The Gang and Me

Taylor's life was perfect until she met Harry. The bad boy who has taken over her life when she is forced to become his.


3. Games

 "I want you," he whispered placing his lips on mine. His lip ring brushed against my lips as he softly kissed me. He tasted so sweet.

I pulled away as i finally realized what was happening.

  "Harry, we have to get to class. I've already been tardy twice in one day. "

he pulled me closer, "Aw, is the good girl afraid to have a little fun?"

  "No, but i wan to be able to pass high school and get out of here.", i said pushing him off of me. 

  "Like choir matters. What if i told you i can make you be in class, when really, you aren't there. Then would you stay here with me?"

  "You can't do that", that i said reaching for the door handle.

  "Hm, i guess you want two tardies instead of one on your record, cause if you leave, that will happen."

I stood, frozen at the door. I didn't know what to do. 

  "That's right. Just come back in here, I'll give you the time of your life.", he whispered in my ear while placing his hands on my hips.

He was so tempting. But i couldn't do it.

  "Come on Styles, let's go", i said walking out.

  "Wait," he said catching up ,"you know i'm amazed. You would rather go to choir than have a good time with me?", he rambled on. I ignored him until ii heard him say, "I bet Jessica would stay with me."

I spun around so fast, Harry ran into me.. "You stay the fuck away from her! If i even catch you look at her or talk to her, there is gonna be hell to pay! I don't care who you are Curly, but stay away from Jessica!"

  He chuckled. "You don't get it, do you?"

I shook my head.

  "if i don't get you, Jessica is next. Simple as that."

  "Well, you can't have Jessica."

  "Then your mine. Come back with me."

He grabbed my wrist, pulling me back to the empty classroom. Not wanting him to hurt Jessica, i followed him back. Once we were in, he locked the door behind us.

  "First off Styles, your not gonna get in my pants this easy. You have to wait and work for it."

  "Aw, you ruined my fun, but that's ok. We can play another game", he smirked

  "What kind of game?", i nervously asked.

He came over and picked me up around my waist, placing me onto the table with him between my legs.

  "First one to make a noise loses", he whispered in my ear while starting to place kisses around it. I couldn't speak, afraid that i would make a noise. He then started placing kisses along my neck, sucking here and there. 

I pushed him away showing him it was my turn.  I started my trailing my tongue from his ear to his chin, leaving little kisses along the way. i kissed behind the end of his jaw and i almost got him. I placed my hand on his crotch but he pushed it away. At least i Know where to get him next time. 

He gently placed his lips against mine. He placed his hands at my hips and worked his way to to my butt and back up toward my breast.

I glanced at the clock, we only had a couple seconds before the bell rang. 

I quickly grabbed his crotch where a large bulge had formed. He let out a big moan. I quickly pulled away and walked to the door.

  "I win", i rubbed in his face before walking out. 

The bell rang and students flooded the hallways.

  "Where were you!", Jessica whined when she met me by our lockers.

  "Having a little fun. But, I promise you will defiantly see me during algebra."

Harry met me by at our lockers.

  "Let's go," i said leading the way. All three of us silently made our way to class. Jessica and i sat in our normal spot. Harry followed and sat next to me.

  "I had fun we should play that game again", Harry whispered in my ear.

We'll see.......

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