"That's Harry Styles, stay away from him. He's dangerous!" The girl said. I stared at the boy she was talking about. Tattoos covered his body along with many piercings. Dark brown curls hung loosely around his face. He stared at me with a small smirk, his emerald eyes piercing through my soul. Something about him intrigued me. Something about him made me want him.


1. Chapter 1- A new beginning

"Ella Jacobs, get your lazy butt downstairs" I heard my mother yell. I groaned as I got up, my comfy bed was beckoning me back. I ignored my mothers yells and stumbled into the bathroom. I turned the shower on and got in, letting the warm water pour down upon me, causing my body to wake up and my skin to warm. I finished my shower and went back to my rom. I wrapped a towel around my hair to dry and just sat there.

"Elizabeth! Get down here now!" My mother practically screamed.

"I'm coming. Don't call me Elizabeth for gods sake" I yelled back annoyed, I actually detest the name Elizabeth. It's horrible, I don't know why my mother ever chose it. I pulled my clothes on and stared at the neatly packed boxes that lay around my room, well my old room. I sighed and walked downstairs. My mum looked at me, sorrow filled her eyes. She walked forwards and gave me a hug.

"Darling, you know I would bring you if I could but I cant. My friend Jay is a lovely lady. A son your age and 4 daughters who are younger than you. You'll be fine there, I promise. I'll call you everyday and send you loads of stuff and in the holidays you can come meet me and go round with us for the weeks. I'll see you when I finish and we'll be fine again, I promise. If things get really bad, your dad only lives a few hours away from where you're staying. I'll miss you princess and i'll see you very soon yeah" She muttered. My mum managed this boyband, they were okay I suppose. They had to go on tour and she had to go with them. I would have been able to go if it was another year, but this was my last year of college, exams were coming up and I had to be ready if I wanted to get into a decent university. So I was going to stay with my mums friend Jay. I'd met her once before and she seemed nice enough, her son is my age and I think I've met him before, i'm not really sure though. Me and my mum stayed there a while, just hugging. The doorbell rang, bringing us back to reality.

"Jays here" She muttered. I knew leaving me behind was killing her. I nodded sadly and went to the door. I opened it to find a boy, about my age, standing there. He had brown hair and bright blue eyes. He smiled at me, politely, I smiled back.

"Um hi?" I asked and he just laughed

"I know i'm not the middle-aged lady that you're expecting. She's over there, but i'm Louis, her son. I thought it would be nice to meet you." He announced

"Okay" I replied simply and led him to my room. We gathered all my boxes and then loaded them into the car whilst our mum talked.

"Right El, I'm really going to miss you darling. Good luck at school and i'll call you everyday, I promise. Now Louis and you are going to take the train back to Doncaster, whilst Jay takes me to the airport and sees me off. I'll miss you baby!" My mum said, I gave her a hug but quickly let go before I started crying. I knew it wouldn't take too much. Louis understood my signal and we left. I had small bag with me, only phone, purse and stuff like that. We walked silently to the train station, neither of us really knew what to say.


I stared up at the new home I would be in. It looked really nice.

"Ella, come meet my sisters!" Louis announced smiling. I did as I was told and followed him into the house. One by one I met his sisters. They were all really nice and Daisy and Phoebe were adorable. Louis took me up to my room, right next door to his. The window overlooked the street and I had my own bathroom. I glanced out of the window and noticed a boy staring at me. With curly hair and a hell of a load of tattoos and piercings. I noticed that he was staring at me aswell. I glanced away quickly before looking back. He was gone!




First Chapter of Hush!!!!!!
It's on wattpad : Nixie1999


Hope you guys like it :) Tell me what you think. New chapter soon, maybe even today!!! Dunn yet :) xx

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