Two Steps Forward

One day, Tessa takes her younger sister, Mary, to a One Direction signing with her boyfriend, Kyle, for Mary’s birthday. When they are there, he doesn’t like how the group of boys talked and look at her- he ends up taking it out on Tessa. There, Niall Horan sees Kyle start to push Tessa around. Niall hates it when he see this type of thing, so he steps into help her out. No girl should be treated like that, he thinks. A whole new chapter starts for Tessa when the Irish boy defends her. What will happen?


6. Chapter 5

"Oh, Tessa dear." 

"How are you Mr. P?" I asked. 

"Well, I'm doing just fine." The old man said with a bright smile. "Now, did you bring us some sweets. The youngsters have been itching for you to come by." 

He rubs his hands together when Zayn gestures to the two bag filled with boxes of goodies. Two of the boys have already wondered off to the kids already. At first the Mr. P didn't seem to notice the few new lads that I brought today. That is until he really looked at them and gave me a questioning look. The three boys, Zayn, Liam, and Louis, were a bit uncomfortable under his question gaze. 

I cleared my throat, getting Mr. P's attention. "Mr. P, I brought an extra treat for the kids today. These five-well three- are part of the big boy band, One Direction. The other two have already fell in love with the other over there."

I gestured to Harry and Niall who were goofing around with two toddlers. I gave a light chuckle when I saw Niall pretending to be an aeroplane with one of them.

"I brought them, uh, here so they could hang out with the kids for a while and maybe sing a few songs?" It came more of a question for both Mr. P and lads. I didn't really ask them yet if the would do so, but I was hoping it wasn't really that big of a problem for them. 

"I've got me guitar in the boot." Niall said from behind me, making me jump a bit. "I'll go grab it and we can play a few songs." 

"That would be splendid!" Mr. P exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air slightly. 

"Tessy!" A warm voice squealed. 

I felt myself instantly melt at the sound of the child's voice. Quickly, I turned around and grabbed the little munchkin I found joy in and spun her around. Once both of us made two full loops around, I set the little girl in my arms down. 

She giggled while tugging at my sleeve. I crouched down next to her so I was eye level with the girl. 

"Is dat One Direction?" She asked in a whisper by my ear. A smile grew as I watched the little girl in front of me admire the lads that I invited today. 

"Yes, they are, Olivia," I replied.

Olivia was a small fireball of fun. Her bright orange hair matched her personality: wild. With only being eight, she has been through more than a man about to retire. I found her on the streets with her brother in her arms. It was a cold rainy night, and she was sitting in the most horrid part of London, protecting her younger sibling with her life. 

I don't know how no one was able to walk by her and her brother and just let them sit there, practically dying. So, I took matters in my own hands, knowing about Mr. P, I brought both her and her brother in. Ever since then I treat as my little sister. If I could afford to have stay with me, I would have taken her in. Olivia's parents were also alcoholics too, and I don't think it would be right for her to live in a place that would remind her of her once living parents. 

Mr. P takes good care of her though and lets me visit her any day. 

"They not going to be annoying like on the radio, right?" I let out a barking laugh, feeling the edges of my eyes squint. 

"Nah, they are actually pretty cool." I admitted to her.

Olivia and I walked over to a table and sat down. The lads decided it was best to walk around after Mr. P introduced them to the kids. Let's just say there are a few girls happy to see them. 

"But you said you would rather shoot yourself-" She yelled. 

I covered Olivia's loud mouth with one of my hands. I looked around the room to see if any of the boys heard her starting sentence. Zayn was grinning at us, and I stuck my tongue out at him. Both of us laughed. 

"You like him," Olivia said. 

I looked back over to the orange haired girl. She had an evil smirk growing on her face. My insides started to churn form the look. Anyone would be able to tell that Olivia was up to no good. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Her electric eyes were squinted and a smirk was stretched so tight across her face, you would think her skin would tear. 

The chair Olivia was sitting in seconds before, screeched across the ground. This kid was quick. My eyes widened and I got up too, not knowing what she was going to do. 

"Tess and Zayn sitting in a tree-" She screamed the little childish chant through the dinning area. It got everyone's attention, that's for sure. This is not happening. 

"K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love then come marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage!" There was giggles around the whole room. 

"I don't like Zayn, Olivia. We are just friends!" I whined towards her. 

I pushed passed kids trying to get at Olivia so she would stop the childish chanting. Niall was practically dying from laughing so hard as the others, except for Zayn. Zayn's cheeks were bright red. 

"Shut it losers!" I yelled at them. Olivia was only a foot away from me, letting me be able to reach out and grab her shoulder. I brought her close to me and covered her mouth with my hand. 

My hand felt a slippery object wipe across my hand and I let out a quiet scream, releasing Olivia from my grasp. Here's the thing. I hate it when any gross object gets on my hand. This time: some kid's saliva. 

"What are you eight?" I yelled at her. Olivia started laughing, and I realized what I just asked her. 

 She nodded. "In fact I am." 

"God, you're too wise for your age kid," I complemented her. I turned towards the lads, and found them done laughing. "Since you guys are done laughing, how some tunes?" I asked them. 

They got up from the kids they were hanging out with and huddled around with boys. I guess they were figuring out what they were going to play. It didn't take them long to choose because after a good minute, Niall had his guitar strapped around him, ready to be play. All the kids gathered around the famous One Direction.


It's been a good two weeks since everything happened. My sister's birthday, the signing, Kyle breaking up with me, and bringing the homeless kids some fun, all that is over with. For a couple days, the tabloids were buzzing, wondering who I could be. 

Now, everything was back to normal. I got up, went to work, went home and changed into the next job's attire, and then went back to a paying job. Mary went to school and hung out with her friends. My mother would stay in her room drinking, or whatever it is she does. The routine was the same everyday it seemed. Except for the amount of work I pushed on myself. 

I went to both of my jobs everyday, resting only on Sunday's since the the bakery was closed and the pub wasn't busy. The money was coming in well, but I couldn't say the same with my resting. My head would be on my pillow for a few hours before I would confirm to myself that I wasn't able to sleep. The bed I used to be able to fall into a deep slumber on is now unwelcoming. 

My whole body was numb. I knew I needed to find a way to sleep, but every time I tried, I would sleep for and hour before waking up. I've tried drinking tea, some sleeping medication I was given a while back, and anything that I could think of. Nothing worked though. 

It was like I was too tired to sleep. 

Mary was always telling me I needed to take a day off. Honestly, the idea sounded inviting, but we needed the extra money. Everyday she tires a new attempt on getting me to rest. I could feel my body screaming for me to listen, to do what Mary says. I still haven't listened. 

Once again, I was restless in my bed. I kept my eyes closed though, hoping that the dark would take me away into a long night of slumber. As I sat in bed every sound was heightened. The ticking of the clock seemed like a drum compared to its normal soft pattering. The raindrops tapping the window sounded like gunshots hitting walls of steal. 

This made me frustrated something like rain usually calms me, makes me feel at peace. Now I would be more satisfied with someone playing heavy bass than having to listen to the once peaceful noise. 

 A straggle groan came out of me. I threw the covers off of my body, being hit with cool air as I did. The simple movements of walking to the bathroom seemed like more work than it should of, and even more work to stay standing in the warm shower. I resorted to sitting down while the water fell on my body. 

Another thing that would once have been calming is now one of the most dreadful things I have to do. A thought came into my head when I realized the warm water wasn't going to sooth my needs. As quickly as my tired body allowed me, I got out of the bathroom and dressed in my room.

I slipped out of the flat, walking down the stairs slowly (the lift still want fixed). The railing was cold as held on it to keep myself from falling. Each step made a different creaking noise, making me happy when I reached the last step.

The rain wasn't coming down very hard, it was light enough where I wouldn't have run to my destination. I looked both ways before  crossing the street. The building wasn't small, but it was big enough for what was held inside.

I grabbed the door, praying that the door wasn't locked. It wasn't normally, so when the door squeaked opened, I wasn't surprised.

I let out a sigh when I was faced with a wall of mirrors. I could barely see my reflection with only the dim street lights coming in through the windows, but it was enough for me to do what I came for.

Before I started, I pushed small ear-buds in my ears and turned to a slower song. My body instantly responded, my legs taking steps and arms helped me again spin around in a complete circle.

Everything in me was relaxing. The muscles in every limb screamed with rejoice when I continued to dance to song after song. I knew this would help, but I had no idea why I didn't think of it sooner.

Dancing was my drug. Just like a homeless person loved the idea of food in their body. It brought joy to me whenever I needed it. The music let my body bring me to a better place than I could ever be.

I finished with one last turn before a grin landed on my face.

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