Lauren is an 18 year old girl who's dad abuses her. But little did she know her dad is friends with Paul Higgins. Her dad invites Paul and the boys to his house. But one of the boys catches her dad beating her. He runs to get Paul but he is afraid it'll be to late. Paul takes Lauren with them but little does she know her dad follows. Will Hailee be able to escape or will her dad put and end to her life?


7. What

Laurens POV

   I woke up the next moring next to Louis. I tried to slipped out of his arms but his grip got tighter anf tighter. I never knew he would be this protective over me, I kind of like it. I finally got out of his grip by singing to him. I got up and took a shower and got dressed. I walked down stairs and made breakfest, Harry came down. I snapped.

   I walked up to him and screamed "Harry im tired of your shit! What did I do too you, too make you hurt me?" "You had liked all the other boys but not me." Harry to be honest I am scared of you." "Lauren I feel like I should be protecting you thats why." "Well, I cant help that. Now im going to go make brekfest." "Ok."

   I walked into the kitchen and made eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, and toast. I walked up to get all the boys up and then I walked into Louis room. I walked over to him and shook him and told him to get up. He pulled me down into his chest. I mumbled "not again." Louis whispered "You know you are a great singer." "Louis you're up the whole time!" "Yes, I just wanted too hear my beautiful girlfriend sing." I punched him in his arm playfully.

   We both walked down stairs and everything was almost gone so me and Louis shared a plate. Then he went up and got changed, Liam asked where he was going. I told him I had a docters appointment today to see if they can find any of my relatives.

   We walked out of the house and into the car. Louis drove, I sat in the passenger seat. We pulled up to the parking lot and walked into the hostpital. They took me back, Louis came with me. After they drew the blood and tested it. They asked to talk to Louis privatly. He came out with his eyes wide. "What?" I ased. He shook his head and waited till the car too tell me.

   We got to the car.

Lauren: "Louis whats wrong?"

Louis: "Do you know who your cousin is?"

Lauren: "No why?"

Louis: "Because its harry."

Lauren: "Thats why he told me he felt protective over me." *I mumbled*

Louis: "What?"

Lauren: "This morning he told me that he felt protective over me this morning."

Louis: "How are we gonna tell him?"

Lauren: "Well im just gonn go out and tell him."

He nodded and drove home. We pulled into the drive way and we nodded at each other. I walked in and seen Harry on the couch. I sat down next to him . "Harry your my cousin." He pulled me into a hug and then got up and talked too Louis. Louis came back and I asked him what Harry said. He said that Harry told him I he hurts me he's dead. But then he said he wouldn't kill me because i'm his boobear, I laughed.

   I walked upstairs and took a nap. Louis came in and laid down with me. An hour later we got back up because we heard talking coming from downstairs. I seen Liam, Danielle, Harry, Niall, and Zayn sitting on the couch. I walked over and sat down. "We've been waiting for you." Danielle said. "Why?" "Well I guess i'll  make the anounsement now. I'm pregnant."

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