Two Steps Forward

One day, Tessa takes her younger sister, Mary, to a One Direction signing with her boyfriend, Kyle, for Mary’s birthday. When they are there, he doesn’t like how the group of boys talked and look at her- he ends up taking it out on Tessa. There, Niall Horan sees Kyle start to push Tessa around. Niall hates it when he see this type of thing, so he steps into help her out. No girl should be treated like that, he thinks. A whole new chapter starts for Tessa when the Irish boy defends her. What will happen?


8. Chapter 7

**3rd Person's POV**

Zayn quickly picked Tessa up, the slight weight not bothering him a bit. Even though Tessa wasn't conscious, he could feel the small girl shivering in his arms. It was a cold night, and she needed to get warm soon.


When they got close to the SUV, Mary was able to see the three of them. Her eyes widened and she got out of the vehicle quickly to open the door so Tessa could be placed in.

"Oh God, Tessa," Mary gasped.


She quickly got out of her stunned state after she realized that they needed to get back to her flat... but that wasn't something she wanted to bring her home to. Mary didn't want Zayn or Niall to see the mess their mother made, nor did she want Tessa to wake worrying about helping their mother get cleaned up.


It was getting warm in the car. This only made Mary's hand sweat more as she thought of a way to ask if there was somewhere else they go. She wiped her hands on her pants.


She cleared her throat, getting Zayn's attention from the road for a split second. He was driving with more caution than he was on the way to the pub.


"I don't want to seem like a burden," Mary began.


Niall scrunched up his face, shaking his head. "We are glad to help."


She let out a sigh. "You didn't let me finish. I don't want to seem like a burden... but could we take Tessa somewhere else?"


"What do mean?"


Mary's fingers lightly brushed the few strands out of Tessa's face, something she found herself doing to keep the nerves down. "I mean, my sister would kill me if I even thought about bringing you into the flat." They still didn't seem to catch on. "Ugh! It's a mess, our mother had one of her episodes. She would be embarrassed if you came in when the flat when it's in this state."


Niall scoffed. "There's no need to be embarrassed. We know how much Tessa does for you, a little mess won't bug us." His words were a little harsher than he meant to let on. Just thinking that Tessa helps out that women and still cares for, even though their mother does nothing for them, irritates him.


"God dammit!" Mary yelled. "You know what, forget I asked."


Both of the lads were surprised about her little burst. Neither of them knew what to say. There had to be some other reason Mary didn't want to go back.


"Mary," Zayn trailed off, finally saying something. "What's the real reason you don't want to go?"


She swallowed the lump in her throat which formed without her consent. "I-I don't want to go back there." Her eyes held a slight burn in them, and Mary was glad they couldn't see her glassy eyes in the dark. "You guys don't get it." It was almost was inaudible for anyone.


It didn't take a scientist to hear the distress in her voice. It held years of hurt and pain. It clicked to Zayn that whatever they have been through, it wasn't something any girl should have to go through- nor anyone else. Different possibilities popped into his head as of what could happen. Niall did the same thing, neither of the thoughts they had were far from the truth.


Mary looked down at Tessa, stroking her hair while thoughts of what actually happens behind the closed door of their flat. Some of the things Tessa would never know either and wouldn't want to know. Mary kept things from her, she couldn't bear the thought of her sister finding out. Men, drugs, alcohol, sex, smells, abuse- all the things the two girls have had to deal with sometime already. In different ways, but they still had memories that will haunt them forever.


A single tear slid down her face.


"Then make us understand, Mary." Zayn demanded, looking up she noticed that they were parked. "We want to help."


Both of the boys got out of the car. Mary sat there, confused. Her door was opened by Niall and the other Zayn, both of them helping one of the girls get out of the SUV. Niall kept his hand on the back of Mary while he lead her up to Zayn's flat. Zayn was the first to enter, but before the last two could, Mary wrapped her arms around Niall.


"Thank you!" It didn't take long until Mary found herself in the world famous 'Horan Hug'.


Niall released her and smiled. "It's fine. You are going to have to explain, you know that right?"


She nodded before both of them headed inside where Zayn was waiting for them. He set down Tessa gently on the lush, black couch. With the blanket on the back, Zayn draped it over her.


Tessa already looked more comfortable, Mary thought. It surprised her how caring the boys were being even though Mary was just a fan they met at a signing. She felt that they only pity the two of them. But, when she watched Zayn make sure everything was in check for Tessa to be comfortable, Mary knew that each member from the band had one of the biggest hearts.


The flat wasn't as 'pepped up' as Mary would have. It was filled with things a normal lad would have, but the object probably just cost a bit more. Ok, Zayn might of had a few more video games than most people. Other than that, the whole place felt warm and welcoming.


The door jerked open, surprising everyone. Louis stood there holding pizza boxes and and two ice cream pales and a warming smile on his face.


"Don't worry, I brought enough ice cream and pizza for everyone." He set the food on the little table in front of the couch. "How is Purple Stripe?" Louis' voice was quiet when he asked while taking off his coat.


"Lou, you forgot the films," another voice spoke, walking into the flat. Once he was in he closed the door, but before he finished the action, another surprise came.


"Watch out, coming in Hazza!"


"Sorry, Liam," Harry apologized as Liam got into the flat. "So, how's Tess?"


Mary stood there, not knowing what to do our how to speak. All the boys that had entered recently were taking off their jackets and shoes. She was in aw at how they just feel as though it was casual to just walk in on a situation like this. She didn't know Zayn even left until he appeared in the living room again.


"Uh, Liam, can you put Tessa in the guest room?" Zayn asked him. "I'll put the film in."

Liam gives him a quick nod before doing as he was asked and Zayn did as he said he would, putting in a film.


Louis came over to Mary, wrapping his arms around her body is a gentle but comforting hug. A quiet sob escaped her lips. Louis was the only one that could hear it, so he quietly hushed her, making Mary calm down.


Mary had read that Louis has a few sisters. It was probably why he knew exactly what to get and do before he got to Zayn's. So when Mary relaxed almost instantly from Louis' hug, she wasn't surprised.


"We'll get some pizza in you." Niall jumped in once Louis lead Mary to sit on he couch next to the Irish boy. "You can explain when your ready."


Everyone was in there spot, all situated and ready for the rest of the night. Harry sat on the other side of her cuddling up in a blanket with her. Mentally she was having a fan girl party up in her head, but she wasn't in a state right now where she could act on it. A slight shiver ran up and down her.


"Here," Niall said while taking of his sweatshirt. "Put this on."

She blushed slightly. "Thanks."


Mary couldn't help but laugh when she saw Frozen pop up on the screen. It was a cute movie and she loved it. The fact that it was something Louis picked out was amusing to her.


Right before Zayn pressed played, Mary told him to wait. "Um, I think I should, um."


Harry soothingly started to rub circles on her back she smiled him to thank him. Each boy was watching her now, their attention on her. It wasn't an uncomfortable stare though. Their gazes were telling her Mary that each one of them were ready for what would be offered to them from them.


"I don't know how to start," Mary admitted, getting frustrated with herself when she couldn't find the words.


"How about why you sent out a DM?" Harry said slowly.


Everything that was explained to Niall and Zayn was once again told to the other three boys. This was easy for her to tell, they were just simple facts on why Mary needed help from them. Once she was done though, a bigger lump in throat was building up because she was going to have to explain something that she thought would never had to be let out.


Anyone in the room could tell that she was nervous.


Marry looked up to Harry from some assistance, not knowing what to say tell them next. He wasn't paying much attention for he was was trying to think of how much sleep Tessa was actually getting. Even when the boys were on tour they seemed to get more sleep then Mary's sister from what he could tell from the tired girl her saw moments ago.


While waiting for something to say, Mary grabbed another piece of pizza to eat. She only realized that she hadn't ate anything all day when she was worrying about Tessa. It was good pizza and she was hungry. The ice cream was also very inviting to her. It was only a basic vanilla tube, but Mary grabbed it and a spoon and slowly started to eat it.


She focused on the dairy product melting in her mouth instead of the drama around her. For a quick moment the ice cream made her feel like nothing was happening. Only a moment though.


"Why don't you want to go home?" Niall asked.


Mary stopped mid-munch. Flashes of the past went through her head. Her hands were slightly shaking at the thoughts, making her have to slowly set the food and spoon on the table.


Each of the boys could tell something was going on in Mary's head. One second she seemed to be enjoying her food the next her eyes went wide and she started shaking. Whatever had happened to her, it was bad.


Before starting again, Mary gulped and stared off into the distance. "Whenever my mother runs out of drugs, she always has these, um... These two men come over. They give her what she wants." She moistened her lips and cleared her throat. "One time, I made the mistake of threatening to call the police, and one of them, he uh-"


Mary was having trouble speaking. She couldn't keep down the sobs like she thought could. Harry brought the small girl closer to him and tried to bring down the crying. He whispered calming words in her ear until she pulled away and wiped the tears.


"Bloody hell. I'm such a fūcking cry whore." Louis smiled the girls language, finding it amusing that a girl her age had such a snippy tongue.


Louis couldn't contain the chuckle. "That is mighty fine, love.


She cleared her throat and nodded to him. "One of them cornered me in my mother's room. She sat there and watched-- not that she remembered."


Mary's memory was rolling through her he'd like an old film, repeating on a loop. She was slowly backing up from the two men coming towards her while darting darting her eyes between them. Smirks crept onto both of their faces when the noticed how frightened the young teen was. She was their prey the predators were stalking. They both stopped a moment to look at each other, making the girl think they were going to stop since the accomplished scaring her.


"I thought they were going to leave me alone when I promised them I wasn't going to call the police. I ran out of anywhere to go and they smirked at me." Mary spit, angry now. "They wanted to make sure I wasn't going to tell.


"I couldn't do anything. I couldn't get away from t-there touches." Mary felt ashamed of what she was telling them right now. She looked down at her lap before being able to see the sympathy they held towards her and hatred held towards the men.


Mary wasn't finished. The film still going on. She didn't realize she flinched away from Harry's touch as she thought about one of the men's hands running up her arm to her face. It made her tremble in fear of what was going to happen. Every memory of fighting came to her, but she was afraid to act.


Harry didn't mean to scare Mary and wasn't at all offended by her sudden action. He knew that what ever she was thinking of was too much at the moment. That didn't stop him from looking at Louis with worry, hoping that maybe he knew what to do seeing as though he had more experience from his sisters.


Louis only shrugged.


"I got away though," Mary snapped out of her thoughts. "I used the fire escapes to get out of the building then ran to my friend's house. I don't know what will happen if I would ever be there when they are again... and I don't want to find out. Tessa doesn't know, and I'm going to keep it that way." Even with the horrid thoughts of the middle age men touching her, Mary was able to give them a hard stare. 


All of them nodded. For some reason they all knew if they got on Mary's bad side, they would be watching their backs. Mary did care that they were the guys of her favorite boy band. If they ever made Tessa worry more about her, Mary would make sure they would regret it. 


Mary didn't talk the rest of the night. None of them did. They sat around the telly, watching movies and eating the fattening food Louis brought over. Before the movie even ended Mary's eyes slowly shut, finally being able to sleep now that her sister was back.



 Guys! I am so sorry you had to wait for so long and then in the end you get a crappy chapter :/ bare with me though! All the boring stuff is put to the side for a while! 

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