"The truth can be dangerous. Sometimes, it's better to leave the unknown as just that- the unknown."
Eve lives in Mysterious where just about everything is a mystery. But what happens when she questions the only life she has ever known? And how far will she go to find out the truth?


5. Let the game begin!

2 hours later...

Finally! thought Eve when they reached a small clearing in the forest.

" Let's set up our tents here for tonight." Jay announced loudly to nobody in particular. 

Everyone sighed with relief and set their heavy backpacks down.

" Let's set up our tents now and go to sleep. I'm exhausted."suggested Holly. 

Joy nodded her head in agreement eagerly," Come on then, we have work to do." 

Half an hour later....

"Argh, who knew setting up a tent was so difficult?" Holly grumbled to Eve. 

Eve nodded absent-mindedly, her mind elsewhere. 

"There I'm done." Holly smiled, satisfied, jolting Eve from her thoughts- for now.

" Let's go to bed." Jay smirked," Or at least what we call a bed, anyway." 

Eve sat down on the grass and told Holly," Hol, go to sleep first, I'll be out here. Don't worry, I will join you soon. I know you're exhausted. Don't wait for me." 

Holly looked at Eve and nodded silently, understanding her unspoken wish to be alone . Eve mumbled a soft thank you to Holly and gazed into the bright, dancing flames of the small fire Jay had made, seemingly lost in her thoughts. 

Both Jay and Joy bid her goodnight and entered their tent. Within minutes, soft snoring could be heard from both tents and a figure walked out of a tent, towards Eve.

" Joy's asleep, so is Holly." informed Jay, plonking himself down on the grass beside her.

" Penny for your thoughts?" Jay asked softly, tapping Eve on her shoulder. Eve jumped, startled. She had not realized Jay was there. His touch sent tingles through her body, making her shiver. 

Eve blushed faintly." N-nothing" she stuttered. 

Jay removed his hand," Shy much?"

" Yeah, right." retorted Eve sarcastically. 

Jay smiled at her words- a genuine smile, not a smirk. Eve stared in utter surprise but the smile vanished within seconds.

" What?!" Jay asked, annoyed at her shock.

" Seeing me smile is not that rare, you know?" said Jay, reading her mind in the way only Holly could. 

Eve shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts. She wanted to learn more about this beautiful, mysterious, arrogant boy. 

Thinking quickly, she made a decision," Listen closely, Jay, I'll make you a deal. I'm sure you want to find out more about me-" 

" What makes you say that?" Jay cut in, his usual smirk back in place. 

Eve ignored him and continued on," And I want to learn more about you-" 

Once again, Eve was interrupted. Not again! She thought, groaning mentally. Jay grinned evilly at her words.

" NOT IN THAT WAY!" Eve said softly but fiercely. 

Jay rolled his eyes, amused, and shrugged. " So... as I was saying before I was SO rudely interrupted. My deal is that we trade secrets about ourselves. For example, you tell me a secret and I'll tell you one. Understood?" 

Jay nodded, putting on a bored expression.

" Alright then, we begin NOW." Eve said with great delight. 

That was easier than I thought. Eve mulled over that for a moment before pushing it away to think about later. The game has started...

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