"That's Harry Styles, stay away from him. He's dangerous!" The girl said. I stared at the boy she was talking about. Tattoos covered his body along with many piercings. Dark brown curls hung loosely around his face. He stared at me with a small smirk, his emerald eyes piercing through my soul. Something about him intrigued me. Something about him made me want him.


2. Chapter 2- A new school

"Ella" I heard a soft voice call, coaxing me out of my sleep. I groggily opened my eyes and stared at the person. Louis

"Eeuurrghh. What?" I groaned. Rule number one about me. I hate mornings!

"Good morning to you to sunshine. Anyway, time to wake up, you don't want to be late on your first day of your new school!" he said, smiling. Seriously, how can someone be so happy at this time of the morning. I groaned again and gestured for him to get out of the room. He did and I started to get dressed, nothing fancy but nothing that would make me look like an idiot. I left the room and wandered downstairs. Louis was there, still smiling.

"Right, follow me. I will show you to school." he announced and dragged me out the door.

"Um Louis, I can walk perfectly fine without you pulling me!" I protested but he didn't listen, he just carried on dragging me

"Not now Ella, there is someone you need to meet and if we don't hurry we're going to be late" He said, still pulling me. He carried on pulling me like this for a few minutes until a girl came into sight. She was really pretty, with long brown hair that made me so jealous

"Ella, this is Eleanor, my girlfriend. El this is Ella, she's the girl that's gonna be living with me now" Louis said as he let go of me and gave the girl a hug. She smiled sweetly at me

"Aww it's really nice to meet you. Im Eleanor as Lou said, but you can call me El or whatever really. Trust me, if Lou has anything to do with it, we'll be spending a lot of time together" She announced and I smiled



"Ella Jacobs, ahh the new girl, where shall we put you" My new form teacher said. He glanced around the room, stopping at a desk. He looked a little cautious at first, but pointed me towards it anyway. I just nodded and sat down. I felt loads of eyes staring at me. I felt someone tapping me on my back. I turned round to see a girl there.

"Hey, i'm Perrie" She announced with a smile, I smile back.

"Ella" I replied. We sat there talking for a moment until a boy came in. Perrie obviously caught me staring

"That's Harry Styles, stay away from him... He's dangerous!" She said. I stared at the boy, it was the same one from yesterday. He looked at me and sighed before sitting next to me. Throughout the lesson I caught him continuously staring at me.

"What!" I exclaimed after about 20 minutes.

"Nothing" He replied simply and turned away. I turned around to Perrie and she looked at me sympathetically. The lesson ended and I got up, keeping as much distance between me and Harry as possible.

"Follow me Ella, i'll show you the others" Perrie said and led me out into the hallway. I followed her, just glad to make some friends.

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