Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
(C) Land of siries took part in TheFuzz's 100 day challange participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


56. crimzen's exsperiance

Hey Crimz, Can I talk to you for a min before you get in there?” Leroy said and Crimzen was stunned that he would talk to her right then before they start the mission.

“Sure, what is happening?” She questioned and Leroy took her to a darkened aria alone.

“There is word that they are looking to expand the Resistance round table.” He said and Crimz gave him a blank stare. “The main group, or the round table, is the ones that run the Resistance as the main council.” Leroy said.

“Then there is a carrot for all of us.” Crimzen said a bit too loud.

“I wouldn’t count on that Crimz only the truly honorable get on that.” Leon said as Leroy and Crimz slowly looked up at him simultaneously.

“Than what did you do?” Crimzen asked and Leon smiled.

“I got to save a lot of people and I go on patrols on my own without delay. Plus I scout potentials at a distance. Plus it helps being one of the five starters.” Leon said and Crimzen was stunned.

“Who else?” Crimz huffed and Leon smiled widely in amazement.

“Izzy, Michel, Sunlight, and I are the main ones.”  Leon chimed and Crimzen started to look at him like he was a big movie star like a lot of people used to do.

“Then I wonder if I can change one thing if I can?” Crimz said as she started to get herself to the table since they were just around the corner. Leon and Leroy were right after her.

“What is that?” Leon said and she smiled.

“You will see what is out mission.” Crimzen asked and Leon noticed that he was in front of his squad consisting of  Crimzen, Taylor, Leroy and Leon plus another member that was doing the same thing as Leon, which was seeing what was going to happen to us, that person was a man called Trek.

“Well we need supplies for the medical center.” Leon started and Crimzen listened to every word.

“But I see a flaw in your plan.” Crimzen busted out after hearing what Leon was thinking what the pan should be.

“Ok Crimz, take over.” Leon said, impressed. Crimzen felt confident on what she had to do.

“Since there are lights here and here.” She staited pointing at the map and then stoped for a min and stood up and shook her head thinking that she needs to assign groups. “What is everyone good at?” she asked and everyone was looking around.

“That is why we are doing this.” One of the girls said and Crimzen looked stunned.

“Well you don’t have to fall in a group anymore you can mix and match to work out something so what are all of you good at?” Crimz asked and everyone was still surprised at what was going on.

“I, I am good at scavenging. “One of her members wined and Crimz smiled a kind smile.

“Anyone else?” She asked.

“I am an extreme runner.” Trek chimed as others started to chime in as well and Crimzen got very excited that she had very different personalities that she had to deal with.

“Ok good, then we can split into groups.”Crimz said and then she started to think the best way possible. “Group one will be Leon, you, and you.”  She said pointing at the three. “Leon if you want you can take more to feel comfortable. And Leroy would be with me and Trek, can you be frontal look out as in circling around the building for the Sinidelian army.” She commanded and everyone was in a bit of agreement except for poor Taylor.

“What do you want me to do Crimz?” He asked getting close to her and Crimz was shocked that she had forgotten about Taylor.

“I used to be a really good at technology.” He snickered as he started to say the next sentence.  “Just think they captured me when I was younger and they manage to teach me how to build things, useful things, with technology.” Tylor explained and she was impressed.

“Can you make us some items?” Crimzen asked.

“What do you need?” Taylor asked, he must have felt like he was a part of something instead of just being a man in the wheelchair.

“One, to make sure that our route would be best for both groups that are working on this and two, can you make communication devices for all of us? Ones that can be easily accessed.” Crimzen chimed, very happy that he was knowledgeable with something that they needed.

“Depends when do you need them?” Taylor asked and Crimzen looked at Leon.

“Soon, I am sure that much but I will have to consider with the council since they didn’t give me an exact number.” Leon explained.

“That is fine they were possibly wondering if we were going to work this out.  If nothing else there is a team that Taylor can be a part of and control I think it would be best.” Crimzen sugested and she could tell that everyone was amazed at what she just did.

“I will get on to that.”  Leon said. Crimz felt in control with the situation and on to something better which she hadn’t felt in a while.

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