ADOPTED BY.......!!!!

Amber Shields only cares about Skate boarding, her boys and of course, Unicorns.
But what happens when One Direction want to adopt her.
Will Amber say yes or will they fight to get her.

Maybe a special boy will arrive and swoop her of her feet.
Who knows?

Keep reading to find out.


1. Adopter, Cookies and Arguments


Heyo! My name is Amber. Amber Shields. Horrible name, I know. As you probably don't know, I live in an orphanage. I don't have much friends who are girls because of that. There mostly boys, but hey I can't complain, they're cute.

Anyway, there's meant to be people down stair ready to adopt.

Yepeeee! Where's the cake??


I was making my way down stairs when I heard screaming, but that wasn't a surprise. The owner Miss Mikado, who's pretty much a slut, invites over men who, must I admit, aren't that bad looking. But you get the point.

I was walking into the kitchen looking for food when a boy came through. I was shocked at first because this is an all girl orphanage and because he looked way to young from the other adopters.

" Hey there, have I met you yet? " he asked. Well first of all, he had a squeaky/girly voice, and had a picture of a carrot on his T-shirt. Like wtf. Dude ?

"Em, no " I said and gave him a strange look and them searched for some cookies. Cookies are life, well actually, Unicorns come first and then cookies.

"Ok well, I'm Louis. What's your name"

I completely ignored him. Rude, I know but I would never get adopted anyway so I'm saving my breath.

Finally! I found my cookies. Now that brought a smile to my face.

"What did you say your name was ?" Louis asked again.

" I never ". Surely he took the hint to leave me alone.

" Ooooo. Is it your time of month sweetie" Sally said.

Let me introduce you to Sally.

Where should I start, well:

• She is a rude little shit

• She thinks she's the best

• A bully

• She's popular but only has 2 minions

• Thinks she can get all the guys

• Purposely embarrasses me to everyone

• I hate her and she hates me

I could go on forever but, ya know.

"Actually it's not. But you already knew that since your obsessed with me."

"I'm not! Ugh. Who would be obsessed with you, you're like the ugliest piece of shit ever." Sally said.

"You can't talk, people might even mistake you as a clown. Like girl, your eyebrows are definitely Not on fleek." I was getting bored of this argument, she only does it to get attention.

"Ugh. I've had enough of your breath. Just stop being a whore and get on with your life" I finally said to end the conversation before I walked out with a cookie in my left hand, and my skate board in the right.


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