The Gang and Me

Taylor's life was perfect until she met Harry. The bad boy who has taken over her life when she is forced to become his.


10. What just Happened?!?

I turned around to face Harry. He was standing extremely close to me. I could feel his hot breath on my face. The bartender left to go get my drink made. "What did i tell you about staying with me?", Harry breathed into my ear. "I don't have to listen to you." I snapped back. "Do you have a death wish?" Just then, the bartender showed up with my drink. I just rolled my eyes cause i didn't feel like fighting with Harry tonight. I thanked the bartender for my drink before Harry walked off tightly grabbing my wrist before leaving the bar. Harry led me through the crowd to a table where everyine was at. Zayn and Niall were standing there while Liam and Jess were sitting in the booth. Harry shoves me into the booth, making me fall flashing the boys behind me. I heard Louis give a wolf whistle. 

   "Stay here with Liam. We will be back." Harry explained before walking off with Louis Niall and Zayn.

  I motioned for Jess to slid over by me in the booth. Liam was busy playing on his phone.

  "I have a plan," I whispered in Jessicas ear, "Just tell Liam we have to use the ladies room. I'll tell you the rest in there." 

Jessica slid over by Liam and whispered in his ear. Liam blushed a little before letting Jessica slid out. I followed. We pushed through the crowd to the bathrooms. Luckily they were cleared out when we went in there. I locked the door as Jessica and I were in.

  "Ok. See that window, we are gonna crawl out that and call a cab. We are not staying with these boys any longer." I told Jess

  "Taylor, are you crazy? Remember what they said will happen if we leave."

  " Jessica, we have no other choice. I'm sorry."

She just nodded in agreement. I slid over to the window, quitely sliding it up. I motioned for Jess to come over. She crawled out first then I followed. Once we climbed out, I heard a commotion from around the corner. I motioned Jess to stay there, that I would be right back.

  I crept over to the corner of the building, just peeking my head around. I silently gasped when I saw what was going on.

  On the ground layed my father who had a bloody nose and was all beat up. Surrounding him were the men I have come to hate. He was talking to my father.

  "$25,000 no more, or else not just you, but your whole family will suffer."

  My father thought about it long and hard.

I wonder what they were making a deal on.

  "Fine. Just leave me and the rest of my family alone. You can have Taylor."

Harry chuckled as my heart sunk. My own father just sold me. Sold me. Harry threw a wad of cash at my father and headed back into the club. I wanted to run to my father and help him, but he betryed me. Someone touched my shoulder. I turned and jumped. 

  "Taylor, c'mon let's go."

I nodded and we took off for the street.

  What the hell just happened?

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