Lauren is an 18 year old girl who's dad abuses her. But little did she know her dad is friends with Paul Higgins. Her dad invites Paul and the boys to his house. But one of the boys catches her dad beating her. He runs to get Paul but he is afraid it'll be to late. Paul takes Lauren with them but little does she know her dad follows. Will Hailee be able to escape or will her dad put and end to her life?


3. The Breakup


Luarens POV

   I woke up with Louis gone. I walked down stairs and seen Perrie cooking breakfest. I also seen Harry but no Louis or Zayn. I sat on the couch. Harry asked me "Hey come over and sit by me." I shock my head very quickly. He got up and walked over and sat down by me. I tried to get up but he grabbed my arm. I kept trying to escape, his grip tightened. I whimpered. Liam ran down stairs and seen me crying and Harry holding my arm.
Liam: "Harry what the hell are you doing!" *Perrie came running in*

Harry: "She wont sit by me!" *He said with pure anger*

Liam: "That is no reason to grab her arm. She is scared of you Harry, and your only making it worse by grabbing her arm."

Harry: "Well how come she isn't scared of anyone else?"

Liam: "Harry thats not true she is scared of Niall and she was scared of Zayn but you have to give her a while."

   He let me go and I ran to Perrie and hugged her tight she had tears in her eyes. "Its alright sweety. Hey lets go get an ice pack." I nodded and walked to the kitchen with her. She turned her head around and shot daggers at Harry.

   Louis walked in the door with Eleanor. She shot daggers at me. When Louis seen an ice pack on my arm he ran over.

Louis: "What the hell happened!"

Lauren: "Harry." I mumbled

Louis: "Im going to kill him."

Before Louis walked away I grabbed his arm and whispered to him "It's ok Lou, just leave it alone. Liam is talking to him." I could tell by the look in his eyes that a sigh of relief went over him. I got off the counter and went to sit on the couch. Louis followed me, "hey thats my seat," Eleanor screamed. I quickly got up and moved across the room.


Louis POV



Louis: "Eleanor what the hell was that for!"

Eleanor: "Well your my boyfriend not that bitches!"

Louis: "First of all you could of sat on the other side, and second of all she isn't a bitch!" *Lauren ran up to the room*

Eleanor: "Why are you always on her side?!"

Louis: "Im not but why are you always being mean to her!"

Eleanor: "Because your my boyfriend not hers."

Louis: "Well you know what El id rather be her girlfriend than yours any day!" *She has tears in her eyes*

Eleanor: "You really mean that."

Louis: "Yes El clearly I do. El ever sense we've started dating you've been nothing but a bitch!"

Eleanor: "Were through!!!" 

   Eleanor stormed out the door. I was full of excitement when she left. I heard Niall scream "Yes!!!" I turned around and he grinned at me. I walked into my room, figuring that she'd be in there. I was right she was, she was in the corner in the fetal position. I walked over to her and sat down beside her. She tucked her head in my chest and cryed. I rubbed her back.

Louis: "We broke up."

Lauren: "Really."

Louis: "Yes, you'll never have to see her again." *I could see a sign of relief in her eyes.

Laurens POV

   I lied in his chest for about and hour. He fell asleep so I got up quietly and walked down stairs to the living room. I looked around when I got to the top of the stairs. I seen Zayn and Niall down there. I walked down stairs and sat by Zayn. I whisper to Zayn "I'm hungry." He giggled. "What do you want to eat?" He asked. "Nandos!!" Niall scream cause me to flinch. Niall looked down at me and frowned. I looked at Zayn who knew what I was thinking but I Didn't want to I was scared. I scooted closer to Niall and hugged him. He hugged back I flinched a little when he squeezed me, but soon after he loosened his grip. I could tell he was smiling, I let him go and looked at Zayn he had a smile on his face and nodded, I gave him a big grin back.

Lauren: "What's Nandos?"

Niall: " Nandos is a Portuguese restaurant that sells spicy grilled food."

Lauren: "Sounds good. Should I go wake Louis up?"

Zayn: "I thought he was awake."

Lauren: "Its embarrassing but he fell asleep holding me." *Niall and Zayn both cooed*

Zayn: " No we'll let him sleep."

  I hopped off the couch and went to get dressed. I have clots from when I was in the hospital. I walked out and they both looked at me. Zayn said "we need to take you shopping tommarrow." "No please I don't want people buying me things." I begged. "We have to." Niall whimpered. "I'll find a job and pay for it." I cooed. "No Lauren, we cant risk loosing you again." Zayn said sternly. He was kind of scary when he talked like that I backed up and hid behind Niall. I looked over and Zayn had a sad expression on his face. " If we're getting food we better go." he said marching out the door. We got to the car and I sat in the back.

*Skipping the car ride there and back*

   We got back and Louis was awake. I ran up to him and hugged him.

Lauren: "Louis!"

Louis: "Well someone's happy to see me."

Lauren: "We brought food."

Louis: "Really where."

Lauren: "Zayn is trying to take it away from Niall." *I giggled*

Louis: "oh."

   After we ate I went and changed into my pjs. I walked out and sat on the couch to wait for the others. I heard the door slam. I looked back and saw harry he looked pissed. I ignored him the best I could, I'm scared. He walked over and looked at me and told me to get the hell out. I got up and walked away. He yanked my arm back and pushed me against the wall I Yelled in pain. Louis ran down. He seen Harry and ran over.

Louis: "What the fuck!"

Harry: "Tell her to get the fuck out!"

Louis: "Why?"

Harry: "She ruined my relationship!"

Louis: "This is Lauren not taylor."

   He walked away mad. Louis helped me up I got out of his grip and ran upstairs, I ran to the bathroom . I took a blade out and slit my wrist 4 times. I turned around and Louis was standing there. I dropped the blade. He had a tear in his eye.

Louis: " Why? "

Lauren: "Because all I ever do is fuck stuff up!"

Louis: "Lauren you didn't do anything."

I ran passed him and out the door. It started raining, I ran into and ally. I balled up in the corner and cried. I seen Louis coming around the corner. He sat by me and immediately put me in his lap. A lifted me up and carried me back to the flat. He layed me down and got in next to me. He pulled me close, are bodies fit like puzzle pieces. He started singing little things in my ear. I slowly drifted into a deep sleep.  

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