Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
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42. Crimzen's exspiriance

“Are you sure this is it?” Crimzen asked as she starred at something like Arlin and her old hideout. The crumbling walls and broken windows told her that it would be more of a citizen’s makeshift apartment that is more of a want than a need to me since it was in shambles.

“This is the address.” Sin chimed and Crimzen wasted no time by kicking down the door. She could feel the rush and the taste of blood in her mouth that needed to be filled. Sin quietly snuck behind her but knew that Crimz was on the hunt for an old enemy.

“Arlin, your death is here come out wherever you are!” Crimzen yelled as she scurried through the house as a cat knowing that a treat is anywhere for her to scarf up.  Every room that she came up empty she went in deeper and started tap on the walls due to what Sin had taught her about hidden arias.  “This one is completely clear.” She said as quickly went on and did the same for every room that was around her.

“You learned well to check everything.” Sin complemented as she made Crimzen smile thinking that this was going to be her biggest prize yet, having Crimzen become her.

“I learned from the best now hush.” Crimz demanded as they came to a closed door. She pressed her ear against the door to hear muffling of a man’s voice that was from the past. Arlin was talking to someone and noticed footsteps coming to the door.

She quickly got to the side and out of sight while motioning Sin to do the same and to keep quiet. Crimz saw the person get away without a glance or noticed that she was being watched. The green uniform must had been his protector to where Crimz was disgusted. “Disgusting that he needs attention. “ Sin breathed right in Crimz’s ear.  She made a slight sound that Sin thought was inappropriate and hit her in the back to where Crimzen stopped.

Crimzen went forward and opened the door. “Arlin!” Crimzen yelled and Arlin came out in a neatly pressed tux that had a tie on pants that barely fit his gut. She felt disgusted that he had taken advantage of his freedom as his little room was large and nice looking to where he looked like a king among poppets. Crimzen didn’t know what to say but Sin took over for the moment.

“Arlin I think you are well.” Sin said as she started forward as he wiped the shocked look on his face.

“What are you doing here?” he asked amazed that Crimz was still alive after all this time let alone standing right in front of him since he is in Sinadelian as well as having protection as Sin stepped to the door to cover it.

“To take my freedom as what you did.” Crimzen said as hunger stated to stir in her body. She couched her gun to fire. The want for death called her as Arlin backed into the corner. She loved the cowered side that he was showing. The shaking and soft whimpers that he was radiating were starting to sound like music to more Sin then Crimz.

“That was me being DESPRITE! The Sinidelian solders found me and that was the only way that I could live! I had too much blood!”Arlin called. Sin stepped forward and started to take over the situation by saying a few words in her ears.

“Take his life; take it now while he is in a very weekend state.” Sin said as she looked at her thinking that this was more what she wanted and Crinzen played along all this time. The part of this kill was to solidify her to be like Sin and possibly be her successor. Crimzen didn’t want that life at all to where she was now in Sin’s shoes and being groomed since she had got here and into the world of a mercenary, and it wasn’t earned at all. It was given to her.

Crimzen coughed the gun to say that she is ready to take his life but then she realized everything that had come up to this point was just for her to turn into something that she knows that her family would not be proud  of her because she had taken a life for herself and not for the war itself.

“No.” Crimzen breathed and lowered her gun. She turned to walk out but Sin was right behind her.

“What did you just say?” Sin called slowly as Arlin started to get up. “And you SIT DOWN!” She called as she fired her gun at Arlin and a painful scream came out of him that Crimz can never seem to handle the cries of the innocent, like the solder that she tried to save.

“I am NOT taking another life Sin! I am not taking your name.” Crimzen said and Sin smiled. It was a grim smile that was hinting that she was piecing through something else in her mind.

“And you are, you have seen this before.” Sin said and Crimzen looked at her hands how in the world that Sin had managed to disarm her, but sin did without her letting her grasp go other than she must had dropped it as she is now hold two of them.

“I have. How?” Crimzen said in disbelief.

“Same skills that you were born with, color of blood Crim-SON!” Sin chimed and a blast of rage flew through Crimz thinking that is not what her name should be.

“It’s Zen Sinthia. You should know that!”  Crimzen sneered as she spotted a new target, and one that she will gladly take a hold of to shake the life out of.

“Oh, I am sorry ZEN! You should know how to make your name correct!” Sin mocked and this time it was Crimzen that fired her weapon as a blast that sounded like a gong to her. A gong that was signaling the end of a life for her and a entrance of another.

She can see the blood splatter across her legs and Crimzen didn’t care. In fact, she thought of it as a nice art form that she made her pistol paint while Sin was lying on the ground, scared. For the first time Crimzen saw Sin looked frightened and she fed off of it, likening every grunt and grown that the wound was bugging her and sining the song that Crmz wanted her to sing. “It’s not a good being the reserving end of years of harsh training.”

“Crimzen! I will have my revenge!” Sin called as Crimzen looked away and started to come twords Arlin.

“Thanks for showing me kindness but I still hate you for what you did.” Crimzen said to him as Arlin looked like he just wet himself and covering it up. “Pity that you two will make good company for each other.” Were Crimzen’s last words before she shut the door on her past to live on to the next stage of her life.

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