The Gang and Me

Taylor's life was perfect until she met Harry. The bad boy who has taken over her life when she is forced to become his.


7. Parties

After recovering from my meltdown, we all still decided to go out. 

  All of us jumped in Harry's Range Rover. I felt really uncomfortable in my tiny black martini dress. It only reached my mid-thigh and really showed off my curves. (Harry picked it out). 

  Jessica was wearing a flashy pink skirt and a very revealing tank-top with her silver heels. The boys were all very nicely dressed too. 

  Harry drove while Liam sat shotgun. Louis and Niall sat on either side of me in the back. Zayn insisted on bringing another vehicle, so him and Jess could ride together.

  Before we pulled out Harry had to adjusted his mirror, licking his lips. I followed his line of vision and it ended up being right up my dress. I turned and crossed my legs so my genitals were no longer visible to Harry.

Louis took this as an opportunity to place his hands all over me, while pretending to have a normal conversation so i wouldn't notice.

 "So, Taylor, do you have any family?"

 "Um, well," I wasn't sure if i wanted to tell them about me but, i did anyways, considering i have to live with them, "My parents moved out leaving me the house. I have two older brothers, Tyler and Ryan. Ryan is deployed in Afghanistan and who knows where Tyler is. He got big into drugs and my parents kicked him out."

  "Wow, do you like living by yourself?" Niall questioned.

  "Well, i never really had the chance before you guys took me," I snapped.

  "Jeez, no need to get all bitchy, Niall was just asking," Liam remarked.

  "I was only answering truthfully."

Suddenly i felt Louis' hand sliding farther up my leg.

  I slapped them away, "Don't fucking touch me!"

I moved my legs back to where they were. I would rather have Harry see my panties, than Louis stick his hands down them.

  "Feisty," Louis mumbled.

  "Are we there yet?" i ask not wanting to be in the car one second longer with these perverts.

  "Yes," Harry replied.

  "Thank god," I mumbled under my breath.

  "What?" Harry asked.


  Harry grabbed my wrists, "I asked what you said."

  "Nothing," I spat.

His green orbs stared into my blue ones, raging in anger.

  "Hey! Let's go!" Zayn yelled from the door.

Harry dropped my wrists, storming off. Score 1 for Taylor.

 I quickly made my way to Jessica.

   "You ready?"

  "As much as i can be," I rolled my eyes.

  "Oh Taylor."

Once we were inside, i went straight for the bar.

  "Where do you think your going?" Jessica said before i walked off.

  "To the bar."

  "Not alone." 

  "Watch me. Besides, they won't even know i'm gone."

I pushed my way through the sweaty crowd. Some people were wasted, and others were just getting started. Couples were pretty much having sex on the dancefloor. The whole place reeked of alcohol and sweat.

 After reaching the bar, i ordered a strawberry margarita. 

  "Harry's girl?" the bartender questioned.

  "What are you talking about?"

  "I saw you walk in with him. And, Harry always leaves his mark on the left collarbone.

I looked down to see a huge purple mark. On my left collarbone. It must of been from our game this morning and i didn't notice.

  "Whatever, just get me my drink."

  "Oh, looks like Harry's got his hands full with this one."

  "i do."


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