Two Steps Forward

One day, Tessa takes her younger sister, Mary, to a One Direction signing with her boyfriend, Kyle, for Mary’s birthday. When they are there, he doesn’t like how the group of boys talked and look at her- he ends up taking it out on Tessa. There, Niall Horan sees Kyle start to push Tessa around. Niall hates it when he see this type of thing, so he steps into help her out. No girl should be treated like that, he thinks. A whole new chapter starts for Tessa when the Irish boy defends her. What will happen?


2. Chapter 1

As we parked our car about a block away from where they were actually signing, I regretted not grabbing my headphones and iPod. Now, I was going to have to listen to girls scream for a couple of hours. Girls from the ages of five to early twenties were standing in more of a mob than a line. It was a good thing we left early- but not early enough.

Mary was jumping up and down in the back seat. I was about to tell her to calm down, but she was already out of the car before the command came out. There was no way I was going to lose, so I jumped out to and ran towards her. I probably looked like a psyched out fan.

Oh, shoot me now will ya?  I thought to myself.

My sister was unbelievably fast. When I caught up to her, I was panting like a dog on a summer day.

“Don’t ever run like that again,” I told her. “There is no way I would stay here if you aren’t sticking by me.”

She nodded her head excitedly to me. I bet, if you asked her, Mary wouldn’t actually know what I said to her.

All the girls (and the exception of a few guys) were screaming- well, except me. Some of the fans actually were giving me weird looks for not killing others ears. I guess my choice of clothes also screamed “not a fan”. They were all wearing some article of clothing involving One Direction. Or they were holding up a sign saying something like: “I love you 1D”.

I laughed because I was wearing another bands logo.

An arm found it’s way around my waist. I knew who it was, thats why I tried getting away. Kyle though, held onto me tighter. I furrowed my eyebrows in irritation. Doesn’t he understand that I don’t want him to touch me at the moment? Why couldn’t he just buzz off?

“Aren’t you excited!” A younger girl asked someone. I didn’t realize until there was no reply that she was talking to me. I turned my head over to the head. She was a stranger (obviously).

I looked down into the excited brown eyes and replied, “No.” There was no emotion in my voice. I wasn’t looking forward to this the day I knew I was going to be here.

The girl frowned and started jumping up and down again.

I looked down at my watch. I groaned- we still had over an hour until they open the doors. Maybe they will open them early for me, I thought to myself. You’re not lucky enough for that, Tessa.

The riot got louder, five minutes later. More confusion came over me. I was able to see over most of the girls considering that I was a bit taller than most of them. There were two guys starting to open the doors. Wait- it’s not time yet. I smirked. I grabbed the ponytail holder off my wrist and threw my blond hair into a messy bun. This made the chunk of my very light purple hair show. I always had it in my hair- it was my lucky charm.

I guess you love me after all, Lucky Charm, I thought.

A whole bunch of pushing and shoving was happening. I  put my sunglasses over my eyes over my eyes from their resting position on my head. I didn’t want them to fall off my head, and I was hoping they covered the bruise that was once over with my hair.

“TESS! LET’S GOOO!” Mary whined while tugging me.

Kyle grabbed my free hand now. I was really tempted to pinch the hand away. My pinches felt like a bee sting.

The pushing was annoying me, and when I looked over my shoulder, I could tell Kyle was getting annoyed too. I smirked- he deserved something that annoys him.

After what seemed like hours of endless pushing and shoving, we were finally in the building. I knew the place- it is a some girly clothing store. Now though, all the racks and tables were shoved against walls. This way, we were able to some space to walk around.

The building was too dim lighted to wear my sunglasses, so I took them off. The building wasn’t small. The floors were wooden and the walls were a dark red. Two security guards stood in front of Mary, Kyle, and I. They weren’t that big, but they were definitely scary.

“Tickets,” One with dark hair said.

I pulled out the three passes I purchased, and showed them. Since Mary was the only one that liked the boy, I got us passes that would get us through the line faster.

The guard motioned us to go in a different way, “This way.” The line was a lot shorter than the other option. More people were in that line though. We kept moving- slowly.

“Hey!” I turned towards the right- where I thought I heard the voice. Another girl looked me up and down, but stopped at my face. Great. “What happened to your face.” Kyle’s hand tensed in mine. I knew he heard the girl question me.

I mumbled, “I ran into a car door.” I really didn’t care if it was convincing or not. It’s not like I was going to ever see her again.

There was about four girls in front of us in line. I let out a sigh in relief- I was going to get out of here soon. I was tired because I got up early and the annoying screams. There was one girl behind us that got every second.

I turned around while crossing my arms. “Will you just shut up already? You are going to get to see the guys in about five minutes.” The girl was decked out in One Direction things.

“I am a dedicated fan- I have the right to scream to them,” The girl yelled.

I chuckled, “I think you are more dedicated in making them deaf, rather than being a fan.” Her jaw dropped.

Since she didn’t say anything else, I turned around. I thought I was going to be able to make out of here with both my ears working, but the girl started hollering. Again.

I thought you were lucky, purple streak, I thought to the group of colored hair. I guess I am going to have to talk to you later.

Mary snapped me out of my thought. Well, no she slapped me out of my thoughts. She had a hand on her hip and was glaring at me. What did I do now?

“You don’t talk to my fellow Directioners like that,” Mary said.

I put my hands up in surrender. “Sorry. Now, turn around it’s your turn to go.”

Mary’s eyes widened, and she did as I told her. There was another guy standing there, letting so many people through at a time. He let Mary go, but was about to stop Kyle and I.

“We’re,” I pointed to Kyle,” not getting anything signed- I am here with my sister,” I told him. The guy was hesitant at first, but decided to let us through too.

“I love you, Liam,” Mary gushed while jumping as he signed something for her. “You too, Zayn,” I think she was talking to the boy next to her. They both said: “Love you too,” but Zayn was the only one that looked up.

He smiled at her, then he looked at me. A smile snaked on his mouth, and again, Kyle tensed. I moved my head so I was looking up at him. I sent him a glare. He was really starting to piss me off.

I ripped out of his grasp and waited to move down the line.

“You’re the girl from the bakery,” A silky voice spoke. The voice was familiar, but not his facial features. I looked at the boy with the dark hair closely. Then it clicked.

I laughed, “And you are the creeper that made me late.”

“Wait- he’s the guy you were talking about?” Kyle’s voice was angry.

“Shut up, Kyle.” I snipped.

Zayn looked back and forth between us, and stopped at me. His eyes started to rack my face. Shit.

“What happened to you?”

I let out a sigh, “I ran into a car door.” He didn’t look convinced. Zayn looked back and forth at me and Kyle.

“Hey, is that your sister?” He asked while pointing over to Mary. “Do you and her have a Twitter?” I nodded while stealing the pen from his hand and writing down the accounts.

Mrs_Mary_Styles was my sister’s and mine was: Making-The-Best.

A recognizable squeal pierced my ears. I turned to see my sister by the curly boy. I let out the laugh. Here comes the fan girling.

I walked over to her and listened to constant yelling. “OH MY GOD! IT’S HARRY STYLES! CAN I HAVE A HUG? IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!” She screamed. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket- just in case he does decide to give her what she asked for. Harry looked up after signing and smiled at her. He stood up, and gave her a big hug. I quickly snapped a picture.

“Your sister’s birthday, aye?” An Irish accent asked me. After Harry was a blond boy, with bright blue eyes, and a huge smile on his face.

“Yep. Got her passes for this signing, and I am never going to do it again.” I told him.

He laughed, making me smile. “I am guessing you’re not a fan.”

“Nope. Not the boy band type of girl.”

He nodded in understanding. “That’s cool, it’s nice to meet a girl that isn’t drooling over us.” His eyes were sparkling with humor.

I chuckled at him, “Cocky much?”

As you can see, I am able to get along with guys a lot better than girls. I am able to carry a better with a this Niall better than the crazy fans back there. Girls carry around too much drama while a guy can get in fight with another guy, and then five minutes later they will be best buds. They always have each others backs too.

“You need to keep moving,” the thunderous voice from before said to me. I looked over at the guy and gave him a glare.

I held my hands up, “Blame blondie-”

“Niall,” he interrupted.

I ignored him though, “he’s the one holding a steady conversation.”

“Let’s just go, Tess,” Kyle said while grabbing my elbow. It wasn’t a gentle grab either. I winced.

I looked up at him and whispered, “Let go Kyle. You’re hurting me.”

Apparently, Kyle didn’t care that I was in pain. My face continued to be scrunched up as he dragged me a bit away. Then he stopped when he thought we were in hearing distance away. He let go of my arm, and I rubbed it to get some feeling other than pain back.  

“What the hell was that?” Kyle yelled at me.

I rose an eyebrow, “What are you talking about?”

He rose both his arms in frustration, and I once again flinched back. This time though, Kyle didn’t seem that I was scared of him. I honestly confused- I don’t know what I did.

“That was the guy that made you stay late?” Kyle asked me. “You were late because some popstar.”

By now we had people were staring at us. My eyes darted around to see how big of a scene we were making. I stopped looking when my eyes landed on the blond Irish boys. He seemed to be watching us.

“Kyle stop,” I told him. “He was a customer. Nothing else.”

“Nothing else, huh?” He asked. Kyle was really close to me, and I was quite scared frankly. “Then why did you give him your Twitter name?”

“Oh my God, Kyle! Would you shut up for one second! She did it for me you idiot.” This time it wasn’t me who said this. “You are making a scene!”

“Mary go sit in the car. We will be out there in a minute,” I told her in a gentle voice. She was standing by the door.

“I’m not leaving. Tess you are crying!” She whispered when she was close enough to me to hear her.

I wiped away the tears that were going down my cheeks. I didn’t even know. They were probably from how frustrated I was. Kyle wouldn’t listen to me that it was nothing.

Kyle spoke, “No, your sister is right. We are making a scene.”

What made you think of that, Kyle? Was it all of the people staring at us. Or was it the pointing.

Once again, Kyle grabbed my arm started to drag me. This time though I tried to fight him- tried to get out of his grasp. It wasn’t working.

“Let go of her, Kyle,” Mary yelled. She tried to help help, but Kyle pushed her away. His grip tightened, and it actually felt like I could feel the bones shatter.

“Kyle, please, y-you’re hurting me,” I whimpered.

“Hey!” Kyle looked over his shoulder to see who it was. The Irish boy came into view. In his blue eyes were worry and anger. Even from the quick conversation I had with him, I never would think he was one to get angry easily. “What’s going on here?”

“You know what?” Kyle spoke through gritted teeth. “I’m done with you shit, Tessa.” With that pushed me down to the ground and started to walk out of the building. I sat there in shock for a second.

I couldn’t lose Kyle. I quickly got up and chased after him- not caring that my sister was yelling after me.

“Kyle, please!” I sobbed. Kyle was walking towards the car. He held up a hand towards me. I felt my heart crumble.

Kyle is done with me. He won’t there for me anymore. I started to hyperventilate. I couldn’t move my body. The pain was unreal. Not just pain from my arm, or the pain from my eye from crying, but from the pain of not having someone there for me.  

Arms grabbed my body and held me. “Shhh,” I realized it wasn’t Marry. One from the height and the other was because the voice was deeper.

The boy rubbed circles on my back as he held me. My sobs died down until it was just tears streaming down my face. Soon there were camera flashes everywhere. The boy grabbed my hand gently and took me into the building. I felt like a robot when I was walking.

He used a finger to lift my chin once we were in. I realized it was Niall. “Do you have a ride?” He asked me.

I didn’t reply. I only stood there, staring out the glass window.

“No we don’t,” my sister told him.

“Hey, Tess,” Niall said in a caring tone. I looked in the eyes finally. “I will take you home with the lads once we are done here.”

I gave a small nod.

Niall brought my sister and I over to a room- which by the looks of it seemed to be their dressing room. There was a couch, so I walked over to it and slowly sat down. I stared at the wall until it was time to go.

3rd POV

After Niall helped Tessa and Mary to the room, he walked back to the signing. Because of the pop star leaving, they held everyone back until he got back. All the boys had worried looks on their faces.

“Niall who was that,” was the question that kept popping up as he walked back to his seat. He acted as though he didn’t hear them. When he sat down next to Zayn, the dark haired boy instantly questioned him.

“How is she?” He asked.

Niall shrugged as he was hand something to sign. “She won’t say anything.” A thought popped into his head. “Do you think the bruise was from that guy?” The way he asked made Zayn’s eyes widen.

Zayn is probably Niall’s best mate out of the band. He is always their for Niall when he needs someone. So, when he was angry usually Zayn was too.

Zayn signed something before answering him, “I bet it was.”

“That was awesome of you Niall when you helped that girl out,” A soft girls voice said.

Niall looked up from what he was doing and smiled. He always like it when he met a fan that wasn’t screaming at him. “No girl deserves to be pushed around like that.” She nodded before moving on to Harry.

“Hey Niall,” Louis, another one of the band mates called out to him. “Why didn’t the chicken cross the road?” Louis was smiling ear from ear.

“Because I ate it,” Niall laughed. Louis always able to make people laugh.

Tessa’s POV

I sat on the couch with my chin in my hands- which were placed on top of my knees. I was staring out at the wall while thinking.

A part of me was jumping around like a maniac though. I mean, I don’t have to deal with Kyle anymore. Mostly though, I felt anger and hurt. How could he say he was sick of me. I wasn’t the one pushing him around. The one abusing him, and treating him like he was worthless.

I could practically feel my blood boil. Kyle was an idiot, and he didn’t deserve my love. I am glad that he broke it off. Now, I don’t have to deal with him. I can be myself and find someone that will actually care for me.

Screw Kyle. I’m free now.


I didn’t look up to see who it was, nor did I reply in anyway. I was too caught up in my hatred for my ex.

God, it feels good to say that, I thought.

“Tessa,” Mary nudged my side, trying to get my attention. At least I think it was my sister.

“She’s not going to answer you, she is pissed off,” Mary told to whoever. She’s right.

“I don’t think she’s mad; I think she’s hurt.” This time I was able to tell it was one of the guys from the band.

“No, if you get the silent treatment, you know she mad,” Mary said. “If she was hurt she-” I slapped a hand over where thought her mouth was. She didn’t have to be telling people about myself. Specially guys I didn’t know. I removed my hand when I thought she understood that I didn’t want her to say anything else.

“Sorry, Tess,” she apologized quietly.

I jumped up and put on a huge smile. I looked to see who it was, and saw that not only one of them were in the changing room, but all five. They stood there with worried expressions on their faces. Why would they worry about me? It’s not like they know who I am.

“Well, Mary,” I looked over to her, “I’m hungry, and Nando’s is down the street. Let’s go.”

“You like Nando’s?” The Irish boy asked. I widened my eyes and nodded my head.

Her mouth was slightly ajar. “Um… we just ate an hour ago.”

I glared at her and crossed her arms. “Exactly- to sustain a healthy diet I should be eating every thirty minutes, but we were busy and I didn’t eat, you did.”

“See. I’m not the only one that thinks that,” Niall whispered to no one in particular.

“That’s your fault- you gave your-” She stopped when I narrowed my eyes at her.

“We’ll take you if can wait ten minutes,” one of the boys said.

I saw Mary’s eyes lighten up. She would really like that, but I don’t want someone to pay for her and I. I am able to do that myself.

“I’m paying for Mary and I,” I said.

“Nonsense!” The boy with dark hair said. Zayn- I think his name was. “We’ll pay. A birthday treat for Mary.”

“Well, you can pay for her- she will wait for you guys.” I told them. I stood up and made my way towards the door. “I on the other hand am hungry. Adios” I saluted them before leaving.

The only reason I was actually leaving them was because I wanted to punch something- let out all my frustration. When I was far enough away from their room I ran up to a wall, swung my arm back, and followed through with a hard hit.

I smiled when I felt the wall cave in, leaving some frustration with it. I pulled my fist out and made my way towards the door. The sunlight was blinding compared to the dim store. I grabbed my sunglasses and them on.

My frustration slowly dwindled when I thought about the food I was going to eat. The love I share for food is unbelievable. Whenever I had the chance I would have food with me, but today I was too distracted to grab something before I left. Just when I was outside the door of Nando’s, my stomach started to sound like thunder.

“Hush,” I patted my stomach. “Mum is feeding you, you impatient whore.”

I walked into the famous restaurant. My nose was filled with numerous scents. I let out a sigh and all of the stress washed away.

God, does food make me happy, I thought.

“How many?” A dainty voice asked me.

A petite ginger stood in front of me and held a fake smile on her face. I knew how she felt- she probably couldn’t wait to leave this place. I smiled back at her.

“Seven,” I replied. She grabbed some menus and told me to follow her. I did.

“Can I get you something to drink while you’re waiting?” She asked

I nodded. “I will just have a glass of water. Umm, actually I already know what I want too, and since it’s going to take the others a while to get here- I am going to order.” She nodded and got a note pad and waited for me to tell her what I wanted. “I’ll take the full platter with two large orders of chips.” I smiled at her and she left with a nod.

I took out my phone while I was waiting for all the others to get here. I went on everything I could, but eventually I grew bored. It gets quite boring when you have nothing to do. I looked down at my watched and concluded that the boys would be here soon.


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