Two Steps Forward

One day, Tessa takes her younger sister, Mary, to a One Direction signing with her boyfriend, Kyle, for Mary’s birthday. When they are there, he doesn’t like how the group of boys talked and look at her- he ends up taking it out on Tessa. There, Niall Horan sees Kyle start to push Tessa around. Niall hates it when he see this type of thing, so he steps into help her out. No girl should be treated like that, he thinks. A whole new chapter starts for Tessa when the Irish boy defends her. What will happen?


3. Chapter 2

“Hey, you have purple in you hair!” I looked up from my phone and saw one of the band members. His eyes were blue and his hair was brown, but I didn’t know his name.

“Yup,” I said popping the “p”. “Where are the rest of the lads?” I asked him.

He smiled and sat down across from me. “They’re coming.”

I nodded, and just a few seconds later, the rest came. Niall sat on the left of me and Mary on the right. She was started bouncing up and down when Harry sat by her. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“This is the best birthday ever!” She squealed.

I smiled at her. “And it’s all because me, Tessa.”

She shook her head and pointed at curly fry. “No, it’s all because I got to meet Harry.” I frowned at her.

Technically, it was because of me. If I wouldn’t of bought the passes, Mary would never have got to meet them. Let alone eat with them.

A girl came over with a tray of food, and I started to bounce up and down in my seat. My food was here, and I could feel my stomach cheering with me.

“Full order of Perri-Perri and two large orders of chips,” this time it was a girl with brown hair- not the ginger. I rose my hand to indicate that it was for me. Her eyes grew.

The brunette set the food in front of me and smiled. “Thanks.” She nodded and left.

“You got all that for yourself?” Zayn asked with a chuckle. I nodded not looking up at him as I started to shove my face with food.

Niall’s hand reached out to grab some of my chips, but before he had the chance I slapped it out of the way. I gave him a look of horror. How dare he try to eat my food?

“You did not just try to take my food,” I asked.

Niall pouted, “You aren’t going to eat it all!”

“Yes, she will,” Mary supported me. I smiled at her and ate more of my food. I let out a moan at how good the food tasted. It was like heaven in my mouth. I was in love. There is no one that can make chicken better than Nando’s. If there is I will sue them for succeeding.

“I think Niall is in love,” one of them said. I gave them a confused look.

“Shut it Louis,” Niall said. I am guessing the boy I was talking to earlier was Louis.


I finished my meal a while ago as did Niall. The rest were all chatting while eating- that’s what’s taking so damn long. I wanted dessert, but I wasn’t going to be a pig and not wait for them to finish eating.

“Oh screw it! Lacey!” I yelled. While we were getting our food served to us- I found out that our waitress’ name was Lacey.

A few seconds later, Lacey came to our table looking tired. I would be too- the boys were making messes. Okay, Louis was making messes. From throwing chicken at Harry to spilling things on the floor. I swear the guy acts like a five year old.

“What can I get for you?” She asked.

I smiled at her, “I’ll take a take a slice of gooey caramel cheesecake.” She nodded and left.

“Where do you put all of this food when you are done?” My sister asked me.

I chuckled. “Remember I have two jobs- and I don’t have a car. Also, I am just too good gain an extra pound.” They all laughed, but then I thought about what I said and frowned. “That sounded really full of myself. I’m sorry.” They all laughed harder.

“Did you really just apologize, love,” Harry asked with a cheeky grin.

I glared at him. “Don’t call me love, or I’ll show you love.” His eyes widened and I laughed.

“Honey you wouldn’t know what a fist was if one came at you,” Mary said while chuckling.

I was actually speechless. I looked down at my lap and fiddled with the hem of my shirt. Did I have the right to say that what my sister said kinda hurt me? The guys kept a steady conversation while I just sat there. What was I supposed to do?

“Excuse me,” someone interrupted us. “We don’t have any of the cheesecake you asked for.”

“That’s fine,” I mumbled.

Zayn asked, “Hey Tessa, were you the one that put a hole in the wall?”

I smiled sheepishly at him. “Umm… would you believe me if I said no?”

“Not know about fists aye?” Niall said. “So, girlies, tell us about yourselves.”

I sighed, “I’m a girl- at least that's what my birth certificate says. I work two jobs- one in a bakery the other at a pub.”

“Wait!” Louis cut me off. I raised an eyebrow at him to continue. He looked over to Zayn with excited eyes. “Was that the bakery you got those nummies from?” He nodded. “Can we stop there!”

“I used to work in a bakery too,” Harry said.

“Really? That’s cool,” I said to him. I did actually find it neat that the boys had normal jobs before all the fame. It made me realize that they were once normal people too.

“You guys should have a bake off!” Niall said.

“The only reason you want them to have a bake off, is so you will be able to eat more food,” Liam said from across the table. We all laughed because we knew that, that was the truth.

“Doesn’t matter,” I said, “Curly’s going to lose.”

“What else do you guys do?” Harry asked.

“Well, I’m still in school, but Tessa here dances,” Mary casually says. For some reason she seems it is alright to tell them things about me. Things I don’t want them to know.

I felt my cheeks blush. Yes, I do dance, but I never thought that I was good enough for performing. The only way I actually am to dance is from going to this little studio. It has a one way mirror so I was able to see what the class was doing, but they couldn’t see.

I also did this because I wasn’t able to afford the cost. No one knew that I was there. Well except for Mrs. Gibbs and Mary. They were the only two that even knew I liked to dance.

“Not really,” I lied. “Mary sings!” I yelled out, trying to get the attention off me.

“No I don’t,” She gave me a confused look.

I groaned. “Can’t you just play along?”

“Are you guys done yet?” Niall whined. I turned myself towards him and pinched his arm. “Owe! What was that for?”

“Don’t whine. You’re not a two year old,” I told Niall with a scowl. “Let me rephrase that. Act your physical age, not your mental age.” I let out a sigh. “Mary, we have to go.”

I looked up and saw that her smile dropped. “Why?” She asked.

“Why?” I raised an eyebrow. “I have to shit to clean up from you know what, and I have to work in the morning.” To think about it, I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to have to deal with my mum today. Especially not right now. There was a part of me that just wished she would find someone else to live with. The other part of me though loves her because she is still my mother. “I also have to work a shift at the pub tomorrow night.”


The boy band drove Mary and I home. Mary was happy yet disappointed we weren’t able to stay longer. I wish we could for her sake. It is her birthday after all.

Mary didn’t know I got the picture of her and Harry. I was going to post it on Twitter later. Right now though, I had to get my mum up.

I walked all the way down the hall. At the end was my mum’s room- where the smell was unbearable as for the visual. Not caring that she would be hungover, I slammed the door open. My nose instantly scrunched up, and my hand flew up to it. My nostrils were filled with a stench burned all the way.

The sight of bottles and plastic bags on the floor disgusted me. As you can guess the bottle were once filled with alcohol and the bags with any harmful substance. The one window in the room was covered with a thick blanket, making it look more trashy. Dirt, blood, sticky residue, etc covered the white walls.

There lying on a cot, was my sleeping mother. Her face was smeared with makeup, and her blond hair was shedding everywhere. Probably from the overuse of the substances. Her body was limp but in her hand was a picture of my father.

I took two steps, ripping it out of her hand and crumbling it in mine.

“Get up.” I said it was a yell, but was forceful. “I said get up,” this time is was a yell because she didn’t seem to hear me the last.

When I got groaning, I grabbed her arm and pulled her up. She wasn’t moving fast enough for me today. I dragged her into the bathroom where a bath was drawn for her already. I pulled all her clothes off except for her undergarments and slowly put her in the bath.

My mum mumbled a bunch of things that were not to importance to me. I left her in there on her own, and went to the kitchen to grab rubber gloves a garbage bags.

“Mary!” I called out.

My sister came out of her room with one ear bud hanging loosely. “Yeah?”

I sighed, “I hate to ask you this because it’s your birthday, but could you help me clean mum’s room?” She nodded and went to grab herself a pair of gloves.

Both of us started to pick up the trash and threw it into a bag. Once we picked that up, Mary went down to throw in the disposable outside the building. I on the other hand, was putting clean beading on and just throwing away the old ones. When I was doing this, I started to feel pain. No, not physical, but it mental.

I never was able to clean my mum’s room without getting this way. How could someone make the daughter do all the work- make the grow up at an age where kids should still be learning how for a proper sentence. How could she make me get enough jobs to make sure we were able to live somewhere?

Usually, I would only think about thought like this for a bit, but since Kyle was gone- I had to think of ways to make ends do. Things were going to be tough. I didn’t want it to be. I wanted to be able to go buy food without a worry of having a enough money for rent. I wanted to be able to get Mary things she wanted.

I finished cleaning up and went to my room slowly. I felt like I people weren’t able to love me. I was too screwed up for them. There were too many problems in my life for them to deal with. I bent down by the end of my bed. Underneath there was a box.

It was small and wooden. It didn’t need to be too big for what was held in it. I lifted the lid and grabbed the small silver object that sat in it with a few others.

Mary was right when she told the guys from earlier today that I wasn’t silent when I was sad. That was when I’m angry. She knew that when I felt like I did right now, I was harmful. Never to her, but to myself.

I pressed the silver rectangle into my wrist, making my skin split open with a sting. I did this three four the same wrist. Red lines dripped down my arm onto my lap. My finger started to shake from the pain.

The razor gave my physical pain. Something I much rather feel than mental. Cutting made me always focus on the feelings in my arms instead of my mind. I liked it better this way.

A few tear slipped down my face, but I ignored them as I went on to the next arm. My left hand shook before I put pressure onto my right wrist. I winced for I cut a bit too deep.

I lay back against my bed with my arms on each side of me. There were eight slits (four on each arm), helping me get through my thoughts. I felt better already because I was thinking of the pain on my limbs.

Not the pain that clenched my heart.


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