"The truth can be dangerous. Sometimes, it's better to leave the unknown as just that- the unknown."
Eve lives in Mysterious where just about everything is a mystery. But what happens when she questions the only life she has ever known? And how far will she go to find out the truth?


4. Have a safe journey

They wandered around the quiet streets, it was nighttime and everyone was asleep.

" We have to find a place to sleep tonight." Eve said. 

"Actually...because we don't normally travel through town but mostly in the forests, we have tents." Joy said tentatively, as if she was afraid. 

Eve replied, " Great, we'll travel towards the forests for a few hours until we reach a spot were we can camp for the night." 

Holly whispered to Eve," Eve, I'm sleeping with you, right?" 

Eve nodded," Of course Hol, who else would I sleep with? Don't be silly." Eve laughed and rolled her eyes. 

As if in reply to Eve's rethorical question, Holly glanced quickly at Jay, thinking.

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