Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
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76. crimzen's exsperiance

Crimzen watched as the sun settled into its resting place for the night. The red made it look like the day before, bloodied and more casualties. She liked watching the sun set more than rise because of the fact that she was wondering about the new place that she had called home.

She settled with the concrete roof, the same one where she could see and hear the planes fly overhead before it stuck the old base. She was amazed at how it was like that day all over again but at a different time as more planes were being vultures without a meal. Their kills were the people below that might as well quench their thirst for blood as they circle their subjects and use them as examples for the rest of the world.

Crimzen could hear a cluster of faraway screams that were echoing from the air.  Her hairs always stand up because she knows that the Sindelian army is looking for her personally. But here she is having her legs dangle off of the few stable structures left of this city as more refugees are wondering the streets than ever. It is funny how the cleanings is meant to kill off the people that don’t fallow Sinadel but instead it is aim for a soul and ask questions later, only to find out that they were wrong and just killed a piece of their kin.

She started to wonder if she would sacrifice herself then the killings would be over but she was a fool to think such a thing. Crimz knows better than to lie out there in the middle of a battle ground and basically die in the realm of this confusion that strikes a person day by day.  So what is there left to do other than risk life in a revolt?

Crimzen pondered over this question for a long time while Leon came up the escape and this time he was not using a good stealth tactic, letting Crimzen know that he is there. “May I join you?” Leon asked and Crimzen nodded a yes. He calmly sat down in the silence as Crimzen still wondered what lies ahead.

“So you like to be up here?” Leon asked. Crimzen got confused at what he meant by that question, but soon she deciphered it to where she understood it.

“It reminds me of what this place is.” She explained and Leon looked around while he had a facial expression  that it was his turn of confusion, a piece that this land that they live is good at doing that to a person either that or reveal the evil that is inside them. Crimzen had experience both as she continued.

“I mean this place reminds me of the blood and that the place will fall into darkness.”

“But the Darkness had shown for a bit.” Leon said and Crimzen looked at him.

“It’s not enough if someone doesn’t stand up!”  Crimzen yelled.

“But it says that the darkness will pass.”

“But what about the bloodshed? There will be more even after.” She said and started to cry a bit.

“Hush Crimz, there is no need to shed tears.” Leon sighed and wiped off of the few tears that was streaming down her face.

“I know it is something that I don’t want anymore.” Crimzen huffed and put her stare back into the slow sun.  She started to wonder that if everything she is going to do was going to be like the sun’s red retreat into the blackness of night.

“You can change the fate in a moment.” Leon started calmly.

“What do you mean? I am just a resistance member?”  Crimz quickly asked and was unsure about staying here much longer since the sun was about to set to where it is three times as three times as dangerous sometimes.

“Well first of all you are a wonderful leader and that in itself has a power like no other. Plus you are a perfect person to become something more than what you think.” He chimed and Crimz felt a little bit better after that as he continued. “I can see you someday get this place into a different land where peace is the number one goal.”

“Like a land of light in this mist of confusion that swells in the darkness, Papa.” Crimz smiled and Leon looked shocked.

“Papa?” He shuttered

“Well that is what I think of you now, a father figure. I don’t have one and it feels right.” She whispered and settled into his body and he calmly stroked her hair.

“Crimzen, you are doing something perfect, and I will not fail you.”  Leon huffed and she glared at him like she would as he was her hero, like Leon is.

“I won’t fail either Leon, by making this land of darkness and confusion like the sun predicts so far into a land of light.” Crimzen infectively stated before she settled back onto Leon’s body knowing that she will do something good in the Resistance. Where she finally felt where she belongs.

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