Stuck with Styles

Bailey is bullied in school, her best friend moved and her mum is barley home. Her grades aren’t the greatest and her new group buddy is the cool, popular, senior guy that she can’t stand. She feels like life is a nightmare for her. When you feel like that, then what do you do? Bailey runs away, she is running away without contacting anybody and telling where she gone. But something goes wrong in her plan of running away alone, because someone follows her, and he refuses to let her leave. But what happens when you by an accident end up in Caribbean without money, food and any way to get in contact with people who might be able to help. What will happen to Bailys personality? Will she start to open up and let people in? What will happen when she gets stuck with Styles?


14. Breakfast truth

I woke up from a nightmare screaming and shaking, I was out of myself.
I’m not even sure but I think I started to tear up; it’s all a little unclear for me really.
I felt 2 arms grabbing around me and holding me tight.
-Bay, bay! Are you alright? It’s okay, it was just a nightmare.
 I pulled closer into harry and he held me even tighter.  I had the most realistic nightmare you could ever imagine and it was horrible.
-Everyone I loved was dying and I just stood there, I couldn’t move! I couldn’t save them.
My voice cracked I felt Harry’s warm breath.
-It was just a nightmare.
He rubbed my bag and wiped a tear away from my cheek.
I slowly nodded but I felt my stomach hurting. I wrapped my arms around Harry, I was surprised over myself but I needed someone to hold right now, I needed someone to hold me and Harry did.
That night the wall of pillows fell down and as I said I wouldn’t from the start, I slept in Harry’s arms. He was the closet to a friend I had been for years. And even though I didn’t like him I appreciated him for being my friend that night.
The next morning I woke up to a Harry sitting on a chair not long away from the bed. I got some sleep, without a nightmare in it and I smiled this morning, it had been a while since I last smiled when I woke up to be all honest but there was sunshine outside, I could hear the birds, we’re in Caribbean and ah. As Harry saw I were awaken he looked at me and smiled.
-Good morning slept well?
-I slept fine thank you, Harry about last night-
He interrupted me.
-Let’s forget about shall we?
-Right, thanks
He smiled at me and I smiled back. No, no, no! Bailey Everton you should say thank you to him! I made myself annoyed… at me.
-Let go have breakfast, I’m so hungry!
-Sure! Did you been up long?
-Nah, an hour maybe two.
-Why didn’t you wake me?
-I figured out that you might, would need some sleep.
We walked down the hall and go to a little cute place where they served breakfast. A buffet, nice and they had a fireplace. Oh how I loved fireplaces. We found a place to sit and lay our things when we went to get breakfast. I took some bread with nutella, a banana, eggs and a piece of pie. Harry’s plate was even fuller than mine!
-Styles! You can go twice!
He turned around with a piece of pie hanging out of his mouth.
-You’re so awkward!
I rolled my eyes and went down. I started to eat and I enjoyed the silence but I still wondered where Styles where at, I thought to myself that if that boy was filling his plate even more up I was going to murder him! I looked around and my eyes got stuck to Harry talking to a girl, she was dark haired, tall, super skinny and super annoying attitude. So because I'm super annoying too I decided to get up and join Styles and his new friend.
-Styles! Who’s your new friend?
-Oh, this is Sarah! She’s from London! We were talking about hanging out today.
-Yeah, sure, maybe let’s talk over breakfast; I have something to talk with you about.
I didn’t, I didn’t have anything to tell him but I'm a good actor so I pulled my ‘this-is-very-important-come-now’ face and made sign to go down to the table. He understood and walked down as I were about to go, I turned around and looked at he she looked back at me as I was some kind of a freak.
I could say so many rude things right now but I kept it inside and walked away. I sat down at the table Harry sat at and he looked confused at me.
-What so?
-What are you talking about Styles?
-You said you needed to talk about something… are you ok?
-Oh yeah um, I-
I had no idea about what to say so I went telling the truth, gosh that was stupid…
-I just wanted to get rid of that Sarah girl.
-She was annoying
-Oh, and you aren’t?
-Not in the same way!
-So why did you even care? I was thinking of dating her.
I almost yelled as he stuffed a spoonful of eggs in his mouth.    
-I'm sorry? Are you jealous?
He said it in a cheeky and playful voice which made me want to slap him with a stinky fish.
-Why in the world would I be jealous? You can date her but I don’t want to hang on her.
Okay maybe that weren’t the world truth; I didn’t want Harry to date her but why not? Why did I actually care he’s annoying, stupid, and he’s kind of a geek, why would anyone even fall for him? And in that moment I realized it.
I love Harry!

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