Two Steps Forward

One day, Tessa takes her younger sister, Mary, to a One Direction signing with her boyfriend, Kyle, for Mary’s birthday. When they are there, he doesn’t like how the group of boys talked and look at her- he ends up taking it out on Tessa. There, Niall Horan sees Kyle start to push Tessa around. Niall hates it when he see this type of thing, so he steps into help her out. No girl should be treated like that, he thinks. A whole new chapter starts for Tessa when the Irish boy defends her. What will happen?


9. Chapter 8

**Tessa's POV**


I groaned slightly, rubbing the sleep from my afterwards. My body was sore. When I got up from the bed, still not really awake, my joints cracked. I groaned again and started to walk out of the room and down the hall. I frowned when I started walking downstairs and realizing that my feet were hitting a cool floor instead of a warm one. 


"What the..." I whispered. 


The whole flat was different. There was no way I could be in my own. My attention was caught when I smelt meat being cooked and followed it. The sun was shining out, making me a bit more panicked because of the fact that I should be at the bakery, not wherever I am right now. 


I finally got to what was the kitchen and saw a familiar boy standing over the stove. The only way I knew who it was from the unique tattoos up and down his arm. Zayn wasn't paying attention to me walking closer to him, so I decided to sit on of the barstools quietly. 


It wasn't too quiet though because he turned around and smiled at me. Then his lips dropped a bit into a frown, like he was pitying me. 


"Hey," I said, my voice still a bit filled with sleep. 


"How did you sleep?" He asked politely. 


"Uh, good." I frowned at the counter I was sitting at. 


When did I get here though? Why am I here? All I remember is working a shift at the pub and taking a break. Not that I minded being here. For some reason I got a lot more sleep then sleeping in my own bed which was nice. I assumed this was Zayn's flat, and for some reason I felt comfortable being here. Even though I did kinda wake up not knowing what was happening. 


"Mary asked for help," Zayn said while going back to the stove. "She was worried about you."


He got out a plate to put the food on. Eggs, bacon and toast was served to me.  


I sighed. "Thanks." It didn't take me long before I finished the food, seeing as I was hungry and don't remember when I had a proper meal. The food was good and filling. 


"You should let Mary get a job," Zayn spoke up. "She wants to help you, and it's not good for you to be putting so much stress on yourself." 


I chuckled. "Says the worldwide popstar that has millions of girls screaming at you everyday how they want you to be." I let out a sigh, getting up from the chair to wash my plate and fork. The water splashed against the object getting me a little wet. 


"You don't have to do that." Zayn got up too, and he turned off the water. 


I tried to turn it back on. "It's not that big of a deal." 


He shook his head. "No. You are relaxing today." I was about to protest to him when Zayn started to lead me over to the living area. Okay, more like pushed. "Don't worry about Mary. Louis took her to school and will pick her up afterwards." 


I sat down on the couch, shocked. "Why are you guys doing this?" I whispered. "Your life revolves around things that are more important than me and my sister." 


Zayn stared at me with his warm eyes and gave me a smile. "Why can't we be nice to you without you just excepting it?" He shot back. 


This sudden irritation came over me. "Because I don't to be pitied!" I didn't yell it at him, but it was forceful. "I want to be able to do things on my own and you guys aren't letting that happen." 


I sat there for a bit, waiting for Zayn to say something to me. When he didn't after a while, I realized that I was kind of harsh. They were only trying to help out, something they seemed to be enjoying, and when I yelled at him I was being rude. 


"I'm sorry, Zayn." I looked over at him to see him a bit upset where he sat. "I didn't mean to be rude and not except your help. It's just hard to." 


For some reason I felt like I needed to apologize a lot more to him. He had always been nice to me, and I was just able to click with the genuineness guy. He didn't deserve to deal with the crap that I am going through. Also, I felt like if they did help me, I would have to repay them and they would want to know about  my whole life story. 


"Stop that," Zayn said slowly. I frowned and looked where he was staring. My left hand was scratching at my opposite arm, making it turn red. It was something I did when I was stressed and when my cut's scabs started to heal. I quickly hid my arms against my chest so he wouldn't see them. 


"Sorry, it's a habit..." I trailed off.


He was still staring at my arms with sickened expression and I knew it was too late. Zayn had already figured out what I was trying to hide. Now he wasn't going to even want anything to do with me and Mary. I'm just a pathetic girl that doesn't know how to take out her stress other than to hurt herself. It wasn't anything new though, everyone leaves. I barely know him anyways, why should it matter that he's going to be gone. 


It does matter to me and I know it. The very few times I was around Zayn was great. He was an amazing friend anyone would should be glad to have. I could tell by the way he would treat the guys. 


"Tessa, d-do you hurt your self?" He asked with sadness dripping from his mouth. 


I shook my head. "No." 


He stared straight into my eyes. "Can I see? Your wrists I mean, can I see them?" 


What was I supposed to do? Run away? That would make it obvious and a coward. He already knows, why don't I just show him? I mean get it down and over with. My heart was racing with trying to figure out what the right move was.


"Tessa, I'm not going to judge you." The way he said it, I could tell that he was telling the truth. 


Slowly, I let go of hands. Zayn gently grabbed them and flipped them over, tracing each scar that never seemed to heal. After a bit I pulled them away and brought myself into a ball, not able to see him anymore with my face against my knees. 


I was too ashamed to look at him. 


He let out a shaky breath before I felt him bring me to his chest. I think he thought that I was going to cry, but I don't think I would even be able to if I wanted. It did feel good to just lay in someones arms and be comforted though.


"When I met you in the bakery, I knew you would be someone I would have visited often. Even If you didn't come to the signing, I would have came back." Zayn told me while I sat there listening, his chest vibrating as he did.


"I know, I'm just that irresistible." I joked a bit. 


He chuckled. "I could tell that you thought I was weird when I came in with sunglasses." 


"It was like 11 o'clock." I giggled. "Of course I would think you were weird." 


"Anyways, for reason I had to have you as a friend." Zayn seemed to be admitting this more to himself than telling me. "You seemed to be able to understand people in a different way than most do. The boys feel same. Uh, I think at least. We don't get to hang out with people that aren't famous much. So, you two just kinda came at us, and we took the chance to hang out with when we could. That's why we don't mind doing things for you, Tessa." 


I couldn't help but chuckle. "We haven't hung out my though." 


He shrugged. "Doesn't matter. We all Mary and you a sisters. Louis literally freaked out when Mary said she couldn't find you anywhere."


"Thanks, Zayn. I would gladly be friends with you guys." I said. "I'll admit, it's nice to have someone worrying about me for once and not the other way around." 


"No problem. Wanna watch Frozen?" He asked. 


I sat up and gave him a look. "Frozen?" He nodded excitedly, and I shrugged. "Why not?" 




Hey guys :) it's short, but you know... Anyways, please comment on what you think. Thanks!



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