Two Steps Forward

One day, Tessa takes her younger sister, Mary, to a One Direction signing with her boyfriend, Kyle, for Mary’s birthday. When they are there, he doesn’t like how the group of boys talked and look at her- he ends up taking it out on Tessa. There, Niall Horan sees Kyle start to push Tessa around. Niall hates it when he see this type of thing, so he steps into help her out. No girl should be treated like that, he thinks. A whole new chapter starts for Tessa when the Irish boy defends her. What will happen?


4. Chapter 3

A quick chapie for you



Mary's POV

It pains me to see Tessa like this. There she sits, against her bed with slits in her wrists. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was slower than usual. I knew she would be fine, she always ends up sleeping. At least every time I find her after.

I have never been able to get used to seeing her like this. I knew once I started to say what Tessa does when she's sad to One Direction, that, that was something that shouldn't be told. Anyone that knew could tell that Tessa was ashamed of cutting, but she just hasn't found that there was a reason to stop. She doesn't want anyone to know. I pretty sure Kyle and I are the only ones that knew about it.

I crouched down next to my sister and slipped the blade out of her hand. I then left to the kitchen. In there I threw it away. Tessa doesn't realize that I am able to do things myself. I can do things on my own. If I was allowed to, I would have a job to help pay for things, but Tessa won't let me. She thinks that I shouldn't have the the burden of working at my age- she wants me to focus on school.

That's the other thing. My sister insists on putting a little money away in my uni fund. It honestly bugs me- she should be saving that for her. Most of her friends (which were guys) were in college right now. Tessa rather help pay for my future plans than her own.

I just wished she would worry about herself more than me.

I sat down on the couch and turned on the telly, flicking through channels to find something worth my interest. I stopped at a rerun of FRIENDS that I have seen multiple times. It was a good one, so I didn't mind.

Slamming noises caught my attention. I turned my head towards the kitchen and saw my mother going through the cupboards. I let out a sigh. She was probably trying to find some more booze.

"What are you doing, Mildred?" I asked. That's what her name is.

She glanced at me before answering, "Where's my booze?" Mildred's was scratchy and it always made me shiver in disgust. She continued to look.

"You consumed it all," I told in monotone while going back to the telly.

"Where's Mary then?" She asked. I rolled my eyes and shut off the tv, then went over to her. Of course she would be the one to get her own kids names mixed up.

Only you, I thought.

I shut the door to the cupboard she was looking in. She sent me a glare, but I just smirked. "It's sad that you don't know you own daughters' names." I have never ever liked my mother. I would care less if she had to live on the streets. Tessa is the one with the kind heart and always wanting to do good.

"Ugh. Whatever- where's Tessa?" She asked.

"She's sleeping," I told truthfully. "Don't even think about waking her. She has to work all day."

She put a hand on her hip. "What are going to do about it if I do?"

I took a step closer so that our bodies were practically touching and I looked her into the eyes. Mildred was a few inches taller than me, but that didn't matter. I always was intimidating.

"You may have given birth to me, but that doesn't mean I am a child that cares. I will punch in the face as it is easy for you to waste your life," I threatened her. Her blue eyes danced with curiosity.

She probably was wondering if I would fulfill my threat. I would. Mildred took a step back and walked to her room, slamming her door in the process. I rolled my eyes.

God, I hate that woman.


"Tessa!" I yelled while running to her room. "You need to wake up!" It was early morning and soon Tessa had to go to work. I on other hand was getting ready for school. When I got in her room, she was curled in her duvet. "Get up, sis."

I got no response from her. This is the usual Tessa. The one that woke up early for me yesterday- that is a once a year things. This Tessa can sleep it you yell in her ear. Well, at least she tries to. She likes her sleep, so when I have to wake her up in the morning, it's like a cat and a mouse.


"Tessa get you lazy arse up!" I yelled.

This time there was muffled noises. "Go away, Mary." I laughed at her when she tried to swat me away. I stood there with my arms crossed. She continued to lay in bed. The only thing that I knew for sure would get her up, was her favorite band.

I left and went across the hall to my room where there was a doc. It was white, but different colors when turned on. With my iPod, I searched for a song. It blasted through Tessa's room.

I smiled and sang along- well, shouted- with it. "BABY YOU LIGHT UP MY WORLD LIKE NOBODY ELSE! THE WAY THAT YOU FLIP-oof" I was cut off from a pillow being thrown at my stomach forcefully, making me fall to the hard floor.

I got up and brushed the nonexistent dirt on me. "Now, there was no reason for that."

"Turn it off," Tessa whined and put the other pillow she had on her over head.

"Not until you get up. You need to go to work," I told.

Sometimes I felt like the more responsible one around here. Tessa got up. Her blonde hair was sticking up in places you wouldn't think possible and her mascara was smeared, making her look like a raccoon. I bent over laughing.

"I'm up; turn that junk off," Tessa growled.

I raised my hands in an act of innocents. I turned it off and left her room so she could get ready.



"What are you wearin?" I yelled at Tessa as she came out into the living area. I couldn't believe what my eyes were showing me. When you tell someone to get ready for work, you don't expect them to come out looking like a hobo!


My sister looked back at me, confused. "Clothes," she said slowly.

"You're supposed to be in your work attire! Not-not..." I let out a sigh, and put my arms to my sides. "What are you even wearing?" I asked her.

Tessa looked as though she just woke up. Her hair was in a messy bun, and her face consisted no makeup. She had on baggy sweat pants, a black long sleeve with a dance logo, and a beat up pair of Nike low dunks.

"You look like you just threw on some clothes," I stated.

I have never like my sister's sense of fashion. Usually, Tessa wears skinny jeans and sweatshirts (or t-shirts with logos). If we were going shopping though, she would always put on a leather jacket. That's probably the only thing in her closet that I like. I don't even know what her style is.

"I did. Thank you for noticing," she chuckled and made her way towards the kitchen.

I followed her into the kitchen. "I know Mrs. Gibbs won't mind your choice in clothing, but what about Tom?" I pointed out. Tome is Tessa's boss at the pub.

Tessa grumbled and closed the fridge door. "I'll bring an extra outfit to change when my shift it over at the bakery. For just this once, can you pretend not to care about what I'm wearing?" Tessa asked with a begging tone.

Tessa, I could tell wasn't in the mood for any fashion advice. I guess I wouldn't want any on a Monday morning either- or after what happened yesterday. Who am I kidding? I would take fashion advice any day.

I gave her a small nod. "How are you doing?"

"Fine," she said while shoveling a chocolate muffin into her mouth. One from the bakery. I swear she's always eating. "Well, I'm going to go- I have to get to the bakery early." She finished her breakfast and grabbed her bag with her other needed things. Tessa left with a soft goodbye.

There was no way she needed to leave now. The bakery didn't open until 8:00am. It's only 6:30.

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