Lauren is an 18 year old girl who's dad abuses her. But little did she know her dad is friends with Paul Higgins. Her dad invites Paul and the boys to his house. But one of the boys catches her dad beating her. He runs to get Paul but he is afraid it'll be to late. Paul takes Lauren with them but little does she know her dad follows. Will Hailee be able to escape or will her dad put and end to her life?


1. The Dinner


                 Laurens POV


    "Shut the fuck up!!!" my dad screamed at me. He slapped me across my face. "Go get dresses NICE, we have guest coming over." he said emphizing the nice. I nodded my head a ran upstairs. I put on my only nice cloths  have. A royal blue colored dress and silver heels. He yelled "Babe the quest are here!!" Now he is going to be nice.

   OK walked down stairs to see my dad, but I also saw One direction standing there in suits and ties. The all smiled at me. My favorite was Louis Tomlinson. He caught my eye. We both smiled at each other. Anyway I finished walking down stairs. I walked up to each of them. Harry said " You look beautiful, love." They all pretty much said the same thing except for Louis. "You look amazing." he said. I blushed. The rest of the night he was speechless.

   "Hey honey may i have a word with you, in the other room?" he asked sweetly. I got up nerviously and walked into the other rooom. He strated slapping me in the face and screaming at me. I guess Louis was looking for the restroom. But he walked in while my dad was getting ready to hit me again. He ran up to my dad and punched him in the face. Louis screamed at me "go get the boys or paul." I ran down stairs and got Paul.

Lauren: "Paul, hurry! Louis is going to get hurt!"

Paul: "Whats happening?!"

Lauren: "I'll explain later, now come on."

   We ran upstairs, by the time we got there my dad had Louis in the corner and beating him. "Dad stop! You can beat me instead not him.... Please!" "Ok then. Come here you little bitch!" I ran over to him, I guess Zayn followed me and Paul. He tried to hold me back but I slipped out of his grasps. My dad started beating me even harder. He finally snapped. He through me on the floor. The cops came in, my dad started kicking me. I looked of and saw Louis uncontious in the corner. I looked up before I blacked and and seen Paul holding me dad down until the cops ran upstairs.


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