Two Steps Forward

One day, Tessa takes her younger sister, Mary, to a One Direction signing with her boyfriend, Kyle, for Mary’s birthday. When they are there, he doesn’t like how the group of boys talked and look at her- he ends up taking it out on Tessa. There, Niall Horan sees Kyle start to push Tessa around. Niall hates it when he see this type of thing, so he steps into help her out. No girl should be treated like that, he thinks. A whole new chapter starts for Tessa when the Irish boy defends her. What will happen?


7. Chapter 6

**3rd Person's POV**


Where are you?

This isn't funny Tessa.

God dammit, answer your phone!


Mary paced the apartment, worry about her sister. Tessa was seen by Mary the night before going to the pub for her usual shift. That has been the last time she has saw her. She has tried to call Mrs. Gibbs, but the old lady had told her that Tessa did a quick shift in the morning to afternoon. Of course Mary's sister didn't tell her boss where she was headed of to either.


What about the pub? Tessa could be there again. Obviously Mary had thought of that, but when she would always try to call the place, no one would pick up on the other line. It's not like Mary had to the ability to just walk into a bar and be like "Yo, has anyone seen my sister. She's blonde and short, serves all you drunks." To think of it, Mary would do that if there wasn't the possibility of getting in trouble or felt up by some creeper. It was Friday night after all.


On any other normal day, Tessa's sister wouldn't be pacing the flat while holding her mobile, waiting for a reply. Lately though, from all the hard work Tessa has been doing, she barely gets any rest. It shows too. Not in her physical appearances either, but in the way she would things. Yesterday morning, Tessa tried cooking eggs by just throwing whole object into a pan. She crunched it up and stirred it, telling Mary she was making her scrambled eggs.


Who cares right? So what if her breakfast was a little bit crunchy? Tessa attention is out of it sometimes, making Mary think there could be a possibility that she would fall asleep walking. Just pass out mid-step and tumble to the ground. Her worst fear is that this would happen when she was alone.


And to top it off, their mother has been throwing up non-stop. All the alcohol and drugs put into her system were either chucked up on the kitchen or bathroom floor. Mary has been cleaning up the rancid smells all day. She couldn't tell what was burning her eyes more, the bleach or the actual puke itself.


If Tessa didn't come home soon, Mary thought she was to kill her mother if she bothered her anymore.


Mary unlocked her phone and dialed Tessa's number again. It went straight to voice-mail. A irritated groan came from her.


"God, Tessa. I don't know where you are, but if you are dead, could you at least ghost yourself over to me and tell me?" Mary said sarcastically. "Or better yet answer you god damned phone so I don't have to pace-"


The phone beeped signalling that she was out of time to speak. She went to her room, flopping on her bed. Once her face his her plush quilt, Mary let out a muffled scream. She just laid there for a while, trying to figure out more ways to find out where her sister is.


She heard someone walking around in the kitchen and admittedly got off her bed, running and hoping that it was her sister. When she got in view of the person roaming around, Mary instantly wanted to bash her head against the wall. No, she wanted to do that with her mother's.


"Oh no you don't," Mary called out as her mother opened another bottle of booze.


Her mother, Mildred, noticed Mary quickly closing in on her. Mary was livid and held a dangerous stance. Even her drunk parent could tell that she meant business. She shielded the bottle with her body like a little kid did when he got his hands on a piece of candy.


"Get away from me," she snipped.


Mary got her hands on the bottle and started to tug on it as did her mother, both of them tugging in different directions. For a drunk, she had an amazingly tight grip on the booze.


"Give me the damn bottle!" Mary ordered, but got her mother trying to win it over even harder.


Mary's teeth were clenched together. Everything in her body was telling her to get that damn bottle. That maybe if Mary could win, Mildred would take a step back and realize how worried she is that Tessa, her sister, is missing.


Mildred didn't care about her eldest though. She felt empty after getting rid of whatever was held in her stomach. Now an itch for an toxic thing was being held inside her head, telling her she needed to get her hands on something. So, Mildred fought hard.


Thing was though, Mary was done with her and her promise to punch her mother in the face was still standing. She took a quick step back before she fisted her hand and swiftly hit Mildred in the face.


"I told you I wasn't afraid to hit ya if I had to deal with you shit!" Mary yelled at the mother that laid on the floor. She wasn't unconscious, but Mildred was taking her time to get up, the throbbing in her face surprising her.


Without a fight this time Mary threw the bottle liquor into the sink, causing glass to shatter and the white liquid to spill down the drain. She was a little pleased with herself.


"God, Mildred!" She yelled again. "Can't you get sober for five minutes to realize that you are wasting your life? That the only person that seems to give a shit about you is missing?" Mary was breathing hard. "Tessa dropped her life because you couldn't get over some guy leaving you! You just let her waste her talents so you could be treated like the kid! I hope you rot in that room."


With that Mary left the small kitchen to go into her own room and cool down. Once again she was pacing, trying to think of at least one more way to possibly find her sister. As she was making her rounds, a thought popped into her head.


"Please God, let this work," She prayed.


Taking out her phone, Mary went to Twitter. She went over to her DM's and started to send to five different people. There was only a little smidge of hope for this to work, but she is taking it with large hands.


Plz if 1 of u lads c this, I'm begging u, I need ur help! I can't find Tessa anywhere since last night . Xx


After pressing send to each of the One Direction boys, she sat on her bed, head in her hands, hoping for one of them to see it. But what was she thinking? There are about a million people that are able to DM them? Why would they see her's. An actual tear rolled down Mary's face; she didn't know what to do anymore.


Her phone chirped like a bird beside her, signaling she got a DM. When she saw that it was Niall, she literally started to cry, happy that he saw her cry for help.


On me way wit Zayn Xx


She clicked 'reply' feverishly.


Oh God, plz hurry!


Right now, Mary didn't care that two out of the five One Direction members were going to be in her flat soon. All she cared about was the chance of finding her sister.


Mary went out in the living area and started to pick up anything that was misplace. If Tessa ever found out that there was clutter lying around when people were about to come, she would skin Mary in her sleep. As she finished folding up a blanket, her phone went off with another chirp.


Niall said to her: We are parked in front. Meet us Xx


Wasting no time whatsoever, Mary ran down the stairs of her flat. When she quickly pushed the doors open, a gust of bitter wind smacked her in the face. It didn't faze her though as she continued to the black SUV parked in front of her.


Mary hopped inside the car, startling both of the boys. She was panting a bit, and both of the boys were staring at her with a worried expression. They waited quietly so she was able to catch her breath.


"Where do you think she may be?" Zayn spoke up after a while.


He was probably just as worried as Tessa's sister was. It seemed as though had been able to connect with the blonde girl instantly with the few short times they spent together. Tessa felt like a friend to him, and he couldn't let anything happen to her. If something did, Zayn would beat himself up about.


Niall was the one to tell Zayn about Mary's cry for help. Even though she was a fan, Niall ad to fir some reason turn Mary's and Tessa's DM notifications on. He wanted to make sure that at any moment the girls would be able to get a hold of him if they needed anything.


Mary answered Zayn's question. "She works at the pub across the bakery; I think she might be there."


"I know where that is." Zayn put the car into drive and headed off towards the location, wasting no time.


Niall frowned. "Is it her shift?" If it was, then he didn't understand the big fuss.


Mary shook her head. "Tessa hasn't been supposed to be working for the past couple of days at any of her jobs. They are supposed to be her days off."


"Why's that?" Niall asked. Zayn looked up at the mirror with a questioning look at Mary.


She shrugged. "Tessa is a hard worker, and we need money. The thing is though, she won't let anyone else help. She pays for everything, even our drunk ass mother." Mary growled out. "Everything we have, has been given to us from Tessa's hard work. She hasn't had to do this since before Kyle came around."


Both of the boys tensed at the mention of Tessa's abusive ex. The way Mary was praising her sister made it clear that Tessa deserved a guy that would always be there for her. The way Tessa dropped everything to make sure Mary had every needed thing, showed how caring and strong the girl was. A guy would be lucky to be with someone like Tessa.


"I can't go in there," Mary trailed off.


Both of the nodded before heading off on the mission to find the missing blonde. Neither of the boys spoke as they went inside. They were too focused.


The pub was full, making almost impossible to find Tessa. The music was loud too, making it hard to talk to each other. Instead of wasting time, Zayn offered they should go ask a bartender. It took them a bit to get up there, both of them had to be careful not to be noticed, but eventually they made it up there.


A girl that seemed about Tessa's came up to them, expecting to get both of the handsome males a drink. She smiled at them.


"What can I get for, you?" She asked.


Niall didn't waste anytime, "Do you know know where we could find Tessa?"


She shrugged and looked them sympathetically. "Sorry, the last I sorry was when she took her break about an hour ago." Both of the boy's heart picked up. "But if you find her, tell her to just go home. The girl can walk."


They sighed. "Can we use your back door?" Niall asked. He didn't like the crowded way to the door.


She nodded and pointed to a hall. With a thanks they both left. The way out was dimly lit, but they were able to see the 'Exit' sign hanging on the wall. As they were walking Zayn's pocket vibrated. He took out his phone to see he got a text from Louis.


"Hey, Niall. Wait up, Louis texted me," Zayn called out. He couldn't both text and walk and he was curious to what his mate had sent.


SOS! Purple Stripe is missing.


Zayn sighed and replied:


Already on it lou. Instantly after he sent it, Zayn got a text back. Damn his fast fingers, Zayn thought.




Louis' threat was taken seriously by Zayn, so he put his phone back into his pocket and motioned Niall to continue walking with him to the close door. They had to push the door a little harder than the other one, and once it opened they both were hit hit by cold weather.


To the side of the door was a sleeping body. No one would have noticed if it wasn't for Niall tripping on the slightly stretched out foot. Their eyes widen.





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