A Rocket To The Moon

Toby Underwood was thrown onto the streets when she was nine years old by her abusive, drug-dealing father after her mother died of a heroin overdose. Taken in by a man named Saw, she is taught to become skilled in grifting, tricking people not giving money for the pettiest of things or pick-pocketing. Charlie Micheals is homeless, running away from his parents murder in which he blames himself for. He learns to fend for himself before meeting Saw and trusting him with his life. Charlie and Toby are now seventeen and have never met until now; Charlie and Toby are both Saw's favourite and are competing for the best but when their past comes to chase them till the day they die- the truth unravels. What will hey do when push comes to shove? Life before death? Love before anything else...


1. A Rocket To The Moon


"MUMMY!" I cried as I looked at my mothers limps body, handcuffed to the bed with three men surrounding her; half naked and pulling needles from out if her sickly yellow skin. She was dead, I knew it. I knew what happened around here, I'd lived here all my life after all. My father was the leader, the boss, the top-dog of everyone around here but he didn't know how to care for me. He'd try to protect me from the men here as did mum but he didn't know how to. The big men would hurt me, give me horribly needles in my firearm and do things to me. Bad things.

I would cry and cry for hours, until my dad would come and find me. He'd hit me and shout at me- telling me to toughen up if I was to survive around here with these people. That's when he kicked me out... I attacked one of the scary men who tried to hurt me. I clawed his face and bit him until he ran to daddy and grabbed my hair, dragging me behind him.

I walk through the dingy alleyways where people, drunk or homeless, would lie. It was so cold that as I breathed out, I could see my breath fade away in columns before my eyes.

It had been three weeks before I met Saw.

Ten Years before I met him...

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