Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
(C) Land of siries took part in TheFuzz's 100 day challange participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


22. Crimzen's exsperiance

Sin looked out of the jail cell and grinned. “You know what to do.” She said and Crimzen nodded. Her and Sin had been at this for a while, training day in and day out right in front of the guards noses all they had to do was throw the signal for the rest to know that someone needed help getting out since it sounded like escapes happen often if done correctly.

Crimzen silently slipped through the bars since she was small enough to barely slide through and gotten that skinny for what she thinks is a good cause. She could see an outline of a guard walk right pass the opening without her being noticed at all. “Poor peps they have no idea what I am going to do.” Crimzen thought. She made her way through the passageways and corridors, taking notes on where she goes and where she had been but she made the wrong turn and quickly turned around just before the guards spotted her. She could feel her heart race as she quietly hurried away but finally she made it to the final piece of their puzzle, the key room.

Tons of little keys were stashed on top of little hooks and nails with a tinny faded sign that said a number. All of them looked worn and bruised from being mistreated by the guards that have no clue that there is and escape attempt going on then again, they might just be watching her.

Crimzen scanned the aria for a fake wall or exposed camera. She knew that Sin would kill her right now if she found out that she is just now checking around for traps.

 She finds a fake wall in the center of the room under some tile looking upwards to see a face on footage and saw that it had been recording her every movement as she started to wonder how many she has passed and forgot to destroy. Crimz knew that Sin should understand that she was still new but still she had trained her in a short time that it is f to do some things like letting the Sinadelians torcher them as a way to live through it and not to say answers unless they are the wrong ones and play good person bad person to survive but it also turned into a fun game for Crimz, not by the pain but just to let the Sinadellians sweet at her answers and to let them ponder if they are true.

She moved the camera in her hand a little before she smashed it to the ground letting it become unusable and quickly untraceable. Crimzen looked at her work and felt proud of her self and what she had done.

The celebration was cut extremely short as a piercing sound hit her eardrums but Crimzen had been hit with harsh sounds so much that it felt normal to her since she had been in questioning more often lately. She snickered a little as she snatched some keys off of several hooks that were in the general aria of Sin and her cell. She could hear a slight rumble overhead saying that  rain had moved into the aria and she couldn’t tell if it was night or not because if it was Sin and her lucked out.

Crimz knew that she was in trouble as several guards blocked her entrance. She was impressed that they had come so quickly to fight since she knew she had a knife in a gun battle since she quickly grabbed   up the mettle section of the camera since Sin had taught her to be quite resourceful during these times as she heard a gunshot that went right over her head but she knew it was more to scare her. She ducked as the bullet whizzed its horrible sound and stood up facing her foes. “Good try.” She sassed ready to take on the men but she knew better than to fight so she scrambled for a way out as they had been in a standstill for a while and she knew backup was coming.

Then the light bulb flashed in her mind and she noticed an opening in between the gaps but she saw a different route that would be safer, the vents. She scurried to the desk behind her as bullets flew above and around her. Crimzen could feel her hart pound in her chest as she heard one of the solders order her dead as she climbed into the vent and felt someone grasp her leg. She looked down to see the bug like eyes of their helmet (that is supposed to where outside only) stare right back at her.

He had a good grasp around her ankle and she couldn’t shake him off. Crimzen started to panic as she hung on the vent and felt her grip start to slowly fail. Her palms slipped ever so slowly by every tug wishing that Sin was to save her but Crimz knew that she was on her own.

The mettle peace flashed into her mind and she knew that the object would be her only savor. She quickly grasped the cold peace and broke the solder’s eye peace and he screamed a horrifying scream that felt like music to her ears as she smiled a quick smile and scurried back to where Sin is but the only problem was she had no clue where she was or how to get to her cell.

Thankfully Cimzen made quick work with finding her way around and dropped into a solder crypt by mistake. She landed without a sound as they still were gone with a brake out red alert that Crimzen knew that they were outside than inside plus were horrible shooters so Crimz’s fear of the solders slowly subsided but she would be honest them holding a gun directly at her face but who wouldn’t be?

“Gone and done.” Crimzen sounded off at her luck as she calmly walked down the hallway without a care. It was amazing that the guards weren’t even trying though their lives are just as much on the line as everyone else or should be but then again Crimz had been wrong before. It was ironic that she was walking around without anything less than a precaution care.

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