Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
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74. crimzen's exsperiance

“Crimz, you had been here for a while, correct?” Leon asked and Crimzen nodded as a silent answer. She was getting a hunch that he was in to something like Leon is always doing since he can be in a room and no one would notice until three days later when the person mentions the moment again.

“I am wondering when the point is coming.” Crimz joked a bit but in a serious tone, she is starting to rub some personality traits from Leroy and make them into her own version of them, happens when two people hang around each other for a while.

“Later, Crimz. You are starting to be like your boyfriend.” He said and Crimz was not ready to call Leroy her true boyfriend yet but she will let the statement slide since of the quietness mentioned earlier.

“So what do you want?” She questioned and Leon smiled. He was up to something and Crimz knew it.

“Crimzen you had been doing wonders and helping out the Resistance so much that the others and I had made you one of us.” Leon said. The memo didn’t come clear to Crimzen that she was going to work on her powerfulness as well as to become the final piece before she becomes the way she is during the final fight of Sinidel.

She was looking around thinking that there was something more then what was saying as she started to get suspicious of what they were doing as they went down a dim lit hallway. The fact that the light in the tunnel felt spooky to Crimz as she went deeper and deeper into the catacombs.

Soon Leon stopped at a door that looked expensive.  He paused and stared at her as she wanted to push it herself but that is what he wanted to do. “Go ahead Crimz, this is what I want you to see and that I want to talk to you about.”

Crimzen was bewildered that she was going to open something new. She placed her hand on the edge on the door. “Are you sure?” She was beaming gleefully thinking that this was what she thinks it was this was going to be her home forever.

“Well go ahead and find out,” Leon said as Leroy came right behind him.

“Go ahead you will like it trust me. You earned it.” Leroy chimed in and Crimzen felt safe while she pushed on the door and opened it to a different room.

The grand circle was placed in the edge of the room like it was a strategic room and there were more than just the basic groups’ chairs. She loved that it was a bit of a council feeling to the room as well like a king and queen of the system. However, Crimzen still wandered about the chairs. “Why are there more than there should be?

“Well someone won the rite to be in the council.” Leon beamed proudly and Crimz was happy that they both went to one of the chairs and she sat down. The comfy chair leaned back and put her hands behind her head while she closed her eyes for a bit. Crimzen couldn’t believe that this was real, the fact that they would let her be in the council but she hadn’t done much to deserve this.

“I don’t deserve this.” Crimz said and Leon came and pushed her into the chair again.

“You do, you had helped rebuild this and kept us strait even though you don’t realize it.” Leon said. She glanced around at all the happy faces.

“I am honored that you think of me but I can only except on one condition, Leroy and Treck gets in as well. Trek, because he would be someone that would be good at making us improvements and Leroy…” Crimzen trailed and he stepped in which she was glad because she couldn’t think of a resin off of the top of her head.

“Because I am the awesome light in the party and I am good at thinking at what needs to be done.”  He glanced around for a bit before he continued speaking. “Right?”

Everyone traded looks and their facial expressions stated the same idea that she had to be kidding.  Crimzen got close to him and smiled. “That and this point as well is why I think Leroy should be in.” Crimz chimed and she kissed him on the cheek showing her love.

“Well um, we can’t let Leroy in by just…” One of the girls said that was one of the originals, who was named Izzy. Crimen confronted Izzy sternly to where she looked a bit scared.

“Iz let my friend in because.” Crimz showed her fist and she was willing to fight.

“Crimzen.” Leon slowly warned letting Crimzen know that he was the one that set the rules.

“Leroy has to earn his place, just like everyone else.” He huffed and then looked at the two. “Or that he has kept this place in good shape in the rebuild. He’s in as well.”

“Leon, Leroy is a goof; think before you make something this dramatic!” Izzy exclamed.

“Izzy things have to change and they will with these new people.” Leon exclaimed and Izzy started to understand while she smiled proudly like the thought was all hers.

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