The Gang and Me

Taylor's life was perfect until she met Harry. The bad boy who has taken over her life when she is forced to become his.


4. Leaving School

 " I had fun we should play that game again", Harry whispered in my ear.

  "Whatever", i rolled my eyes.

  "Ohh i forgot to tell you ladies", Harry smirked," There will be 4 new student joining us soon. All my best mates. And guess what babe?"

  "Don't call me babe", i shot back

He just ignored me and continued," They are in all of our classes. I guess you'll have to tutor 5 of us now.Or even better-", Harry was cut off by the teacher starting to talk.

  "Class, we have a new student," the teacher began,"Will you please stand up and introduce yourself." 

Harry just stood up and glared at the teacher. 

  "What's your name son?"

  "Harry. Now, please can i go back to what i was doing, it was very important", Harry remarked.

  "Not with that attitude.This is your warning. Please tack a seat."

Harry didn't push his luck and sat down.

  "Now, Taylor, you are Harry's tutor, am i correct?"

  "Yes", my answer was short but you could tell i was annoyed. Anyone could.

  "Alright, I'm gonna give you a simple quiz to see what you all know. No helping. Good luck", the teacher said handing out papers. 

The teacher handed out the papers. They were simple. Only 5 problems. I finished long before anyone. Harry only copied 2 of my answers before i turned it in. He looked at me, i smirked, he just rolled his eyes. Now he knows how we all feel. 

  "Now that we are all finished, feel free to visit until i am done correcting your papers", the teacher said as he began.

  "You'll meet them tonight", Harry bluntly stated. 

  "What? Who?", i questioned confused.

  "The other 4", he said giving me the "duh" look,"After school, you will get to meet them. They get in at 7."

  "Im only staying until 5, just to tutor. Whatever we dont finish, you will have to do on your own. I have my own stuff to do", i retorted. 

  "Like what?" Harry leaned over the counter looking me in the eyes. 

Nothing, was the truth but i didnt want to tell him. I also cant lie when people look me straight in the eyes.

  "She has a date tonight", Jessica chimed. Thank goodness.

  "Well that doesn't matter anymore because your mine."

The way he said that sent chills down my spine.

  "I don't belong to you. I don't belong to anyone.", i stated.

Harry's face turned red with anger.

He came closer threatening, "You do what i say, or there will be consequences. Do you understand?", I gulped and nodded in fear," Now, your staying until i say you can go. Are we clear?"

I just nodded. Glancing at Jess, she was in just as much fear as i was. Harry came over and sat in the chair next to me.

  "Awe, don't be scared cupcake," he said putting his arm around me, then leaning into my ear, "And maybe we can play another game. The 6 of us," he whispered.

Out of impulse, i grabbed Jessica's hand and pulled her, quickly, down the hall to the bathroom. 

  "Jessica, I can't do this," i said trying not to cry.''

  "He's psycho!", she yelled.

   "Jessica, what should i do?''

  "Hmm," she thought," Just go home, i will meet you there after school. Your parents are gone right?"

I had forgot to tell Jessica my parents moved out, leaving me the house.

  "Yeah," i hastily replied.

  "OK, lock the doors. I'll do my special knock. Sound good?", She sounded pretty proud of her plan. 

  "Why cant you come with me now?", i pleaded.

  "I hadn't thought of that! Good idea. Let's go."

  "Wait, I left my stuff in the classroom.:" Plan ruined. 

  "We'll just have the teacher bring it to the office."

Once we were in the office, we told the secretary that we had an emergency and we asked her if Mr. Schmitz could bring down our stuff. After some convincing, it worked. We quicky made our way outside, where it was still pouring.

  "Did you walk Jess?", i asked.

  "Yeah, you did too, huh?"

  "Yep, we'll just have to hurry home.

  "OK, let's go!", Jessica said taking off running, me hot on her heels. 

Halfway home, we had to walk for a second to catch our breath. Soaking wet, we finally reached my house.

  "Phew!", Jessica said entering the house, "Let's lock everything first, then change. Just in case."

  "Jeez, Jess. You make him sound like an ax murderer."

She chuckled.

Jessica took care of the upstairs while i did the downstairs.

  "Hey Tay! Can i wear your Broncos t-shirt?!", Jessica yelled from my room.

  "No! I was gonna wear it! I'll come find you a shirt to wear!"

Jessica was shorter than me, so she could wear my shirts like dresses. 

Jess was starring into my closet as i came up.

  "Here's your shirt," she said tossing it at me.

  "Thanks. you can wear my big purple one."

After we both had settled down and changed, it was only 1:30pm.

  "Whatcha wanna do now?", i ask.

  "Scary movies?", Jessica suggested.

  "Sure. I have the whole Paranormal Activity series. What about them?"



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