Lauren is an 18 year old girl who's dad abuses her. But little did she know her dad is friends with Paul Higgins. Her dad invites Paul and the boys to his house. But one of the boys catches her dad beating her. He runs to get Paul but he is afraid it'll be to late. Paul takes Lauren with them but little does she know her dad follows. Will Hailee be able to escape or will her dad put and end to her life?


2. The unexpected



Laurens POV


  I woke up and seen four boys standing around me. My head hurt really bad. 

Lauren: "Hey guys." *Giving them each hugs*

Harry: "Hey El."

Lauren: "Where is Louis?"

Liam: "He is next door. Hes' be up all morning eager to see you."

Lauren: "Really?" *Blushing*

Niall: "Aww little Lauren likes boobear!"

Lauren: " Shut up. " *Punching him playfully*

Zayn: "Im gonna go get him."

  Zayn walked out and minutes later I seen a running Louis going through the hall way. He ran in and tackled me. He knocked the wind out of me I couldn't breath. 

Louis: "Thank god your ok."

Lauren: " Yes and you to. Well I guess I better get dressed and go find a place to sleep and ill look for a job tomorrow. '

Louis: " Oh no your not. We almost lost you once and its not going to happen again."

Lauren; " Lou where am I gonna stay? "

Louis: " With us silly. "

I let out a high pitch scream. I ran to the bathroom to change. I guess the boys had bought me cloths. I looked at the note on them an it says " These are for you. The boys freaked out when the knew what happen to you. So I guess they wanted a get you a present. Here you go and this is from my perspective I hope it fits, theirs a belt in case.  Love, Danielle." I'm guessing that Danielle is one of the boy's girlfriends.  I through my hair um in a bun.

  I walked out of the bathroom and Liam and Louis where standing there. I didnt say anything im scared to be living with five boys. I asked Louis "Hey who is Danielle's boyfriend." *Mumbling* "Oh thats' just Liams girlfriend." We walked out to the car their were a lot of fans. I hid behind Louis. I got to the car and Niall tried to help me in, he grabbed my arm and i quickly yanked it away. Just because i trust one of them doesn't mean ill trust all of them. 

                                       *skip the car ride*

  We pulled up into the driveway and got out. I seen three cars already parked there. I tried to walk slow so I could admire the huge house. I was walking then all of the sudden tripped, Niall just stared at me. So Harry got mad and tried to help me up I yanked my arm back, I guess he got mad and he grabbed my arm really hard causing me to shriek.


Louis: "What the fuck you asshole!"

Harry: "I tried to help her up but she pulled away and I guess I got mad."

Lauren: "Its ok." *Mumbling*

  We walked inside the house and Louis put his arm around my neck as we walked in. I seen three girls standing there. One of them started yelling at Louis. "What the hell Louis! Who the hell is she! Do you go around picking up worthless sluts off the streets who make money off of sex!" Tears where coming to my eyes. I ran to the only other person I could trust. It was Liam, other than Louis he as been with me the whole time to my suprise he is like a dad to me. 

  Louis fought back. "Eleanor she is not some worthless slut!" "Really then why is she here?!" "Because I caught her dad beating her so i stepped in and now she lives with us." With that Eleanor shut up and shot me daggers. I walked into this house for a minute and one person already hates me.

  I was engulfed into a tight hug. It was some girl with curly hair. "Do you like your cloths?" Im guessing it was Danielle. "Yes thank you." Funny I feel safe around her she feels like a mother i never had. "Well are you hungry?" Some girl with blonde hair asked. I nodded my head. She made spaghetti. I devoured it in five minutes. " Thats Eleanor and Perrie," Danielle told me. 

  Danielle handed me some pjs'. I walked upstairs after she told me where the bathroom was. She gave me this After I changed I walked down stairs and sat by Louis. Eleanor walked in and walked by with Chinese food and dropped it on my head. Louis looked over because some of it fell on his shoulders. I got up crying ran upstairs into someones room. It smelt like smoke and it had tons of mirrors. 

   Zayn walked in. "I thought you'd be here." He sat down next to me in the corner. He scooted closer to me, I scooted farther away. "Hey, you dont have to be afraid of me." I nodded and got this warm feeling and scooted closer to me. I layed in his chest as he picked the noodles out of my hair, I giggled. I ended up falling asleep. I felt someone carrying me I looked up and seen Zayn. He took me To Louis room and put me in his bed. Later that night I felt someone get in bed, it was Louis. I cuddled close to him he put his arm around me and I fell asleep. 

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