Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
(C) Land of siries took part in TheFuzz's 100 day challange participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


50. crimzen's exsperiance

“This is the hospital side of the Resistance. We do all sorts on talked about topics here but all that we do is volunteer.” Leon started as he helped Crimz into the main room. Some people were already up and about trying to help others with their wounds or that they just got another splinter in their finger. Crimzen was amazed that the running around ants of the workers were working together instead of apart.

“Why do you want me here?’ Crimzen added softly and Leon stared at her blankly.

“What do you mean by that? “ Leon questioned as he started to lead her out of the place but he stopped and looked at her puzzled.

“Well my last person I was with used me to kill the innocent even though all we did was help ourselves.” Crimzen stated ashamed at what she did and thinking that one of the docs would surly love her as a cadaver.

“You don’t have to worry about that come. He took her back down and she saw the same doctors and nurses but this with different eyes. Everyone was helping each other quickly as they could and Crimz wandered why she was like the opposite the first time around. The thought of the people being like a family was still uneasy to Crimzen but she played around with her thoughts as she faded in and out of the second tour but then something stopped her.

“Cluch.” She whispered thinking that there he was in a bed to himself and one of his leg wrapped saying that he was injured and an arm in a sling. She was amazed that he was there. His completion was that he resembled Ryder. He looked up and couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked up at the door.

“Crimz? Is that truly you?” He said and the last time she saw him she was thinking that she would get back at Arcum and that she never knew that he was gone because Crimz was so blind with the planning of that she didn’t commit to.

“I prefer not to.” She says as she looked away. Cluch slid himself off of the bed and then used his hands to balance himself on the wall and grabbed a set of crutches or more crutch as he had one arm in a sling and settled down into the chair and used his battened leg and good arm to get over where she was at and she was horrified at what she saw. Her comrade was more than a battened leg and a broken arm, he also had a fake eye that he covered with a patch so it was ironic that he had that in when he looked at her though he was just going to cover it up. Also his other leg was wrapped up to where to where it had a note written on it for  special instruction and a note on the door that Crimzen had to look at and said that only the strong stomachs should enter till further notice.

“Me two but this is who I am now.” Ryder said as he came close to her and took Crimzen’s hand.

“What happened?”  Crimzen asked grossed out of what she saw.

“There was a small explosion that Sin was placing to open the vault. I got a bit too close when it went off and instead of helping me; she grabbed the information for you and ran! Instead of helping me! She was just so cold!” Ryder explained with growing anger in his voice and Crimz was shocked that she would do something like that but then she remembered that Sin was grooming her to become the leader of the mercenaries. Sin wanted Crimz to become her!

Crimzen wanted to run because she was ashamed that Sin had her marked as the favorite. She started to walk away to hide the feelings that was boiling inside. “I am sorry.” Crimzen whispered and Ryder came closer to her but Crimzen ran away from him.

She went through the tunnels and out of the hospital side of the Resistance to the outside world. The dark side of the world that she entered in was full of mass catastrophe like her life has been she got around to where she stopped running and knelt down knowing that this wasn’t the way she should be.

“I think I belong to be alone.” She started to speak to herself. “All they see me as is a trophy, Arlin, Sin, now the Resistance. Where I thought I belong. I am just a trophy. A gun blasting of death which is the only thing I can do it seems like. Maybe Sin was right, I am like her. Although I know I am not.”

“You are right you are the Trophy that everyone wants.” A voice boomed behind her but it was the sound of static that told her it was a Sinidelian. He was reaching down and tried to grab her but instead of getting a hand on her he went down and yelled into his microphone that made the static screech loudly.

She looked behind her quickly as Leon was right behind her once again. His red hair laminated the fire that was in his eyes towards her. “You have to be better than what you are doing.” Leon said as he held his hand out again and Crimzen didn’t understand the friendship that he was trying to assemble.

She let herself stand and looked over to the man that Leon just shot. Crimz felt an opportunity that she could help one person that she couldn’t save earlier.  She knelt down and started to remove the bug like mask. The normal face started to show of a chiseled and handsome face with black hair and panicked eyes. “Can we save him?” Crimzen asked and Leon was stunned. He stared at her for a minute before saying something.

“Well, Crimz, that is something that you don’t hear every day. Are you sure he just tried to kill you.” Leon tried to explain but he stumbled on his words but Crimzen stood up in a flash and swiped his gun and pointed it to where she knew where it would go to end life quickly.

“I am just trying to be nice and redeem myself.” She growled and Leon nodded.

“Alright Crimz you win.” He rambled in panic.

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