"That's Harry Styles, stay away from him. He's dangerous!" The girl said. I stared at the boy she was talking about. Tattoos covered his body along with many piercings. Dark brown curls hung loosely around his face. He stared at me with a small smirk, his emerald eyes piercing through my soul. Something about him intrigued me. Something about him made me want him.


3. chapter 3- New friends?

"Ella, this is Louis, Eleanor and my boyfriend Zayn" Perrie announced as we sat down at a table, already filled with people. Eleanor and Louis were THE Eleanor and Louis that I was with earlier. Well it's a small world isn't it

"Why it's smelly Ellie" Louis announced with a cheesy smile. I laughed nervously.

"Smelly Ellie?" I asked and Eleanor laughed

"Get used to him Ella, he can be extremely childish when he chooses to be" She said before hugging him and giving him a kiss. I must admit it was really cute.

"So Ella, have you got a boyfriend back home?" Perrie asked. A massive lump formed in my throat and I felt a single tear roll down my face. Cleaners they all noticed and soon I get a pair of arms wrap around me, embracing me in a hug.

"You don't have to say anything if it upsets you" Louis whispered into my ear. I gave him a smile of thanks and just sat down

I felt someone else knock into me, sending me flying onto the floor. I looked up from my new position to see a blonde haired boy standing over me. He was absolutely full of tattoos and piercings.

"Aww sorry love" He said in a thick Irish accent

"Say, she's pretty hot" Said another boy. He had brown hair styled in a quiff and a curly haired girl practically hanging on his arm.

"Liam!" She exclaimed and he chuckled.

"Chill Dan, you're still my babe" He said and she smiled in relief. I caught Harry standing there, staring at me

"Liam, Niall. Piss off!" Louis said, his fists clenched.

"Oh chill Louis. I take it you're coming to the party tonight" The blonde haired boy, who I assume was Niall, calmly replied.

"Yes... And what?!?" Louis said, fists still clenched.

"Bring her" Liam said, pointing to me. I sat there in silence. Not daring to mutter a single word.

"No!" Louis exclaimed. I caught Harry still staring at me.

"Let her decide" he muttered. Everyone stared at him, in what looked like shock. Everyones eyes then turned to look at me.

"I um, um.... I guess a party sounds okay" I said quietly and I saw Nialls, Liams and the girls face light eyes. Harry stayed expressionless.

"We'll see you at 9 then hot stuff" Niall called as they all walked away. Louis looked as if he was going to kill somebody.

"Ella, you can't go to that party!" He exclaimed

"Why not... You're going?" I asked. I could sense the anger coming out in me, I had no need to be angry, I just felt like I had to.

"Yeah well.. You just can't go Ella!" He replied bluntly

"You're not stopping me Louis, you barely know me. Besides I haven't had any fun since Jake..." I stopped, but Louis didn't notice the crack in my voice.

"Since Jake what?" He almost shouted. Everyone turned to look at us. I stayed quiet, trying to hold my tears in.

"Answer me Ella!" He shouted

"It doesn't matter Louis! Just shut up" I screamed before running out the hall. I didn't know where to go so I just left, I couldn't stay. I found myself sitting in a local coffee shop.

"You should be in college" I heard a gruff voice say. I turned to see Harry there.

"Why would you care?" I asked harshly, not nice but just wasn't in the mood.

"Oh I don't, I just want my seat" He announced

"What?!" I asked, annoyed at his presence.

"That's my chair. I sit here every afternoon. I request you leave!" He announced

"Have your fucking seat then!" I yelled and stormed out the shop. I had never felt this much anger before

"See you at the party later" He called after me, causing me to get even more pissed off. I kicked a random bench. I almost crumbled when I saw the sign.

To Daddy.

I love you lots and lots. Have fun with the angels.

Love Ella xxx


Tears filled  my eyes. My dad, this was his bench. His memorial bench.

"I miss you daddy" I sobbed as I fell against it.

"Ella?" I heard a voice ask.

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