"The truth can be dangerous. Sometimes, it's better to leave the unknown as just that- the unknown."
Eve lives in Mysterious where just about everything is a mystery. But what happens when she questions the only life she has ever known? And how far will she go to find out the truth?


3. I'm...

"We could ask you the same questions." The boy replied, amused.

" Who are you?" repeated Eve firmly. 

"Okay. Shall we go first? My name's Jay and this is Joy,my sister." The golden-haired boy said, indicating the dark-haired girl beside him.

He looked at Eve and Holly expectantly. 

Eve sighed, " Fine. I'm Eve and that's Holly. " She said,gesturing to Holly.

" And you are going to..." Jay prompted.

" Why should we tell you?" Holly suddenly cut in.

" Because," Jay said with mock patience," We heard your plans, we are also going to Truth. And... We wanted to ask whether we could join you. Obviously." 

" After all, the more the merrier. Isn't that right?" Joy added.

" Maybe," Eve muttered to herself," maybe." 

Holly said thoughtfully," Perhaps they can join us." 

" Make up your minds quickly." Jay said impatiently, snapping his fingers. 

Eve frowned, annoyed. She reluctantly nodded her head in agreement.

Eve led Holly a few paces away, saying," Should we let them join us?"

" I don't know..." Holly trailed off doubtfully. 

Eve mulled over an idea for a while before replying," Holly, listen, I've got an idea. We can let them join us first, they can be useful. We'll see how it goes and then decide. Okay?" 

Holly nodded her head mutely. They walked back to Jay and Joy. 

" We've come to a conclusion." Eve said. 

" And....?" Jay asked, arching an eyebrow. 

Eve sighed loudly, knowing their descision would make Jay and Joy pleased and hating the fact that it was necessary," You can come with us." 

Just as she had predicted, Jay smirked knowingly and Joy said brightly," Great."

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