Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
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70. crimzen's exsperiance

Crimzen had her pistol in hand as this is the second time that she is getting supplies for the force. She felt herself getting nervous and she knew that she had to keep herself in check but at the same time listen to what she needs to do.

“Ok everyone fallow me.” She said and started to go inside. Her group fallowed her as they were the new ones since the Resistance needs more recruitments, good news is that this time she is hoping that there wasn’t any Sinidelians.

She could see that there was no one there but that didn’t mean anything to her. She can hear the others behind her as she can hear Trek say that the place is clear for miles.

Crimzen could see the store shelves with everything that the Resistance needs but there was an ambush that she didn’t know was awaiting for her as she lead her group inside. Of course Crimz was first and could feel that something was going to happen as she swung her gun around. She started to point the weapon everywhere.

“Crimen calm down.” She heard one of the members say but she knew that she couldn’t let her say that as Crimzen heard a gun fire off that was easily a Sinidelian type of gun that composed the sound.

“Ambush, take cover.”Crimzen called and she can now see the squad of ten solders that were possibly there to guard the store. She could see two out of the three members that was in her group but she was unsure of what to do.

“Crimzen!” She heard behind her and she spun around to see the teen being held by a Sinidelian lazar pistol up to his temple.

“Don’t move Crimzen, if you do there will be more blood on your hands and we don’t want that.” The Solder hissed through her microphone and Crimzen was starting to feel the want to become the hero emerge but she wanted to caution herself as well.

“Crimz,” her member yelled and her mind started to turn in what to do. The only thing that could think that she could do the one talent that she does have which is her weapon that she chose for this time, a mini hand gun instead of the usual pistol.

“I know hold still don’t thrash.” Crimzen said and it seemed like she understood and she ducked at the right moment.

“Why tell her to hold still when all you can do is telling her to…” Was the final words that the solder said and Crimzen grabbed the member to go to another place for cover while the store had officially became a battle ground.

“Thanks.” Her member breathed and Crimzne could see that she would be fine if she could reach some cover to swipe the grenade off of the body.

“Don’t thank me yet.”  She whispered under her breath and started to think of a route to go and escape this place.  She was starting to scramble in her mind and actions as this are the second time she was in a war zone.

Crimzen was starting to get her head up strait when a smoke bomb came by the main portion of the group and she quickly knew that she would had to lean on her instant more than ever. She started to run into the cloud and found herself surrounded. Her calmness after a quick second of being stunned made her feel right at home since she loves to train.

She also noticed that one of her comrades was right next to her. Crimzen smiled as she started to shoot enemies and had them fall one by one in their own blood and guilt.  “Get down Mi!” She ordered to her mate and she looked confused but by the time Crimz made the two Sinidelians fall she got the memo.

After the one behind her fell all was calm for a bit. “Let’s move.” Crimzen said as she looked over her kill.

“Yes leader.” Her members called and Crimz halted abruptly and faced her team.
“When did you start calling me that?” She asked and the squad’s faces were all white as a ghost or that they were red to where the color was comparable to an apple.

“Well since you were the head of the Resistance than we thought you were the leader.” Mi sighed and acted ashamed as she was the youngest that was in her squad.

“That doesn’t mean to call me one! I am happy, really for you to think me that way since I had been helping out a lot but I am really not a hero or a leader so please, don’t call me one.”  Crimzen explained and all of them just stared at her blankly.

“Then what do you want us to call you then?” Mi asked and Crimzen smiled a calm smile and then started to walk way a bit to signal that it was time to move on.

“I want to be called by my true name because that is who I am, Crim-zen.” She exclaimed making sure that her members says her name right so she could be herself instead the color she hates to be.

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