The Gang and Me

Taylor's life was perfect until she met Harry. The bad boy who has taken over her life when she is forced to become his.


5. Meeting Them

By the time we finished the movies, it was already 7:30pm. Jess and i were huddled together on the couch, scared shitless. Outside, the lightening and thunder weren't  helping. Then the power went out. We both screamed and came closer together.

  "Jessica, I have always loved you," i whispered.

  "Taylor, don't talk like that, your making it even more scary.",. she screeched.

After a couple of terrifying minutes, the lights came back on. Jessica and i sighed in relief.

  "Scary movie marathon? Why wasn't i invited?"

We screamed and spun around to see Harry standing behind us.

  "How.....?", my voice trailed off.

  "You forgot to take your spare key off your door frame," he said holding the key up in front of him.

We just starred at Harry in utter shock.

  "Go get dressed. We're leaving," Harry said, noticing i was in just a long t-shirt.

  "I-I can't leave."

  "Bullshit. Now, go. You too Jessica."

Jessica's face went pale. She turned to me, her eyes pleading.

  "Louis! Zayn! Come here! I need some help!" Harry yelled over his shoulder.

  "Who?" I questioned.

  "You'll find out if you don't hurry and go get changed."

Jessica leaped off the couch and i was right behind her, taking the stairs by two's. We rushed onto my room and locked the door behind us.

  "Taylor, we have to get outta here," Jessica panted.

  "My window! We can hang off the roof then jump into the bushes below. It's not that far of a jump."

  "Ok, throw me my jeans."

 We scrambled to get our clothes on.



We heard footsteps coming up the stairs, along with multiple voices.

  "Let's go," i whispered.

We had both managed to make it onto the roof overhang before we heard someone knock.

  "Hurry!" Jessica whispered.

We slowly hoisted ourselves off the side when the pounding became more vicious. As we made it to the ground I could hear my door slammed open. Jess and i took off running as fast as we could, heading in a random direction, not caring where we went. As long as it was away from the house. We ran and zig-zagged down multiple streets before we slowed down. After she caught her breath, Jessica asked, "Where are we gonna go? My parents will flip, and your aren't home."

  "I dunno. Do you think Max is still at the gym? We could go there."

  "Its to late. He leaves at 5pm."

I plopped down on the bench, thinking of what to do.

  "What if i just let Harry have me?" I question.

  "Taylor, have you gone mad?! He's physco!"

  "That's only if i make him mad. When he's not mad, he's somewhat likable. Besides,. he told me if i wasn't gonna be his then-"

  "There you are, babe!" Harry yelled, "Now, no more running, right?"

Four other boys peered out from the shadows. I stood up and faced Harry as he came closer. Before Harry was right to me, I told him I was sorry for running.

  "It's ok babe", he said embracing me in a hug followed by a kiss.," Just no more, ok?''

I just nodded. A boy with black hair came and wrapped his arms around Jessica ,"This one's mine", he growled, shoving his face into her neck.

  "Awe, you two always get first pick. It's not fair", another boy with brown hair whined.

  "Live isn't fair, so get over it", the boy with the black hair said finally releasing himself from Jessica.

  "Taylor. Jessica", Harry started, " I want you to meet the boys That's Niall," he said pointing to a boy with blonde hair, "Liam", the one with light brown hair,"Zayn", the boy with black hair," and Louis", the one with darker brown hair, who was still pouting.

  "Can we go back, Harry? I'm super hungry", Niall whined.

  "But i wanted to go out tonight", Zayn cried.

  "Yes, we are going out tonight, but first, i want to go to the house for a bit", Harry snapped, "Now, let's go."

He quickly and forcefully grabbed my hand pulling me along.

  "Ow, Harry. That hurts", i whimpered.

He completely ignored me.

  "Harry", i whined, "Harry! Let go! That hurts!" i said pulling my hand away.

Harry quickly spun around and grabbed my shoulders roughly.

  "Ow Harry." Tears threatened to form at the edge of my eyes. 

Harry's eyes lightened, along with his grip, once he realized what he was doing.

  "I'm-I'm sorry," he quickly mumbled before walking away.

  "Your lucky you did't just get slapped. I'm really surprised he didn't scream at you either," Louis said walking up beside me," I could treat you so much better," he seductively whispered in my ear.

  "Don't let Harry see you," Liam taunted.

Louis rolled his arm and continued walking. I looked over at Zayn, who was still clinging on Jessica. Louis  tried to slip his arm around my waist, but i pulled away, not wanting to be seen by Harry.

  "Awe, come on!" Louis said making a puppy-dog face.

  "Sorry, but if Harry saw us....", my voice trailed off already imagining what he could do. I shuttered. 

  "Come on guys! Hurry up! I'm starving!" Niall yelled out to us.

  "Calm your tits", Zayn yelled back.

I picked up my pace a little, knowing that if Niall was impatient, then Harry was probably about ready to explode.

Once i got to the car, i slid up front between Harry and Louis. Niall, Zayn, and Liam were in the back with Jessica on Zayn's lap. I glanced over at Harry. His jaw was clenching and unclenching and his grip on the steering wheel was so hard his knuckles were white. I placed my hand on his thigh, hoping to calm him down a bit. He immediately relaxed.

  I figured if i was gonna go out with Harry tonight, that Jessica and I were gonna need to head back to my place to grab some clothes.

  "Hey Harry", i cooed


  "Can we stop back at my place to grab some clothes for Jessica and I, if we're gonna go out tonight.

He looked over at me and smiled.

  "Sure, babe."

 I leaned over and placed a kiss on his cheek.



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