The Gang and Me

Taylor's life was perfect until she met Harry. The bad boy who has taken over her life when she is forced to become his.


2. I want you and only you

 I turned around to and saw a god standing next to Ms. Wood. I'm guessing this was the womanizer, and i can see why. 

  His curls hung loosely all over his head and his green eyes were sooo sexy. When he yawned i could see his tongue piercing along with the one on his lip. His tattoos were also visible on his very muscular arms. Oh, how i wanted to touch them so bad. Finally, i came back to life,"Hi."

  "I'm Harry Styles," he said with a smirk. So sexy.

  "I noticed that you and Harry have the same classes so i would like you to show him around for the first week. Also, a tutor was recommended for him in each class and since you have marvelous grades, the faculty have made you his tutor," Ms. Wood mentioned.

My jaw almost hit the floor. "WHAT!!?"

 "Now, it will be fine. I promise."

I looked at Harry who just had a huge grin on his face. Just because he was good looking still doesn't mean i wasn't scared shitless of him. 

  "You two may take your seats and get started," Ms. Wood finished before walking away. Harry just turned around and took an empty table. i was still terrified, so i sat all the way across the table from him.

  "I don't bite," he said

 I ignored his comment, asking," Do you know any of the stuff that's on your paper?"

He glanced at it for a moment,"Nope."

  "Um, OK, lets start with the first question. What is the distance from the Earth to the Sun?", I quizzed.

  "Look, let's just make this easy for both of us. I hate school, you like school. So, how about you give me all the answers and i pretend to learn," he said leaning closer on the table. 

  "What about tests? I cant give you answers on them."

  "Good point. OK, you give me answers during school, then after school we can go study at my place."

  "No", i reply firmly.

  "What did you just say to me?"

Oh. No. i was really scared now. That's what i get for running my mouth.

Harry got up and pulled out the chair next too me sitting down. 

  "Tell me the answers", he said more firmly this time. 

I couldn't show him that i could be walked on. 

  "No", i whispered. 

  "Fine. Have it your way, but we'll see how far it gets you. By the way, the answer is  one AU."

He wrote down the answer while i struggled just to reach over and grab my pencil. My hand shook while i wrote my answer making it all messy.

  We slowly made it through a few more problems before the bell rang. 

  "We'll finish this tonight. Meet me by my locker so i can show you to choir.", i said practically running out of the classroom.

I saw Jessica at her locker, she was just about ready to leave/ 

  "Jessica!", i called.

She turned around and her face immediately lit up.

  "Taylor!", she squealed giving me a big hug. "Where were you this morning?", she asked.

  "I was running late. And now, i am the new boy's tutor and tour guide", i said pretending to choke me. 

  "What! He is so gorgeous!", she screamed.

  "Well, i see some people around here like me."

I turned around to face Harry. 

  "How much did you hear?", i ask.

  "Enough. Lets go.", he said waiting for me. 

  "Bye Jess", i said slowly walking away. I guess Harry probably hates me now. Good going Taylor. 

We walked in silence until we got down the hall.Suddenly, Harry pulled me into an empty classroom. 

  "Harry! What-", he placed his hand over my mouth. Harry waited until the bell rang to talk.

  "What's your name?", he innocently asked, taking his hand off my mouth.

  "You came here just to ask me my name!", I scream," Let me go!"

  "Answer my questions first, just like i answered yours."

I rolled my eyes," Taylor."

  "And your friend's name is Jessica?" 

Of course. Just another guy who is gonna use her just to get in her pants then break her heart. Not if I can help it.

  "Stay away from her, Styles" i said poking his chest.

  "Who said i wanted her?"

  "You don't have to."

  "Maybe i want you."

I froze. Chills ran down my spine making me shudder. His eyes wandered up and down my body while he chewed on the corner of his mouth. 

  "I want you.", he whispered

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