Lauren is an 18 year old girl who's dad abuses her. But little did she know her dad is friends with Paul Higgins. Her dad invites Paul and the boys to his house. But one of the boys catches her dad beating her. He runs to get Paul but he is afraid it'll be to late. Paul takes Lauren with them but little does she know her dad follows. Will Hailee be able to escape or will her dad put and end to her life?


4. Broken

Laurens POV

   "Stop!" I said screaming. I looked up and Louis was bouncing around on the bed. I quickly kicked his leg and he fell. I got up and ran. Zayn was in the kitchen I ran behind him. He just sat there I could tell he was grinning. Louis ran down stairs and was looking all over the place. Then he walked in the kitchen. "Damn," I mumbled. I heard him chuckle then I was quickly thrown over a shoulder. He through me on the couch and hovered over me. I licked his cheek, he quickly got up.

Louis: "What was that for?" *wiping off his face*

Lauren: "Because you wouldn't get off of me."

Louis: "You could of just asked."

Lauren: "Now Louis you and I both know you wouldn't have gotten up, besides what are you so happy about?"

Louis: "Today we have a concert and your going."

   I acted surprise but deep down I was scared. Louis took me to the mall to get a dress and some accessories. I got these things I went and tried every thing on. I walked out and Louis moth dropped. I started blushing. He ended up paying for everything.

   We went home and just sat there and waited for the girls. We heard a knock on the door. Louis went to answer it. It was Danielle and Perrie. The concert starts at 7 and its only 4. So we went and got food. We ended up just getting McDonalds'. We got back and we started to get dressed. I wore I walked out and all of the boys showed up. I looked down stairs and all their mouths dropped. I walked down the stairs and hugged all the boys except Harry. He had a big frown on his face, I couldn't help it, I was scared. We started to load up in the back of the van. I ended up sitting by Harry. I kept my head down the whole ride there looking at my nails.

   We arrived at the concert and they're was a line of fans outside. I began to freak out. I waited for everyone to get out of the car. I stepped out of the car and I was blinded by all of the flashing lights. Someone came and wrapped there arm around me, I looked up and seen Louis. I heard everyone scream homely words like, slut whore and ugly. I began to tear up. I held the tears back the best I could. When we finally got in the building. I turned and hugged Louis he patted my back.

   The boys had to go on in 30 minutes so Danielle, Perrie, and I went to find our seats. We had front row seats right in the middle. When the boys ran on they all looked down and seen us. Louis winked at me which definitely brightened my day.

                                         *Skipping the concert*

  We went back stage and while I was walking one of the girls elbowed me. I fell to the floor, she jumped on me and started punching me. Liam seen me and helped me up. I ripped out of his grasp and ran into some sort of restroom I guess and sat in the corner. I sat there and cried Liam ran into the bathroom. He sat by me and pulled me close. I cried in his arms for about an hour. Everyone else went looking. Danielle came into the bathroom and seen us.

Danielle: "What happened?"

Liam: "A fan attacked her?" *Lauren mumbling I want to die*

Danielle: "Oh, I'm going to go tell the others." *Tearing up*

                                       Danielle's POV

   I walked back to the dressing room. The others all sat their with worried expressions on there faces. Louis ran up to me he could tell there was something wrong with the look in my eye.

Louis: "What's wrong, what happen?"

Danielle: "One if the fans attacked her. She's in the bathroom with Liam."

Louis: "Oh, ok. I'm going to go see them."

Danielle: "Wait Louis there is something you should know."

Louis: "What?"

Danielle: "Im afraid she might be broken."

Louis: "What do you mean by broken?"

Danielle: "I've seen a lot of people be scared in my day but the look on her face just looks like she's not going to be her normal self."

Louis: "Oh." *Tearing up*

                                     Louis POV

   I walked down the hallway into the bathroom. I looked over and saw Liam in the corner with her. I tried to sit down next to her. she scooted away and looked me in the in the eye I could tell she had so much fear. I mumbled under my breath she's...... Broken


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