Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
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40. Crimzen's Experiance

Crimzen was once again in the middle of the streets. Glancing over the land while taking guard duty that she didn’t mind since she knew it is one of the most important part. She sees something in the distance, a person no doubt, but the question had become that she was starting to question whom was that person. She raised her gun slowly as the other person came closer. Crimzen said nothing while they both were in a somewhat a standstill as one person stopped and she had lowered the gun as she knew whom it was.

The red hair and muscular built was remarkable to her as she knew that he was a resistance member. “Hello Crimzen.” He said as he moved over his red hair.

“This spot is already being looted resistance! You are lucky that I haven’t shot at you yet.” Crimzen said bitterly as she cocked her weapon.

“I am not here to steal. I am here to take you away to the force.” The man said and Crimzen wasn’t buying it as she raised it slightly.

“I know the resistance is for themselves. We are a band that is a family. The note says all.” She growled blocking every word that he is saying. The man backed off a bit knowing that she is way too far gone for them right now.

“You may seem that but...” The man said as Crimz recognized the man as Leon, the one from a long time ago it seems. She heard Sin’s voice in the echoes of the building as Leon started to run off into the distance to when she looked back he was gone.

“Who was that Crimz?” Sin hissed making her uneasy as she didn’t want Sin to know that she was taking to the resistance.

“Someone that I scared off.” She lied thinning that that would throw her off and it did as Sin walked away. Crimzen waited till she was a little bit ahead of her to where Crimzen could slip a note that she knows that would apologize for her actions and a little bit of a plea for help. “I want out.” Crimzen whispered as if the note would speak it to Leon.

“So did you get what you needed from the information files that the Sinidelians had?” Crimz asked and Sin grew a grin that stained from ear to ear.

“Of course and the plan would be in full swing.” Sin chimed thinking that it was a must to keep Crimzen in the dark but she didn’t.

“Then the revenge is set. Arlin wouldn’t know what hit him once we find him. “ Crimzen said as she was glad to see that the plan to get  the information of where Arlin was hiding. She couldn’t wait till Arlin saw her face that she had found herself in the mercenaries.  She felt that she had grown there as she started to grow darker in her looks and her likes. “Hold up.” She saited and started to see only a few footsteps that was about to turn to face them. She can tell the havey steps were in stomps as in they were marching to see her.

“They are trying to find us again.” Sin smiled and Crimzen knew what she meant, she wanted to fight an army and Crimzen felt a challenge to come on and have the competitive and bloodlust settle for one day.

“Feel like a good spree.” Crimz chimed. As she made sure that the clip was still full.  It was as she set it up to where it sounded like a snarl of a starving dog.

“Excellent my apprentice. “ Sin said as she two felt the privilege to take lives.

The fire of guns sounded and the adrenaline rush fell over the two as they let the bodies fall one after one, without thinking of anything that would make them moral. The platoons were small to where they did the work efficiently. They looked at what they had done but Crimzen looked around and felt good at what she had done but she felt ashamed that there was so much carnage but then she spotted one thing that caught her eye a father or a man that looked like her father.

Crimzen couldn’t help it she broke down in tears right next to the man. Sin didn’t have any sympathy for her as she saw Crimzen as a prize. She reached down and picked Crimz up from other her shoulders hard while Crimzen wobbled a bit Sin slapped her to where she fell back to the ground harshly.

“Why did you do that?” Crimzen cried as she turned to see a scratch on her knee. The blood rushed down her leg as she got up quickly.

“Crimzen, you need to get a hold of yourself. This is a WAR there are going to be casualties.” Sin said and Crimz almost grabbed her gun to shoot her but Crimzen restrained herself.

“I know but can I just let myself see my mistakes? I was ashamed that there might be…” Crimzen rambled as she heard a grunt beside her. A woman that was in a Sinadelian uniform was laying on the ground but Crimz noticed that she had a slightly different insignia as if to say she is with them but with someone else as well. Crimzen picked the mask off of her face and she felt like she had seen this person before and she turned back to Sin as Crimz knew that the woman could be of use.

“She can be used as a spy people are willing to switch side because of that the enemy had let them live! Especially if the allies had already abandoned them! ” Crimzen yelled thinking that she was doing something right.

“Look at her Crimzen, Open those eyes that are wound up tight in your way to kind ways because SHE IS THE ENAMY!” Sin yelled as Crimzen tied to calm the wounded woman down but then she started to get worse.

“She COULD BE MORE THAN JUST DIRT!” Crimzen yelled and confronted her higher order. Rage stirred inside Crimz. She quickly glanced around thinking that there was a different miss like she had failed on something. The eyes of the now diseased stared at her as that marking seemed to laugh at her to where it was unbearable.

“I say she is. Just by her eyes.” Sin chimed knowing that they were dead just by looking at those eyes that were empty,

“You could have chosen to save her but instead we chose to argue to where I hope never again you hear?” Crimzen showed the gun to Sin by placing it on her chest and then slowly moving it up to the bottom of her neck.

“For what? You can’t take charge, you only run by your feelings and that person was already dead you have to know when you can save a person and not let your feelings take over.” Sin chimed possibly hoping that it was going to save her but not this time.

“And what if my feelings get in the way?” Crimzen grunted as she cocked her weapon as Sin lifted the information from her hands.

“I had a chance to look through this. And there is something missing that you don’t know.” She sighed and Crimzen lowered her weapon slightly too where she swiped the folder that Sin had in her hands and read over them. Sin was right that she had messed with it and Crimzen tossed all of the contents aside.

“You live Sin.” Crimzen huffed as she stomped away but then she stopped and turned to her enemy.  “Just remember you are messing with one of your greatest asset since you trained me to be like this.

“I will Crimzen. Just keep your end, that you will join us, forever. “ she said as she watched Crimzen go away to the hideout thinking that she is now wedged into her world whether Crimz wanted to or not. But, what Sin doesn’t know that Crimz knows how to be crossed.

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