walked up the stairs and I followed him. The lobby was comfy actually, brown furniture and a big old class TV placed in the middle of everything, there was a little table filled with magazines and I spotted an M magazine.
As we got the room he locked up the door and continued inside.
-I could have handled it myself Styles.
-Sure, if you say so.
He nodded ironic and I rolled my eyes at him.
-There’s only one bed… Who’s going to take the floor?
He looked at me as I was an idiot.
-It’s a double bed Baily. We can both actually sleep in it.
I knew that, but I didn’t want to sleep in the same bad as him.
-We’ll take a side each and build a wall of pillows okay?
it sounded as a plan I could go with, I was really tired so I started to build the wall and lay down on left side.
I said it trying to be nice but it made came out as I was mad at him, and I weren’t really, just confused.


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