The Graveyard

How loss plays a great part in a fandom.


3. Doctor

They stepped out of the blue box, the atmosphere unnerving as the cold wind whisked across their faces, they had arrived at a cemetary.
'Doctor' Clara asked ' Why are we here?'
But the timelord didn't reply, he stood, last of his kind, the on-coming storm.
Looked down at the headstone, his glazed over eyes blurring his vision
'Hello Ponds..' the Doctor knelt down infront of his old companions, the centurian and the girl who waited.
The man who had walked away from the last great time war, had witnessed the birth of the universe and watched as time ran out till nothing remained, just himself, the lonely Doctor.
Who broke at the sight of his lost friends, burying his face into his hands.
'It's all my fault'.

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