"That's Harry Styles, stay away from him. He's dangerous!" The girl said. I stared at the boy she was talking about. Tattoos covered his body along with many piercings. Dark brown curls hung loosely around his face. He stared at me with a small smirk, his emerald eyes piercing through my soul. Something about him intrigued me. Something about him made me want him.


5. chapter 5


I followed Louis into the house. He saw Eleanor and smiled. He gave me a quick thumbs up before going off with her. I spotted a flash of tattoos, blonde hair and piercings coming my way. Niall I think it was.


"Ella, you made it.... And you look hot!!" He slurred. I tried to think how many he'd already had to drink. Probably loads.


"Umm thanks" I replied, not sure how I should feel about that remark.


"Come play spin the bottle" He slurred again.


"No thanks!" I replied before trying to walk away.


"I insist. Come on, it will be fun!" He said grabbing my wrist. I sighed and followed him to where a circle of people had already gathered. We sat down in the circle. I noticed Harry, Liam and the girl from earlier there.


"Look it's Elizabeth!" Liam said with a smile as I sat down.


"Ella" I corrected him. I expected him to say something but he just laughed.


"Come on. Lets play!" A girl with bright blue hair moaned, staring at me.


"Chill Tash" Liam said and she glared at him.


"Whatever" She muttered as a boy spun the bottle. It landed on a boy with dark brown hair. There wasn't any piercings on him, but a few tattoos covered his skin.


"Truth or dare Dan?" The boy who spun it asked.


"Dare he replied confidently.


"I dare you to snog that hot chick" The guy said, pointing at me. I was a little shocked, but I didn't show it. The guy Dan shrugged and came over to me. He pressed his lips against mine. They were sweet and tasted of cherries. After a few seconds he pulled away and went back to his seat. I felt a little upset that he said nothing to me, but what did I expect? It was only a dare. He grabbed the bottle and spun it. It landed on me.


"Dare!" I said before anyone could ask the question


"I dare you to drink 3 shots of pure vodka. You're a little stiff!" Dan said. I tried to hide my worried expression as I was handed 3 shot glasses. I lifted one to my lips and swallowed. The tight knot that had been forming in my stomach started to slightly unravel. I did the exact same with the second shot. By the time i'd finished the third i felt so much calmer and more at ease


"Nicely done hot stuff, i have a feeling you've had practice" A good lucking guy said. I chuckled and shook my head no. I wasn't really much of a drinker.


"Sam!" A girl with pink hair exclaimed, slapping him lightly on the head.


"I'm joking Case. Nobody is hot to me but you. Now spin the bottle slightly hot girl who is nowhere near as hot as my hot chick!" He sai, causing everyone to laugh whilst the girl just shook her hear in laughter.


i did as i was told and spun the bottle. It landed on the blue haired girl from earlier.


"Tara, truth or dare?" I asked with a giggle


"It's Tash!" She snarled. Normally i would have been intimidated and immediately apologised, but with the alcohol in me i couldn't help but giggle.


"Anyway Dare!" She said obnoxiously


"Haha pussy!" Niall said recieving a glare from her aswell.


"Are you a virgin?" I asked, expecting her to blush and try to hide her embaressment. She just laughed


"Of course not! Who is?" She laughed. Instead it was me that went red, cheeks flushed with embarresment.


"Oh my god! Lickle Ewwa is a wickle virgin!" Tash mocked in a babyish voice. Everyone else stared at both me and Tash. They obviously didn't knw what was worst. Me being a virgin or Tash pointing it out.


"Anyway my turn!" Harry said after a few moments, completely breaking the silence. Everyone stared at him in shock as he turned the glass bottle to face himself.


"Umm, truth or dare Hazz?" Dan asked


"Dare" Harry replied bluntly


"I dare you to choose truth" Dan said causing Harry to look as if Dan had just killed his mother.


"Fine truth" He sighed, clearly annoyed


"Why did you shut Tash up and break the silence?" Dan asked. Harry took a moment to speak, but when he did, he did it with a sigh.


"She's annoying... That's why!" Harry said.


"Ella i'm drunk!" Louis called from behind me, causing all the attention to get off Harry and onto him. I turned around to see him standing there with a massive idiotic grin on his face whilst and even drunken Eleanor stood laughing behind him.


"That's my cue" I said getting up and leaving the game.


"Bye hottie" A voice called from behind me. Niall! I shot him the middle finger and everyone laughed. I've never done something like that before. Don't get me worng, i'm not an angel when i'm sober but i could almost be. Go, or went before moving, to church every sunday. Never got fully drunk. Never smoked or done drugs. Never even slept with someone. I'm boring. Just boring old Ella. Alcohol definately brought out the worst in me.


"Ella, take me to bed!" Louis exclaimed. I sighed and lead him and Eleanor upstairs. There was a room at the end of the hallway that wasn't full or locked, i was thankful for this in so many ways. I lead him and Eleanor in there


"Right. You can sort yourselves out from here. Louis, i'll text your mum and tell her we'll be staying out the night" i said. Louis put his thumbs up at me like he understood. He probabbly didn't, he was absolutely pissed. I shut the door behind me as i left the room.


"Hey sexy!" A voice growled behind me. I turned to see and ugly guy behind me. His stomach overhung his trousers and his skinhead hair cut made him look like a 40 year old pervert.


"What do you want!?" I snapped, i just wanted to return to the party.


"I feel your sexiness inside me." He said with a disturbing smirk on his face.


"Get lost!" I exclaimed. He moved closer to me, his  hands edging towards my dress.


"You fucking dare!" I warned but he didn't listen. He slid his hand under my dress and i couldnt stop him, he was too strong.


"You heard her... Fuck off!" I heard a gruff voice say from behing the man. A grin appeared on this perverted mans face and he turned to face my saviour.


"What you gonna do about it!" The man teased.


"I'll fucking show you" The other guy replied. In the blink of an eye I saw the skinhead guy fall to the floor, revealing Harry.


"Thanks" I muttered.


"I just wanted to get to my room" He replied gruffly. He shved past me and into the room Louis was in. I glanced in and saw them both passed out on the bed. He shut the door behind him as he came back out into the hallway.


"What the fuck are they doing in my room!" He snarled.


"I'm sorry. They were both pissed out of their minds and i didn't realise it was your room. I'll wake them up nd take them somewhere else!" I said.


"I don't have people in my room!" He exclaimed, acting as if i never just spoke.


"I'll move them" I offered.


"I dont do fucking people in my fucking room!" He shouted at me punching the wall behind my head.


"Shit!" He yelled as his hand came into contact with the wall. He brought it down and i saw that it was already beginning to bruise.


"Listen, i'm sorry they're in there. I'll move them if you want!" I said and he sighed.


"No just fucking leave them. I'll sleep somewhere else" He snapped.


"Can i atleast have a drink with you. To make up for your mistake?" He asked after a moment or two.


"I dont really drink!" I said, but he laughed.


"Come on it's a party. Dont be a pussy!" He laughed


"One drink!" I said and he nodded while laughing. He lead me downstairs to the kitchen. There was a couple making out on the counter but when they saw Harry they immediatly went.


"Do you live here?" I asked Harry and he nodded.


"Yeah with my dad, step mum and step sister" He replied bluntly getting himself a drink.He handed me a glass bottle full of blue liquid.


"WKD blue, it's nice" He said. i took a sip. he was right. The sweet sensation slid down my throat wih ease


"Where are they?" I asked.


"Who?" He asked as if he actually didn't know who I was talking about.


"Your dad, step-mum and step-sister?" I asked again.


"Dad and step-mum are away for the weekend. Step-sister is at her lame-ass boyfriends house." He muttered.


"Oh" Is all i said. He smiled as i took another sip of my drink.


"Here" He said handing me a straw.


"Whats this for?" I asked and i saw him smirk


"You get drunk quicker with a straw" He sad. Normally i would object, but it was my choice to come to this party. I nodded and place it in my drink. I kept drinking until there waas none left


"Another one?" Harry asked. I nodded, feeling a little light-headed. This time i drunk it alot quicker. Finishing within a minute of getting the drink. Harry smirked and handed me another.


By the time i finished my 4th bottle i could barely see straight.


"I'm drunk" i giggled at Harry. He chuckled


"Follow me" He instructed. If i wasn't this drunk i would have questioned him, maybe even refused. But i was drunk. So i followed him. I felt so excited and eager to see where he was taking me. He lead me into a bedroom and locked the door behing me.


"What are we doing in here?" I asked with a giggle


"Fuck me Ella!" He instructed.


"What?" I asked, assuming i didnt hear him properly.


"Fuck me!" He said, this time i definately heard him.


"Ummm, okay" I said, not knowing what i was doing or saying. I slid my dress off and threw it onto the floor. I went to take off my bra and panties but Harry shook his head


"That's my job!" He exclaimed and i nodded. He was now fully undressed byh now. I stare at his tattoos. The one that intrigued me though was the giant butterfly that was placed on his stomach.


"Your first time isn't it?" Harry asked in a gruff, cold voice. I nodded


"I'll go easy" He said simply before walking behind me. He unclipped my bra whilst placing his lips on my neck. I felt him suck. I wanted him to stop, afterall he was making a mark for everyone to see, but at the same time i was enjoying the attention.


Once my bra was off he moved down to my panties, leaving a trail of kisses down my spine. When they were done he pushed me onto  the soft bed. He sat on top of me, grinning like some sort of hyena.


"Ready?" He asked and i nodded. he leaned forward and i felt him jerk himself into me. I gasped at the pain of the foreign objest invading me.


"It gets easier!" He tried to comfort me. he wiggled about abit and he was right. It got alot better. He jerked back and forth, leaving me panting and in loss of breath


"Harry" I gasped inbetween his movements. He looked at me with a smile on his face


"Yes!" He replied slowly, through gritted teeth.


"Who's room is this?" I moaned as i began tugging at his hair.


"My step-sisters" He replied simply with a laugh. I as shocked. I was having sex in a random girls bed. His laugh i noticed was strained, this must be slightly uncomfortable for him to. He sighed and let himself escape me. I groaned at the loss of pleasure from my body. I glanced at the sheets. They were bright red with blood. I gasped in horror but Harry laughed.

"It's normal for a virgin!" He said simply as he took them off the bed he threw them aside and placed some new ones from the cupboard on the bed. He caught me staring at the stained sheets

"I'll chuck them in the morning" He said simply. I nodded

"I guess we're sleeping in here" He said

"We're?" I asked shocked

"Only if you want" He said sharply. I nodded and placed myself in the bed. He slid in besides me. I looked at my phone to see the time. 3:46. i saw a text from Louis mum asking me where we were. Shit! I thought when i saw it. I was meant to text her. I was eased though when i saw another text from her, telling me not to worry texting her, she knew we weren't coming home. I sighed, relieved and placed my phone on the bedside table, before snuggling into the bed. The duvet was soft and the pillows were even softer. i let myself sleep, within seconds i was gone.









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