All Alone

That's all I am alone nobody cares not at school not home nowhere
This is my story about being a loner to a pop star





when i was done whit the song the door slowly opened and in came 

Simon Cowell came in clapping his hands and said " You are an amazing singer. You are what me company needs heres my card think about it" he gave me his card and walked out I was in shocked everybody was cheering "OMG how did that happend " I said looking around then my teahcer came over to me and layed her hand on my shoulder and said " I heard you sing the other day and I think the whole should here it " I hugged her and said thanks the class ended I was still in shock  

It was time for lunch I went to the cafeteria I walked and when I did everybody clapped at me and told me to take the offer

                                                                                     SKIPPING SCHOOL

I went home opened the fridge to see if there was anything I could eat but no so I went op to me room I took my laptop and went through my mail it was mostly junk but then something cought my eye it was from simon cowell I opened it the mail told me to meet him at his office to talk about maybe getting me a contract I went downstairs and saw my mom was home so I went over to her and said " Mom Simon cowell wants to maybe give me a contract what do you think " I looked at my mom and I saw slightly a smile from on her lips then she said " I knew this day would come im so proud of you come her " I went over to her and she gave me a really good hug for some reason I was smiling for once this day couldn't get any better than that 

it was time for bed so i went upstairs and in to the bathroom and began to get ready for bed 

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